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Life is a series of difficult choices.
1. Where do you go to college?!
2. What should you study?
3. What do you wear to run errands in the winter?
The last one is totally valid. Sometimes it is just too cold for Lululemon. Sorry, Lulu. 
A little tip of mine is to wear an all black outfit with faux fur and your Nike sneaks! You look fine whether you are running into Neiman Marcus or the grocery store! A bundled up faux keeps you warm and pulled together enough to meet your boyfriend for dinner after! 
I think I like this outfit because it reminds of all the super chic old ladies running around with Chanel bags in their walking shoes at the mall. I have to stop myself every time from asking to be their friend. [Because I would seriously lunch with them every single day.]
Of course we all know I can’t just be mature and wear black and faux fur. I had to throw something cheeky in, and this little Riffraff top fit my needs! 
What do you wear running errands in the winter?!

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  1. so chic! i definitely see you being one of those ladies 😉

    i recently got a HUGE white faux fur vest, like so big that at first i considered returning it until i realized that it feels like i am wearing a comforter, and i throw that thing on anytime i have to leave the house but want to look good at the same time. plus, it covers up half my body so i can wear whatever else i want and all anyone sees is the fur vest 😉

    xo mary-katherine
    gold-hatted lover

    Published 15 Jan 15Reply
  2. It is totally valid! Lol! Seriously you move on from the first two but what to wear in the winter for errands is always looming. Why do so many clothes have to be necessary to run to the grocery store for a quick item. 🙂 Love this!

    Published 15 Jan 15Reply
  3. THAT COAT! Errands, glamorous parties, the gym..they should all be valid. Just sayin’.


    Published 15 Jan 15Reply
  4. That coat is stunning! Fur never looked so good 🙂


    Published 15 Jan 15Reply