Leopard Distractions

Sweater: Link [on sale!] Similar [under $50!] Similar [40% off!] | Vest: Link | Bag: Link [on sale, too!] | Jeans: Link | Boots: Link | Lipstick: Link [Shade: Ruby Woo] 
If you live where it is a bit colder, you just kind of throw, “Let me define my shape” out the window. Oversized sweaters and vests are a must so a better way to play with your look is through a printed bag and bright lips. 
A cross-body bag doesn’t add as much weight as a satchel does and this one is in leopard [and on sale, too!] which means you can treat it as a neutral by pairing it with any look. I also wore Ruby Woo lipstick to give more dimension. My trick with red lipstick is to add a “cool” toned blush. If you see something with lavender or blue undertones, as opposed to orange, grab it! MAC has a lot of great ones, like their shade Unconventional
Do you have any tips for staying cute in the cold?!
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  1. I love this oversized sweater! The details on it are just perfect! What size did you get?

    Morgan Paige

    Published 06 Jan 15Reply
  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    Published 06 Jan 15Reply
  3. What an adorable bag, I’m a fan of all things leopard! In fact I’m wearing a leopard scarf as I type this!! I’ve never heard that blush tip before that is going to be big help!!

    Diane ~ Sweet Catastrophe Blog

    Published 06 Jan 15Reply
  4. Who doesn’t love a little leopard?!! That Kate Spade is a fave of mine! 🙂

    XO Kourtney

    Published 07 Jan 15Reply
  5. That green sweater would be perfect for cold Baylor games!

    Published 09 Jan 15Reply