Birthday Wishin’

My birthday is on Tuesday and I literally forgot all about it. I think that’s a sign of becoming a grown up! [A pretty sad sign…]
It hit me this week when my mom said, “Can you send me some ideas for your birthday?” Umm….
Don’t get me wrong, mom presents are the best presents, but post grad it’s just awkward. You feel rude sending your mother a wish list when you pay your own bills. Soak it up in college, girls. Soak it up.
I started searching for pieces I’d buy myself for aging 😉 and wanted to share with you all! Little touches of hot pink, white and black to ease into spring!
Floral Skirt: I think I would bathe in this skirt. Once it ends up in my closet I won’t be taking it off. 
Quilted Black Bag: I’ve bought this bag for 3 of my girlfriends and I am still so envious each time I see it. It’s the perfect size to fit everything while remaining functional and chic. 
Snake Sandals: These are dancing sandals! With wedding season approaching these strappy heels have be craving 70 degrees and never-ending receptions!
Nude Sandals: Whether you pair them with boyfriend jeans or cut offs, these make your summer wardrobe a little bit more glam.
Diptyque Candle: Once I graduated I became some sort of candle snob. I feel so guilty about it, but once you purchase a Diptyque candle you realize that is what a candle should actually be like. They last forever and I love to repurpose their little vases in my bathroom.
Pink Statement Bag: This color reminds me of MAC Candy Yum Yum and that’s reason enough for my closet to need it. 
Watch: An oversized, masculine watch is a girly-girls bff4ever.
Cuff: I live in little cuffs during spring and summer and never take them off. I was shocked at how reasonable the price was. 
Palette: If I have one little vice it would be YSL makeup. Their formulas are so smooth and I’m ready to add some of their eyeshadows to my collection. 
White Jeans: I always purchase white jeans that end up feeling baggy and really casual. I love that you can pair these with heels for going out in the summer. 
What’s on your spring wish list?! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!
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  1. I just purchased my first Diptyque candle, it is actually the Vanille one, and I know exactly what you mean!! It smells so heavenly. I can’t wait to burn it and purchase another one sometime (hopefully) soon! Happy early birthday Katey!

    Published 27 Feb 15Reply
  2. Happy birthday! Great post, nice blog!

    Keep it up! 🙂

    Published 27 Feb 15Reply
  3. Love your wishlist! Happy early birthday!

    Michaela || The Monogrammed Midwesterner

    Published 28 Feb 15Reply