What to Wear: Christmas

Sweater: [c/o] Riffraff | Leggings: Link | Top: Link | Bag: Link | Belt: Link | Boots: Link | Bracelet: Link, Link | Watch: Link
Happy Christmas Eve! 
This is hands down one of my favorite days of the year. The anticipation of celebrating Jesus’ birthday, church service and all of your family being together makes it something I look forward to for months! 
My family and I typically dress up a little bit more on Christmas Eve for service and a dinner, so on Christmas day we are incredibly relaxed. We stay in our pajamas until the afternoon and then I never know what on earth to wear. I do the whole wear my pajama bottoms and try on my new tops, and by dinner my mom is like, “Katey….you probably need to shower today…”
I wanted to share an easy little look if you want to stay cozy, too! Just take your biggest scarf, wrap it like a cape and belt it! This scarf is from Riffraff and just about the warmest thing ever. I head to Colorado in 4 days and I have nothing. Zip. This is the only thing I know will keep me warm, so if you see it on Instagram 7 days in a row, here is my pre apology
What do you do on Christmas? Do you dress up more?! [If you’re showered by noon you already beat me.] I hope you enjoy this evening with your family and loved ones, as we celebrate our savior coming into the world!
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  1. Hill wrote:

    Oh my gosh I love this! I have the most beautiful metallically gold pink scarf that’s way too big to wear normally; thank you for giving me a way to wear it

    Published 24 Dec 14Reply