If seasons were described by outfits [because they are in my world] it would go a little something like this…
Spring: You can finally wear Tory sandals without looking like you are having a B.Spears moment.
Summer: It is 115 degrees, don’t wear silk. 
Fall: Pull out the fur vests.
Winter: Wear lipstick so people know there is a human under all the sweater.
Clearly, fall excites me the most. I remember in high school girls would always say, “I can’t believe you own a fur vest…like who does that?” Well flash forward to us being in our twenties and they all do. I swear I wasn’t crazy!
That’s kind of the problem. All of our fur vests can start to look the same. I’ve pulled a few of my favorite unique ones to give you an idea of what I’m shopping for this fall!
Most of these are pretty inexpensive, but this one is such a steal. I pair mine over dress, skirts, leggings and sweaters. Wear yours over your blazer for work, too! The texture is what adds dimension to your outfit so don’t ever think it would be too much.
What is your favorite piece for fall?!
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  1. Fall is the best season! I used to think the fur vests were crazy too haha.

    Michaela || The Monogrammed Midwesterner

    Published 12 Oct 14Reply