Sitting Pretty

This month is going to be a little more beauty based at Chronicles of Frivolity, and I’m loving it. With berry lips and my hair tutorial next week, I almost forgot my favorite aspect of getting ready…robes!
I’ve been a robe hoarder since I could walk. I’d run into my mom’s closet, grab her pink silk robe and tell her that is what I was going to wear to Kindergarten that day. I was certain Miss Flynn would love it. Unfortunately, my mother begged to differ. 
Each Christmas since then my mother has always gifted me robes and yet I still find time to steal hers! 
My mother has passed down so many wonderful things to me [thankfully she doesn’t always ask for her robes back], including her passion for causes close to her. She would always tell my sister and I, “I don’t care what you support, but find something, volunteer and raise money.” With a few tumor scares between us [We had an amazing surgeon and mine were all benign!] we both are really passionate about helping with Breast Cancer Research. Along with October being Breast Cancer Awareness month, I wanted to share a product that was giving back. When I saw that these precious robes were part of the cause, I knew this was the product I had to share!
Plum Pretty Sugar has everything from patterned pillow cases to robes! This month purchase any Plum Pretty Sugar item in Pink Love Poppy over $50 and receive a free “hello Pretty” tote. 15% of the purchase will also be donated to Susan G. Komen. Be sure to enter YOUAREPRETTY14 at checkout! 
Thank you so much for letting me share this cause! I’d love to know anything you and your mom are passionate about!
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  1. Jessica wrote:

    I absolutely love this post. October is a special month for women in general and I love how effortlessly you’ve tied your post to something so real and honest. Thanks for sharing and for the courage! xx

    Dirty Blonde Barrage

    Published 18 Oct 14Reply
  2. Anonymous wrote:

    I just LOVE everything about it and god bless you and your mom. But Susan G. Komen is a horrible organization… I’ve had family with breast cancer and researched so much about that organization. I admire you and I don’t think you are aware that organization is HORRIBLE… please don’t promote it. Again I’m just trying to inform you have a blessed day.

    Published 20 Oct 14Reply