Garden Party

This is my favorite outfit I have ever worn on Chronicles of Frivolity. This is my favorite outfit I have ever worn, period. If the Lord wants us have skirts when we get our new bodies in heaven pleaseeeee let this be it. Please.  
I have been craving a garden party-esque skirt for months. I’ve scoured the internet and nothing has really made me that happy. I wanted something floral with an eclectic touch and I found it at Shop September
I’ve shared my love for this boutique back in October here and when I popped in a few weeks ago I had to pick this up. It’s for date nights. It’s for showers [spring is coming up, and that is bridal/baby shower season in Texas!]. It’s for having a little Disney moment. We all need one piece in our closet that makes us feel Cinderella post Fairy Godmother, and this is my piece. I know the owner of Shop September and the time and expertise she invests in filling her store with “Cinderella” pieces is so admired. She doesn’t just fill her store with items that she knows she could “convince” you to buy. She picks statement pieces that all have an “it” factor to making you feel the best version of you possible.
I paired a crop top with it because a full skirt really needs a form fitting blouse. However, if you want something more casual I would pair it with sandals and a white v neck! That is even appropriate for church! 
This was just one of those magical little pieces that my closet was missing and really reinstated how much I love this blog. I love sharing little gems with you all to inspire you to wear whatever it is that makes you feel good. Whether it is a garden party skirt or some Nike high tops. You are all babes and deserve to feel like it. So in case you have been stressed, feeling exhausted or flat-out not pampered get yourself whatever the heck little piece that makes YOU feel better. You’re a total smoke show and don’t you forget it. 
P.S. Thank you all so much for the congratulations and well wishes! Paul and I got engaged this past weekend and I still can’t even put into words how it felt. I felt like a toddler. I was crying, I was jumping up and down, I was laughing and I couldn’t stop smiling. I’m overwhelmed with love from God, him, my family, my friends and you all! God is so faithful with his plans and I can’t wait to share this journey with you all! 
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| Skirt: Shop September
| Top: Similar, Similar, Simliar
| Earrings: Link
| Shoes: Link
| Lipstick: Link

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  1. This skirt is perfection and I love the way you styled it! Plus those earrings and the lip…just yes. Yes to all of it!

    Morgan Paige

    Published 02 Feb 15Reply
  2. One, this skirt is amazing and you look amazing in it. Two, CONGRATS! Can’t wait to see it all unfold!

    XO, Krista

    Published 02 Feb 15Reply
  3. That skirt is amazing. I love that you paired it with the black cropped top and the bright accessories.

    Between the Pearls

    Published 02 Feb 15Reply
  4. Courtney wrote:

    Love your skirt! That’s such a fun pattern 🙂

    Published 02 Feb 15Reply
  5. i love the skirt!! just wondering how tall you are??

    Published 02 Feb 15Reply
  6. I love that skirt and I can see why you feel so amazing in it and HUGE congrats on getting engaged. That’s so exciting and I can’t wait to see you in wedding planing mode and what you wear on the big day.


    Published 02 Feb 15Reply
  7. I’m in love with this whole outfit! You pull it off perfectly!

    Published 02 Feb 15Reply
  8. Claire wrote:

    You are such a perfect doll!

    God bless,
    Xo, Claire

    Published 03 Feb 15Reply
  9. Christine wrote:

    Absolutely stunning!!!

    Published 03 Feb 15Reply
  10. I absolutely ADORE this look! You styled it to perfection.

    xo, Laura

    Published 03 Feb 15Reply