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Skirt: Saks | Shoes: Nordstrom | Sweater: Forever 21 | Bag: Kelly Wynne Necklace: Shop Primma Donna | Watch: Nordstrom |  Bracelet: Stella and Dot, Nordstrom
Nothing makes me happier than new accessories, because nothing makes revamping your wardrobe easier. Out of all the accessory choices, jewelry is number one. Dainty or gaudy, I don’t discriminate. Something about the background of each piece, whether a gift or a sweet splurge to myself, makes my outfit so much more memorable.

My mother is to blame for my little collection. I remember [very vividly] being told in church at seven years old, that I needed to take off some of my bracelets. 20 was too much for a little girl. I kept crying to my mom, because I just was trying to look like her.

Her collection consists of three dressers. THREE. The dressers that are supposed to house your socks and pajamas, are home to my mother’s bracelets and baubles. One of the brands she loves is Ashley Pittman. I’ve always tried to steal a bangle or two, and she catches me. every. single. time. 

Last week I was invited to preview the Ashley Pittman Spring Collection and I was ecstatic. I kept sending my mother pictures of the jewels and requesting things for my birthday in advance…. [Tell me I’m not the only one…]

Being a PR girl first and foremost, I can’t get enough of her branding.  Just take a peek at her look book. It is all is beautiful. The ability designers have to make everything that surrounds themselves have such a seamless aesthetic is something I admire, and Ashley Pittman is no exception. From her workspace to her to her effortless blonde hair, I totally was not very cool when meeting her. I kept babbling about how much I loved her bangles and her outfit, and Lord knows what else I said.

Ashley Pittman is the queen of the stack. I’ll wear 15 bracelets on each arm until I am in my grave, and whether people think it is too much or not, doesn’t really bother me. I am who I am, but mixing in different materials lightens up the load. Ashley’s mix of natural materials somehow softens the look, without taking integrity away from the statement.

Each piece is handcrafted in Kenya featuring repurposed horn, semiprecious gemstones, bronze and materials indigenous to East Africa. She employs over 75 artisans and ten percent of all profits are then donated to help fund the Kamboo Dispensary and Kathiani Primary School in rural Kenya. So she jewels us and is a humanitarian. I told you, I had about nothing of substance to say to her because I was freaking out so much. 

Between the waffles and mimosas we also had a bangle bar. I picked some horn and gold pieces out and they haven’t even made their way in my Glambox because I’ve thrown them in each look since.

Her spring line still has that neutral base [black, horn, gold] that I want to bathe in, but the textures and statement necklaces are over-the-top stunning. If you haven’t invested in a piece yet, go for one of her signature bangles! 

I’ve pulled the pieces below so that you can skim through and see why I’m obsessed. And what am I wanting my next AP piece to be? This stunner
Thank you so much for reading and have a wonderful weekend!

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