Healthy in Winter

A quick peak into my Instagram and you can see I LOVE food. Before I ever even learned anything about fashion PR, I worked on restaurant clients. Making a living eating meals created by the best chefs in Dallas and writing press releases covering them wasn’t too bad. Like ever. 
This post was requested and I wanted to share a few tricks I have for staying fit in the winter because of two reasons:
1. I can have terrible eating habits. Terrible. I’m either eating like a rabbit while working or eating like a linebacker at night. 
2. We all have different bodies. I’ll always be shorter and muscular and some of you will always look like you share the same DNA strands as the VS Angels. Your body is perfect because God made it! But none of us ever feel good when we go too long not caring for our bodies. I love queso, but a few days of it and I want to lay on my balcony and fall off. 
1. Make a date with a nutritionist at least once!

I can’t sleep really well at night, I’m always up checking my e-mails or remembering to do something. So I’ll be starving [like hunger pains starving] at 5 a.m. I’m convinced that is too early to eat so I’ll work and hold out until 2 p.m. I get wrapped up in creative meetings and somehow forget. Then from 2-8 p.m. I’m starving and will reach for anything.
A few months ago I got sick of the cycle [and being exhausted of no energy and sleep!] and made a date with a nutritionist. I met with Kara Stout [her website is here] and I am in love with her. She works a lot with brides but will meet with anyone. I thought a nutritionist would be really expensive and tell you things you already know like “eat chicken.” The pricing is really inexpensive considering it is your health and I learned more in one hour than I’ve ever learned in my life. She gives you an entire eating plan based on your exact needs and teaches you why your body reacts to certain foods or practices. 
When I follow what she tells me I feel amazing. When I stray, I get nauseated, migraines and exhausted. I’m obsessed with her and how sweet she is! Find someone in your area at least once if you can! I think it is also a great graduation gift. You can’t live off Starbucks and pizza postgrad and learning how to eat off certain budgets is really important. 
2. Tea, tea and more tea. 

I’m not a coffee person. I’m a Starbucks person. Both are polar opposites and only one version is healthy. I allow myself Starbucks twice a month as a “dessert” and black tea wakes you up just as well! My mother swears by tea [and oils and herbs and a bunch of weird vitamins she buys off the internet…]. I will call her with any ailment and she will have a tea to fix it. Because it is essentially just amped up water you’re constantly hydrating and keeping toxins away from your body! If you’re a snacker, stock up on tea. It fills you up so much and is the easiest way to get your 64 ounces in a day. 
3. Cash out. 

I love eating out. It’s so hard to keep my fridge stocked when it is just one person. 
However, you don’t know what is in the food. There is butter and cream and tons of oil, even if you’re eating a “healthy” dish. 
At the beginning of the month I just pull a certain amount of cash out and keep that as my “eating out” money. When I run out I know that it is time to grocery shop and stop eating rich dishes. This keeps me from living at Mi Cocina and it’s also the easiest budget tip. 
4. Less Bread.
I’m 22. I’m not going to drop queso and I’m not going to ban ice cream from my life. I’m a little too selfish for that. However, I try to stick to less bread. Not only do I feel a lot better but I also feel like my clothes look better when I keep it at a distance. I know for some people their vice is sugar, but me it’s the little baguettes from Panera. Give me 15. My easiest tip is to just eat it before noon and ban it after. I’ll eat a sandwich for lunch and sometimes have leftover pizza before my morning run. After that I live off protein and veggies. Some restaurants in Dallas offer vegetables with your salsa and queso so you still get your fix! If that isn’t an option I’ll just order fajitas and dip my chicken into the dips as opposed to using tortillas. If I cook at home I make a big batch of this for dinner. It is vegetable candy and I could eat it every single day. 
5. Group Excercise
I am the worst person at holding myself accountable. Two days into a new workout and I just look at myself in the mirror and say, “Oh girl, look how tone you are. Take a nap, or 15.” 
I go delusional. 
Workout classes or training with a friend is the best tip for me! I’ll run with Paul or plan a run with girlfriends. I also love barre classes! When you make friends with the instructors, they push you and you don’t want to not show up. It’s actually a really great social thing. Ditch complaining about your ex over heavy drinks and go feel like you and your girlfriends won every breakup at Pilates. 
Group exercise used to intimidate me. So much. But when you look at the thought and intention that the instructors and founders put into the studio, that goes away. 
The PilatesBarre just opened in Dallas. “Group fitness classes enable togetherness and competition within a communal mindset and atmosphere.” They believe that “workouts can be more beneficial when one is in an environment where everyone helps to push each other to perform their best surrounded by like minded friends.” Lauren Sharng and Meghann O’Leary, founders, also say the classes are just 50 minutes! 
I love working out with my girlfriends and this is an even better time to start when not that many people are there! Get in before January when everyone and their second cousin shows up, so you can already know the ropes! 😉
I hope these tips help, or at least give you a different perspective of something you already try! If you have any tips please send them my way! 

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  1. Love this post! I really need to get back on track and I’ve never thought about going to a nutrionist!! I wish there were more group classes in Ohio, I’ve been dying to go to a soul cycle class!


    Published 12 Dec 14Reply
  2. Great tidbits! I just started taking barre classes in KC, and absolutely love it. I was never someone who preferred group fitness, but I look forward to attending barre as often as I can!


    Published 12 Dec 14Reply
  3. I feel like we are the same person! Have you tried peppermint tea before? It is my absolute favorite. I am definitely inspired to meet with a nutritionist now!

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

    Published 13 Dec 14Reply