New Year. New Bag.

Two posts in a day?! Let’s just say last week I had a virus, and instead of sleeping my life away or watching Nathan Scott on One Tree Hill,  I went into a blog coma. 
With the new year, you’re probably searching for your “new bag.” However, after buying Christmas presents for everyone from your second cousin to office secretary you probably don’t want to invest in anything wild. So you think you’ll go for nude.
Me too. 
I always like to start a new year off with finding a versatile nude bag. 
How ridiculous does that sound?! [Katey, nude is versatile…] 
Ehh… not always.
Nude bags can either:
A. Look a little too bland.
B. Look a little too 7th Heaven. [i.e. dated]
C. Be too harsh to blend with whatever dominant tone your outfit takes. 
So then I end up buying 4 different ones and that doesn’t exactly make it versatile. It just makes it absurd and expensive.
How do you know you’ve found a good nude? When the structure or soft tone can speak for itself
Either the nude is as milky as Tom Ford Vanilla Suede lipstick [the lipstick of angels] or the structure could be seen being carried by the most stylist girl at a music festival [i.e. bucket bags]. Most people aim for a deeper brown structured tote, which can be hard to work with depending on your color scheme in your outfit: brown, black, navy. 
If you haven’t found your go-to nude, I pulled some of my favorites.  I also threw in a few girly pink accessories that can be found at the bottom of my bag! 😉 If you have your staple nude, which bag is it?! 

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