Sunday School

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Growing up, every Sunday coming home from church I’d try and play a little trick on my mom.

I’d be in the backseat with my sister and say in a realllllly exaggerated Scarlett O’Hara voice, “Mother, do you know what makes me really upset?”

She’d ask even though she knew what I was going to say.

“I have worn the same skirt to church three weeks in a row. I mean I just feel so disrespectful to Jesus right now. I think we should stop at the mall on the way home.”

Sometimes if I did the voice really well we would stop, but most of the time we’d head back home and crawl in bed to read Vogue and take a nap.

Disclaimer: my mother bought me plenty of dresses. My dad was always responsible for waking me up on Sunday mornings and somehow dads think daughters only take 10 minutes to get ready. I was lazy and running late. Not closet neglected. 

Well, now that I’m older and buy my own dresses I’m more like, “How many times can I wear this dress to church before everyone else notices and thinks I’m a heathen that doesn’t know where the nearest dry cleaners is.”

My trick to make dresses last? Bibs and booties.

You can invest in two or three dresses a season and as long as you get two great bib necklaces and two different booties you are good to go! This bib is from Riffraff and the most versatile one I own! Toss it on anything from a v-neck to evening gown and you look like you spent a lot more time getting yourself together.

I’ve pulled my favorite fall dresses and booties so that you don’t have to stress for Sunday School! Throw on the bib from Riffraff and you are set!

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  1. Courtney wrote:

    Love your dress and how you styled it! 🙂 I definitely wear the same things multiple weeks in a row…so I hope no one notices!!

    Published 20 Oct 14Reply