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Three things have occuppied my time as of the past few weeks:
2. Pinterest
I really am marrying the most selfless [or laid back] human being in the entire world. He keeps saying he doesn’t care if our home is filled with all my pink pieces, but I’m trying really hard to nude it all out.
We’ve been buying furniture like crazy [my closet has been seriously neglected. I literally picked up a scarf the other day and said out loud, “Umm…this is half my fridge. Why would I spend that?” #mortifying {not too sure what is happening to me.}]
I wanted to share all my neutral pieces we have purchased for the home with you, in case you are in the market for some! The great thing about nudes is if your husband or other half is picky, when things are “neutral” they probably won’t be able to tell there are little french, girly details. #trickeryladies #trickery
The other great thing about these pieces is that while they are modern and fit my hollywood regency taste, they all have traditional roots. This is just our first home and the Lord himself only knows what type of couch I will want with messy kids and their sticky fingers. We decided that we wouldn’t invest in anything too, too wild as we’d want to be able to take this in 5 years to our “long term” home.
Watch us stay in this home for 15 years. I hate change. 
You can shop the pieces below and let me know if you have any favorite neutral pieces!
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  1. On the kids topic.. Leather couches are the only way to go.. Wipes right up! 😉

    Published 29 Mar 15Reply
  2. Solenice wrote:

    I’m totally in the same boat! I have been looking for the perfect tufted headboard for our master. I am torn between the one you included in your post or another one I found through your link without the little silver pegs. Thank you for posting!!

    Published 30 Mar 15Reply
  3. Jade wrote:

    OBSESSED with that chandelier! I can’t wait to see a pic of it hanging up! I can’t believe how inexpensive it is either!

    Published 30 Mar 15Reply
  4. Anna Cobbs wrote:

    Love that mirror! I have one just like it and I’m obsessed!

    xo – Anna

    Published 31 Mar 15Reply
  5. Jessica wrote:

    Love that these pieces are neutral yet strong and with a masculine touch almost. Perfect for a his and her space. xx Jess
    Dirty Blonde Barrage

    Published 02 Apr 15Reply