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For Mother’s Day this year I really wanted to give my mom traditional pieces that had been updated in a chic manner. Moms are our favorite people to spoil and because they never want to treat themselves, I love to find timeless pieces with a fun take. You want her gift to withstand years of trends that will come and go. For example, this quilted bag is a closet staple, but with a more eclectic quit pattern. Another little trick I like to use is getting anything in a blue or white pattern. Call it preppy. Call it French. Call it whatever the heck you want, blue and white is a color combo that always remains, and so you know you’re giving you momma bear something she can use forever! If your mom feels like she is always running around and never has time to make her outfits feel pulled together, opt for the blazer! The cut is incredibly slimming, and because this brand runs small I would go one size up!

My mom and I also have a little tradition of getting each other “sunshine” gifts. She would sing, “You are My Sunshine” to me over and over in the mornings while she would curl my hair before school [and sometimes she did it in high school {I was lazy}]. Now anytime I see anything with a sun or the words “You are my Sunshine” I run to the counter acting like it’s Black Friday and 47 other girls are about to steal it from me. It’s our little unspoken, sentimental bond that I have to throw in each time I can.

I tried to cover every price point to make your shopping easy, and if you are like me you have to cover your siblings and dad too! Haha. #FirstBornProblems

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 8.47.31 PM

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  1. Loved this post! Great ideas!

    Madison Martine

    Published 20 Apr 15Reply
  2. Amberly wrote:

    I love the blue and white bowls! So classic and traditional!

    Published 20 Apr 15Reply
  3. kristen wrote:

    Hahaha, first born problems is definitely a thing! I’m always stuck with the impossible task to shop from everyone in the family for mom!

    Published 20 Apr 15Reply
  4. Love your picks Katey and lol about the FirstBornProblems! I can totally relate haha. Your mom is lucky you have such great taste


    Published 20 Apr 15Reply
  5. Love your Mother’s Day picks! We hope you can check out VelvetCrate, too. Fun, chic, and luxurious gift collections for her that are perfect for Mother’s Day!

    Published 23 Apr 15Reply