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Interviews are probably starting for those graduating in May and dress code is just such a “loose” word.

You’re already nervous. You’re still coming up with a fake “biggest weakness” [because you can’t say One Tree Hill marathons]. And the last thing you want to do is look down at your pants and think you’d much rather be in some leggings.

Your interview attire should give you confidence and you should look in the mirror and think, “Hope my boyfriend is taking me out on a date after because this blazer needs to be seen!” When I’m aiming for a reasonably priced, confidence boost I reach for Topshop. The cuts are amazing [however I do have to go up a size in most pieces] and make you feel like you spent a lot more than you did.

I pulled my favorite pieces to throw together an interview look and here are a few tips:

1. LBB

Your little black bag is key. I once read an article that said, “Your handbag you carry to an interview should be nice enough to show you have taste in decision making, but not so flashy that your interviewer thinks you don’t want need this job.” This LBB is my favorite when bringing together subdue and chic.

2. Lighten Up

You are not mourning. You are celebrating your strengths and what you can deliver. Don’t go head-to-toe black if you don’t have to. I completely understand if you are interviewing for a certain field that requires that, but formal business wear can still include white. Throw on a white blazer or invest in white slacks. If Olivia Pope can save the world in all white, so can you.

3. Lips Don’t Lie

Makeup for interviews can be tricky. You never know what the person will prefer, but I think it’s a moment to keep bronzer at bay. I say keep your face clean with a tinted moisturizer, mascara and throw on a red lip. A red lip says, “I may be fresh out of college, but I’m smart and I know who I am.” It’s a bold choice, but by keeping everything else simple it looks really powerful. Think Jenna Lyons. Mac Ruby Woo is my favorite!

Throw on your Topshop & relax. #Girlbosses don’t just get jobs, they own them.

Edit: I just wanted to clarify, if you know your job requires you to wear a suit, you of course wear a suit! This was a post done for most interviews in which you aren’t having to wear full-on formal business attire, i.e. marketing, communication, etc. 

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  1. Loved reading this post and I thought you offered so many great tips! I think it’s so easy to throw on all black to an interview, but I loved what you said about throwing in some color because it is true we need to look and feel confident. And you can never go wrong with a Ruby Woo lip!

    xoxo Nicole

    Published 26 Apr 15Reply
  2. Christine S. wrote:

    Some great pieces! If you are interviewing for a corporate job don’t wear white pants or blazers though, go with a traditional suit. I think this only works if you are interviewing at a more hip or modern company/position.

    Published 27 Apr 15Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      I completely agree! This was a post I did for girls who aren’t sure of what to wear because their work environment isn’t traditional: marketing, communication, recruiting, etc. Not a formal company where you know you have to wear a suit! haha.

      Published 27 Apr 15Reply
      • Christine S. wrote:

        Agreed! I only wish I could wear a white balzer to work 🙁

        Published 27 Apr 15Reply