Holiday Gift Guide: Under $25

Scarf | Hat | Candle [yummiest candle ever!] | Keychain | Copper Mug | Pajamas | Beauty Blender | Monogrammed Notepad | Perfume | Eyeshadow [shade Fez] | Phone Case | Lotion [I’m pretty sure this is what Jesus smells like]
I’m pretty positive this is my favorite gift guide, so far! How many times do you need an inexpensive under $25 gift?
1. Your coworker. Because you love her and would die without her, but you both make the same salary and know you can only spend $25…
2. Your big and or little. She steals all your clothes anyways, but you need something sweet for her for Christmas. 
3. Your boyfriend’s sister that you have only met once. This is kind of the most scary gift, ever. And I am so glad my boyfriend’s sister and I are actually friends. And I probably should get her something a lot more than $25 because I always make her come rescue me from awkward situations. She is my “Oh my gosh my friend just got dumped she’s outside, I have to go” phone call. So in all reality, I owe her a gas card. How do I wrap that cute?
4. If you have more than 1 sister. Bless you. How do you juggle that many boy problems?! I have one and the creeping I have to do on Instagram is exhausting.
5. Secret Santa! Be the Santa you want to receive. 
I could keep going, but you get the idea. I honestly think we all need a lot more under $25 gifts than any other type, so I will be stocking up! Are there any under $25 gifts you love?!
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  1. Woo hoo!! I bought the pom pom beanie last week for myself!! Keep up the good work Katey! LOVE reading your blog!!

    Published 04 Dec 14Reply
  2. Hill wrote:

    And don’t forget the awkward someone who buys you a present that you weren’t expecting and quickly need something to gift in return situation. I’ll usually stock up on a few of these gifts just in case and then if they don’t get gifted I’ll just keep them for myself! I agree, the under $25 gift guide is very underrated

    Published 04 Dec 14Reply
  3. I love all these picks! Especially the beanie!

    Michaela || The Monogrammed Midwesterner

    Published 05 Dec 14Reply
  4. I have 3 sisters to buy for thank you for this.

    Published 05 Dec 14Reply