One of the most common e-mails I get is, “Where do you shop?” I have YET to find a good response to it. I never know what to say, because I couldn’t even tell you where I shop. Except I tell you where I buy things for a living, so I should probably have a summary of 5 stores. Irony at its finest. 
The older you get the more your wardrobe is a collection. In college, I’d run out to Forever 21, drop $100, and literally feel like I purchased the entire mall. Two months later all those clothes were in a bag to Goodwill. My wardrobe now is all about quality over quantity and my favorite thing to do on a Sunday after brunch is just aimlessly wander through boutiques. I’d rather invest in one special piece than 14. 
So your answer? Boutiques. The little shopping ecosystem that introduces me to my favorite designers. But how do boutiques find designers and vice versa? Of course we all know the obvious answers like market, but how are emerging designers showcased to local boutiques? I was introduced to PopInShop a few weeks ago, and it is shopping brilliance. PopInShop is a retail platform that is like a dating site for brands and boutiques. If market is like a bar where you hope to meet a guy, then PopInShop is like Match.com where they create relationships for designers and local boutiques to provide wardrobes to girls that everyone covets. I got to talk to some girls at their office in Philadelphia and they are so passionate about this process that I was, too! We have partnered to do a giveaway for you!
You can win my entire outfit.
The romper, the bracelets and the clutch! To find out how go to my Instagram & Twitter and you will follow PopInShop! Directions will all be listed there!
The brands I was introduced to through PopInShop are to die for.
Ryu Ryu is where I got this romper skort! My two favorite pieces of clothing came together for a perfect little stunner. The print is actually a custom painting that was turned into a print. While I was shooting I kept telling my photographer how this was the perfect romper for a shower or a bridal party! 
Gemelli Jewelry is responsible for the arm party. Claire Morgan founded Gemelli Jewelry and I actually met her a few years back and worked with her for PR. She is a true artist and each piece is inspired by her twin sister, which is what Gemelli means in Italian. 
Dueces to Divas made my clutch, and their clutch options are endless! I got really excited about their site because I’ve spend hours looking for sleek little clutches in a million different prints. I thought the white Crocodile was the perfect way to keep summer with me through fall. 
So head on over to my Instagram where you can find out how to win these three pieces for your wardrobe. I hope you are as excited about PopInShop as I am, because companies like this are what truly help us create our wardrobes that we love. 
If you are a boutique or a designer head on over to their site! Or if you have any questions about the company I can direct you to someone!

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