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Um. Juice? Where are the clothes? After posting my winter health tips [you can read here] I got a lot of feedback that you all enjoyed lifestyle posts. I was so excited, because I really want Chronicles to be a well-rounded resource for you that covers any and every question you might have. As my editorial grows in 2015, I aim to include more lifestyle, health and makeup reviews, and I’m so glad to have your support with it!
If you follow me on snapchat [I can’t even fathom I’m starting a sentence like that] you know I love juices. I’ve talked before about how my mom is really into natural health. We both have autoimmune disorders [and gluten intolerance, but I have yet to accept it], and after finding some medications were doing more harm than good, she has spent the last 5 years really researching and learning about what helps our bodies. 
Needless to say, I’ve got boxes of vitamins that come to my house each month and she is more than willing to send me daily health tips from her holistic doctor. It might seem a bit extreme to some, but I’ve watched my mom almost be put on a feeding tube and literally learn to correct what was happening in her body. One of her biggest secrets? Juices.
She is the biggest advocate that food is medicine and we are what we eat. I know that juicing gets a bad rep. I think it has become a “trend” that establishes this mindset of, “Oh I need to fit into a size 0 by Friday, so I’m juicing.” That isn’t what it is meant to be for, at all. Juicing can help get your eating habits back on track with a cleanse, but it by no means is meant to promote not eating. Some people say, “Chew your vegetables. Don’t drink them.”  Others complain, “your bodies reset themselves naturally, you don’t need to cleanse to do that.”
You’re right. You don’t have to. 
However, I know for a fact I don’t get the daily amount of vegetables I need. When I’m sitting working my first thought is not, “Oh I should really go munch on a cucumber right now.” I love juices because they fill you up, keep you from snacking and give your body the nutrients that most of us don’t get. When I first moved to Dallas, my friend at work, Andrea, and I made it our mission to find our favorite juices here. We kept snacking at work and needed to combat it. Within a few weeks we had stumbled upon Vim + Vigor and we had the whole office on a kick. 
When I don’t have time to use my juicer or am out of produce, I love grabbing these. They asked if I wanted to try their new one out No. 12 [made to kick start your metabolism]. Um, yes! I love any juice with lemon and cayenne because of the spice and how well it fills you up. This one isn’t as strong as any others I have tried, so if you don’t like juices with a strong taste, this is a great option. 
These are available at Forty Five Ten through their T Room or online for delivery or pickup at Forty Five Ten. 
I just wanted to share a little trick I use to combat snacking or when I know I’ve eating junk all day. A day of carbs is a happy day, but then by the end I feel like I’ve munched on cardboard! If you have any little health tricks I would love to hear, and I definitely know my mom would! 

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  1. Anonymous wrote:

    Love this! Juicing is so amazing. My dad helped beat his cancer from juicing and a healthy lifestyle!

    Published 24 Jan 15Reply
  2. Revital wrote:

    lovely photos! (:

    Published 24 Jan 15Reply
  3. So glad that you shared this! I keep crossing my fingers that we will get a juice bar where we live, but maybe ordering these online is the way to go!

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

    Published 24 Jan 15Reply
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    Published 19 Dec 15Reply
  5. Kishi wrote:

    I am an entertainer. Therefore my body is my business. I must maintain it at all cost. Consequently, I forced myself, like other people to suffer through a rigorous diet regimen and I consumed diet supplements designed to do nothing more than to throw off body water only to be replaced with fat. After years of this, I was tired. Now, everything has changed. I can eat my favorite foods, I exercise energetically and I have 8 pack abs at the age of almost 40. My tissue cells look like that of a 28 year old. Yes, IÕm getting younger. How?

    Published 22 Nov 16Reply