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If I’m being honest, my absolute favorite reason I get excited for new seasons is hand bags.
[I know. I know. I should say like the “anticipation for change” or something really Free People-esque like that, but #honestyisthebestpolicy.]
I really prefer to invest in a nice handbag every season, or two because I find that I’m able to keep it forever and I’m not wanting to repurchase one in a few weeks because the quality was showing.
I rounded up a few of my favorite little luxe spring bags for you at completely different price points! From under $70 to “I just got my bonus”, I really believe you can find high-quality bags at any rate. It just takes a little bit of digging and knowing which brands have sales, etc.
Here is a little tip: high-end merchants sell less expensive bags, and they are a really great route to go. If Neiman Marcus carries a brand for under $100, chances are the quality is great because they know the customer they are appealing to. I love a Target tote like the next girl, but you can bet the quality will be lower just because their target demographic is completely different. This brand at Neimans is a steal! 
 I rounded up the ones I feel really fit that bill for you, and threw in a few fun accessories to match! 😉 Which one is your favorite?! I’ve had my eye on #4 for weeks!

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  1. The pretty mint Rebecca Minkoff bag is to die for. It would be great for showers, weddings, or just a night out on a rooftop deck! I also have a Danielle Nicole satchel that I originally bought from Piperlime, but Neiman Marcus Last Call also had it for $25 off! I can honestly say it’s a great quality.

    Ellen | A Pop of Pink

    Published 31 Mar 15Reply
  2. Kylee wrote:

    Love your picks, especially the yellow Tory Burch and pineapple keychain! So cute!

    Published 31 Mar 15Reply
  3. Jessica wrote:

    Love this spring colors while keeping it cool and neutral! and that pineapple keychain is to die. xx Jess
    Dirty Blonde Barrage

    Published 02 Apr 15Reply