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My sister and I had our family’s Christmas Card shoot last weekend and I’m committing a really big sin in the South by sharing the images with you all! But I’ve gotten a lot of e-mails about family photos and wanted to explain how you can totally wear neutrals, you just have to add in different textures. My sister and I have on fur, suede, leather, metal and embellished fabric. I’ve linked our looks below to help give you some ideas! 

Cortnie Dee was our photographer and instead of our look being centered on coordinating poses, she just let us be sisters! We laughed and hugged and giggled the entire time. When I saw these images I knew I wanted to share with you all why my sister and I are so close. I’ve shared on Instagram before, but I’ve never really gotten to go in-depth. 
Just as a warning, this post is pretty heavy and if you aren’t a believer feel free to see our outfits and move on, that is why I broke it up! But after sharing a bit of this on Instagram I was so surprised to see how many of you experienced the same thing growing up and I loved hearing how close you are with your siblings now! I felt convicted to share our relationship. 

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I’m seven years older than my sister and I don’t think there is a human being in this world I could love more than I love her. A lot of my childhood revolved around if my mom was pregnant or not. My mom had 4 miscarriages in between my sister and I. She would get pretty far in her pregnancy and due to a hormone in her body, she would lose the baby. It was the hardest thing for my Kindergarten brain to comprehend. I would tell everyone at school I was going to be a big sister, only later to be with my mom and we would have to “go to the hospital because your brother or sister went to heaven.” I can’t imagine how my mom felt seeing me upset and having to cover up her pain she was feeling as a mother losing her baby. 
One evening while eating dinner my mom said, ‘Katey, I think God just wants you to be an only child. This is his plan.” I remember looking at her and saying, “No, he wants me to have a little sister. He told me.” My mom would cry and try to explain that she loved me so much and I could be happy without a sibling. I kept telling her I was happy, that God just told me I was going to have a little sister, too. 
A few weeks later my mom was pregnant again and I knew she was hesitant for me to get excited. Each night I laid in my mom’s bed and prayed and told Kirsten that she had to make it because “I was going to take care of her too, and it would be like she had two mommies!”

The day of my mom’s baby shower her placenta tore and due to a serious doctor’s mistake in the hospital, my sister was left for 5 days, and when she was delivered they realized that God’s hand had held her completely still. The part of the cord she had was the only part that had oxygen, and had she moved she would have died. 

My little mini me was born and I thought I was a mom at 7. It was ridiculous. When she was 2 and would go on playdates I always told my mom that I had to go with her because their moms just wouldn’t take care of her as well as I could. I’m sure that went over real well on the phone. I never even wanted to go to Children’s Church because I had to stay in the nursery and help with Kirsten. 
I still behave the same way. I haven’t really matured. There have been points she will text me about something that upset her at school and I have legitimately left work in tears because I had to go back to Fort Worth and take care of her. I’ve been the sister that goes to school and eats lunch with her just to scope out whatever boy has been texting her, because I go through her phone when she sleeps. Naturally. 
My sister is opposite of me in so many ways, I mean I can’t get the girl to paint her fingernails. But my little sister has the most Godly and pure heart of anyone I know. She is 15 and will tell me, “Katey, I’m not putting on lip gloss for school. If a boy is going to like me it is because he knows how much I love Jesus and dance, not because of my lip gloss.” I’m sorry, WHAT 15-year-old girl says that?! I’ve spent my entire life trying to help raise her and at 22 I strive to become more like her, because the more I become like her the more I become like Christ. 
We love each other so much and I can only imagine how much love we will share with out other siblings one day. Thank you, Cortnie, for capturing how close we are!

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  1. This is such a sweet post! Thank you for sharing a little about your relationship.


    Published 06 Oct 14Reply
  2. ods wrote:

    Loved this post! Related a lot to your story! I’m extremely close to my baby sister who is 11 years younger than me, my mother also had a miscarriage before my sister. Everyone has always teased me about being her other mother!

    Published 06 Oct 14Reply
  3. Beautiful story! So glad you shared!

    Published 06 Oct 14Reply
  4. I just found your blog, via your Instagram, and this ONE POST has made me just love you to pieces! You have such a kind heart, and I love knowing there are girls out there like you! Happy to know you through your blog! I love it!

    Published 07 Oct 14Reply
  5. I love this! Such a sweet story!

    Published 09 Nov 16Reply