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I am so excited it is almost the weekend! Some of my best friends are coming into town because tomorrow we are shopping for the most important #OOTD ever. The dress.
To be completely honest this is the only thing I have been slightly nervous over in terms of planning the wedding. I’ve been really laid back with everything, but I’m not a fan of wedding gowns. Clearly I am missing a girl gene. I also had a really unpleasant experience booking an appointment at a place in Fort Worth [which I cancelled]. The salon made me feel so bad for wanting to bring my dad dress shopping I cried. The tears were coming so strong while I was on the phone with them, so now I’m just really timid about the entire process. 
 I have spent an embarrassing amount on bridal magazines trying to dig through and find “the one” and all I end up doing is feeling like a tomboy because I loathe them all.  I think I’ve just never pictured myself in a wedding gown. I prefer to picture myself in mixed prints, so we will see how this goes! haha.
On Sunday we have our engagement party. You know. A casual party of 97. And that is just family, the bridal party and people who have changed my diapers. Seriously, y’all. How do you have weddings with less than 100 people?! I think I must have an abnormal amount of cousins…
How was your wedding dress shopping experience? Any tips? Any no-no’s I should know about? 
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  1. Bunny wrote:

    Jenny Packham dresses are gorgeous! I feel like they are not typical wedding gowns that make you feel like a giant cupcake.

    Published 19 Feb 15Reply
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    Published 19 Feb 15Reply
  3. I was only excited to look at dresses because it meant I was one step closer to my wedding- not because I got to try on dresses. But it was so fun and I hope you really love it! My advice is to be open minded to the suggestions from girl helping you. Tell her what you do and don’t like, but be open minded when she brings things you don’t think you’ll like. They do this all day everyday! Also, you probably won’t be in the mood to eat for fear of the bloat but definitely have a snack! Nobody likes a hangry diva bride! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Published 19 Feb 15Reply
  4. Definitely bring your dad! I brought my dad with me and it was one of favorite moments of the wedding planning! My dad always had to okay my prom dresses and he would be honest and tell me what looked good on me and what didn’t. I trust his opinion more than anyone’s, so of course he had to be there when I picked my dress!! Good luck and enjoy!!

    Published 19 Feb 15Reply
  5. I feel like a mermaid fit would look best on you! Even if you don’t like the style you should at least try on one just to get a feel for it. Good luck! Don’t let others tell you whats right or wrong for you


    Published 19 Feb 15Reply
  6. Oh no no no, even if you wanted to bring Paul himself the salon you cancelled with should have been more than accommodating to anyone you wanted to bring! That is just unacceptable! The look on my Dad’s face is what sealed the deal when I picked my dress and I think you will love having your Dad with you!! Have so much fun!! PS-I literally felt like I had been trying on dresses in the Sahara by the time we were done from all the talking and shuffling around so if the salon doesn’t provide drinks I would definitely pack away a few little bottles of water :]

    Published 19 Feb 15Reply
  7. Beautiful and inspirational! Good luck shopping for the dress!

    Published 19 Feb 15Reply
  8. You don’t have to have a typical white dress! If you know there’s a style that would just not look good on you, don’t let people talk you into trying it on. I have a short torso and knew any drop waist/tight bodice would be so unflattering I tried one on to make my posse happy and it kind of made me feel bad about myself because it looked awful! But, I was able to gain my confidence back after I found the dress ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Published 19 Feb 15Reply
  9. Ann wrote:

    I too did NOT want a fluffy flouncy wedding dress – just not me at all! I used Carolyn Bessette Kennedy’s wedding dress as the inspiration for my dress and I found the perfect dress – it was actually a white evening gown in a satin-y material that was kind of like a slip dress, but w/ larger straps. It was so simple, elegant, and perfect – I loved it! It was beautiful.

    Published 19 Feb 15Reply
  10. I hope you have an amazing time tomorrow! The anticipation of seeing what your wedding will be like is killing me!

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

    Published 19 Feb 15Reply
  11. Kaleigh wrote:

    I was in the same boat when I was dress shopping, and my best advice would be to try on a lot of different styles! You’ll be surprised that styles you love in pictures might not look quite “right” on you, and then some styles you overlooked will be a great fit! I know its so cheesy, but when you find the right one you really will get that “say yes to the dress” feeling. Go with your gut and what makes YOU feel like the smokiest smoke show, and try not to let any preconceived ideas of style, price, or others’ opinions sway you too much!

    You are going to be such a beautiful bride, can’t wait to see pictures!!


    Published 19 Feb 15Reply
  12. Hi Katey,

    I’m a huge fan of your work so I wanted to ask if you would do a post on the old taboo: black + brown!
    My boyfriend bought me an amazing black KS bag for Christmas but my favorite boots (well, most of my shoes) are brown/suede. Would love to see some options for pulling off both colors! Thanks!


    Published 19 Feb 15Reply
  13. Alyssa wrote:

    A few words of advice… Eat before you go, because it’s exhausting trying on dresses. Make sure YOU form an opinion before your friends and family do. And definitely try on things you don’t envision – I ended up buying the dress my sister picked out for me to try on that I had bypassed because it didn’t look great on the hanger. And have fun!!


    Published 19 Feb 15Reply
  14. Hill wrote:

    Let’s be real you could walk down the aisle wearing a tshirt dress with Converse and still be one of the most glamourous brides of all time. You’re going to look stunning in whichever dress you pick!

    Published 19 Feb 15Reply
  15. Jessica wrote:

    Def take daddy! Thats a must! After all the styles you rock on this blog, I know you’ll find the perfect one! I agree with above! Mermaid may be your way to go! Or you could opt for something more elegant, with long sleeves and high neck in front and a low back. Either way girl, don’t stress! Sending you love, luck and prayers!
    Dirty Blonde Barrage

    Published 19 Feb 15Reply
  16. Anonymous wrote:

    Honestly I feel like I could see you in a short dress! Like something really unconventional. Or you could always do something really simple and slinky and accessorize it like crazy. Just listen to your gut and be yourself! Tell the girls at the salon how you want to FEEL on your day and that should help guide them to styles. Can’t wait!

    Published 20 Feb 15Reply
  17. Jacy wrote:

    I actually wasn’t as excited about wedding dress shopping as I would say most girls are, and I didn’t get emotional at all when I found ‘the dress.’ Oddly enough, I ended up choosing a dress that was 100% different from what I thought I would like, and it was a dress I didn’t even want to try on but my sister made me (haha). I just read above that Alyssa had the exact same experience, so definitely try on all sorts of styles and cuts! I actually ended up only going to one store because I found a dress I really liked, the price was in my budget, and I didn’t want to worry about trying more on and organizing it with friends and family ๐Ÿ˜‰ And I also agree with Alyssa to take a moment to look at it in the dressing room and form an opinion before everyone else sees it and chimes in ๐Ÿ™‚
    Overall it wasn’t bad like I thought it would be, so just have fun with it!


    Published 20 Feb 15Reply