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One of my goals this year with my blog is to focus more on hair and makeup reviews. When I was in 8th grade and blogs weren’t even on the map I would spend hours scouring the internet for makeup blogs. At the awkward age of 13 I decided I’d blog one day. So mature of me…
After blogging for over a year I noticed that I really didn’t focus on reviewing makeup products at all. It wasn’t because I haven’t been buying any – my Sephora VIB card and Glambox would rat me out. I just wasn’t sure if you all would be that interested! This year I hope that I’m able to branch into that a little bit- if you all don’t mind! 
First up: eyeshadow palettes. I have such a love/hate relationship with them. The packaging is pretty, so I buy. Then I never open the thing up for another three years and decide it needs to be tossed for bacteria’s sake. 
I had to kill about 30 minutes last week, so I did the standard and ran to Sephora. Too Faced has been a winner recently since I can’t get enough of the Candlelight Glow. I normally find their eyeshadow palettes to be a bit overrated, but all was forgiven when I saw this packaging. 
After using this palette for a week, I can safely say I will actually use it all up. [The thing looks so haggard now. I’ve gone overboard with every color.] And the little instructional makes it really easy because my biggest grievance with palettes is, “Um…what tha heck do I do with all of these?!” 
If you aren’t an eyeshadow girl [don’t worry, I normally am not] use the shadows on the left as a highlight for your cheeks! It creates a really stunning and matte glow. Use a damp eyeliner brush and all of these colors work as eyeliners that melt into your lids. Tiger’s Eye is my favorite! 
Please let me know if there are any other makeup posts you are interested in! 
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  1. I’ve been dying to try Candlelight Glow! Now that you’ve recommended it I’m definitely going to have to purchase. Have you tried Makeup Geek shadows? Once I purchased mine I completely stopped buying any other eye shadows (which sounds crazy for a beauty blogger, but it’s true!). Can’t wait to read more of your beauty/makeup posts.

    Amanda (beauty blog)

    Published 13 Jan 15Reply
  2. I got this palette for Christmas and I love it for the most part…not sure what I’ll do with the blue shade. But, I’m a sucker for anything leopard, sparkly and with kitty cat names. 🙂


    Published 13 Jan 15Reply
  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    Published 14 Jan 15Reply
  4. I think that my biggest deal breaker with eyeshadows is that I don’t really know how to combine the eyeshadow palettes without looking like I aged +20 years!
    P.S. your’re like the cutest ever!


    Published 14 Jan 15Reply
  5. I’m so excited you’ll be talking more about make-up, I’ve always thought yours looks great and I’m always interested in what people are using!


    Published 03 Feb 15Reply