I’m obsessed with cleanliness. 
People don’t sit on my bed. I’m constantly lifting up people’s glasses to put coasters under. And if food spills….well, I die inside.
I’m sure to some people I seem a bit mad, and they think I don’t enjoy life. To each their own. I can’t function in clutter. Or dust. Or any mess of any sort. So honestly, I enjoy life a lot, when it is clean.
I want everything to smell either freshly baked or freshly washed, so when it comes to finding perfumes and candles…I’m a bit hard to please. 
I normally steer towards vanilla scents. Scratch that. I normally steer towards some Britney-esque or Taylor Swift perfume that has vanilla undertones. So mature and chic. 
I’ve just gravitated towards what I wore in high school because it would remind me of being 16 and how clean my parent’s house is. I know, I’m a bit neurotic. I figured I needed to branch out and find something other than vanilla to coat everything with. 
I’d seen Mermaid Perfume all over Pinterest and was curious. Honestly, slap mermaid on the title of anything and I’ll contemplate giving my left pinky for it.  I finally got my hands on some I about kissed my UPS man when he delivered. Tell me these are not the best countertop goodies for your bathroom? 
This is far from a scent I typically wear, it smells like orange blossoms and really clean, which clearly I am obsessed with. It reminds me of the type of scent that when someone walks next to you, you kind of sort of want to track them down to ask what they are wearing, but you restrain yourself. I got the candle, perfume and shine spray for your hair. 
I’ve been bathing my hair in the shine spray after I curl it to give it some extra softness and the scent is perfect, especially if you don’t wash your hair everyday! [PSA…don’t!] The perfume has gone all over my linens, my closet and of course myself. It is such a light scent that you can’t overdo it, and for a Texas girl that overdoes everything this is really refreshing. 
Let me know if you try this scent to keep your home and hair fresh! 

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  1. Love this post Katie! Your home and decor always looks stunning! I love the adorable chair and the pineapple artwork. I also had to ask WHERE you got your destroyed jeans from? I’ve been looking for the perfect pair and I love how these look on you!

    XoXo Kelly

    Published 13 Oct 14Reply
    • Aw thank you so so much!! You are so sweet! If you e-mail me I can send them to you! xoxo

      Published 13 Oct 14Reply
  2. Katey** Sorry about that love!

    Published 13 Oct 14Reply
  3. tasha wrote:

    Yes, I love having a clean house especially one that smells clean! I have been looking for more candles for my home but as of lately I have been like blah on the smell. Will have to check them out!

    Published 13 Oct 14Reply
  4. Your home is adorable! And I feel the same way about scents. I have been using Barr & Co. because it smells like fresh laundry and vanilla. I will have to check out Mermaid products 🙂

    Published 14 Oct 14Reply
  5. Katey, I love your blog and Instagram! You have such great style. Will you be attending Dallas fashion week in November? My best friend and I just started a blog too in austin. We will be going to Dallas fashion week so hope to see you there!

    Published 14 Oct 14Reply
  6. Bunny wrote:

    I love your blog! [however I died when you said you enjoyed watching Auburn beat Alabama!:( ] My favorite candle is by Aquiesse and the scent is called “Luxe Linen”. It is absolutely fabulous and I think it makes my living room so inviting!

    Published 15 Oct 14Reply