Like to What It?

If you’ve ever gone to my Instagram, chances are you have seen this little thing. 
That little link right there. It looks like a toddler drank champagne and typed on my phone. 
Like what is that? 
I’ve explained it on my Instagram, but I wanted to share it on a blog post in case anyone ever missed it or got a little confused. Because when it first came out I was the blogger that was like, “Ummmm….hi…I don’t get this.” 
Like To Know It is the niftiest little website. You can basically shop your favorite Instagrammer’s pages from Instagram. It’s brilliant. 
You sign up here. You enter your e-mail and Instagram information. Then when you like a blogger’s photo who has that link, an e-mail will go to your inbox giving you the exact items in that photo OR if the items are sold out [which I promise the blogger will know! We spend hours searching these brands for you all! 🙂 ] there will be similar pieces. That way you can mix and match and create your own outfits from their closet!
Reasons I love this app?
Exhibit A. 
99% of the time I snap an outfit pic right before I head to dinner. Because if I’m being honest, unless I have a meeting, I am in PJ’s working all day. No shame.
I’ll post a photo and then if a few girls ask where I got a top I’m already at dinner. If I tell you all, “A boutique!” that doesn’t solve your problem at all! Having the exact link will give you the sizes, colors all the information you would ever want about the product. 🙂  I’ll feel so bad not being at my laptop to answer your e-mails immediately, so this helps us both. Because sometimes I go into a queso coma after dinner and it takes me a bit longer to respond to e-mails. 
Exhibit B.
It saves you money.
I’m 22 and I know that some of the pieces I share are gifts from someone or something I was gifted and that price may not always be realistic. So I will try my hardest and always link to something less expensive if I see a great dupe! I love to use this app because then I can save pieces from my favorite bloggers and when I’m ready to make that purchase, I can! These links don’t go away. If you go here all of my outfits can be seen. 
I have also linked the site on the side of my page! 
Just click a look you want to see and you can shop! Or go to the Shop My Outfits page at the top of my site to see all my looks! 
After using this app for a while I wanted to address the two biggest complaints I’ve heard.
1. It isn’t working. 

Ahh! Glitches are no fun. Most of the time you just have to make sure you are signed up. Go to the link, enter your e-mail and Instagram information, like the photo and I pinky promise it will go to your e-mail. Sometimes it takes 5 minutes, sometimes it takes an hour. But it typically always gets to my e-mail in 15 minutes! And if a blogger’s outfit on the other side of the world can come to my inbox in 15 minutes I have no complaints! If yours takes longer than an hour it may just be a glitch. 🙁 Feel free to e-mail me and I am more than happy to always send you the product information!
2. I don’t want anymore e-mails.

I totally get it. I get an average of 200 e-mails a day and so when a store asks for my e-mails I almost start to cry. “Noo!! Please no more!” The great thing about this website is you can control when you get e-mails. 
Go to your settings section and you can get the e-mails ASAP, Daily or Weekly! So each blogger you “like” will go in one e-mail once a week, etc. 
If you don’t care for the outfit information and you don’t want an e-mail, simply don’t like a photo, and I promise it will never spam you.
If you have any questions about this site feel free to e-mail me! 
1. Sign up at the site to get my outfit info! 
2. See all my outfit information on my page, here!
Happy shopping!
Let’s be outfit twins!
To save you some time I’ve also linked below to my most commonly requested pieces through Like To Know It!

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  1. Anonymous wrote:

    Just a thought, but don’t you think it would be fair to disclose that you receive a commission from this app?

    Published 08 Oct 14Reply
  2. Hill wrote:

    I’m really glad you wrote this post! I’ve obviously seen it all over Instagram but never signed up because I like too many pictures to get an email every time and was worried I’d just end up stopping hitting like on so many pictures. I’m so glad to know you can set it to only send once a week. That way I can still let you know I’m loving your picture and still get the info without getting 50 extra emails a day
    Hill @ From Mississippi With Love

    Published 08 Oct 14Reply
    • Oh my goodness girlfriend! You are the sweetest, ever! I know isn’t that great?! Less e-mails is the best! I’m so glad I’ve gotten to meet you through this little Instagram world! <3

      Published 08 Oct 14Reply
  3. Luxeista wrote:

    I love this site! I’m glad to know I won’t have to suffer from closet envy for much longer. Plus, I rarely want to click on links in Instagram so this is helpful to know what it is.

    Published 10 Oct 14Reply