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The past year and a half of my life has really been dedicated to my career. I can’t tell you the last time I just “watched” a movie at night without having my e-mails out or typing away a new post. I’ve numbered goals by anything work related and my mindset has been a little bit more, “I’m really excited for next Friday because I will have completed that campaign, etc.”

I finally feel more comfortable in my career’s schedule and how to handle things. I have an assurance of who I am as a business woman and how I handle projects, so some priorities are shifting in my life. With Paul & I getting married I really want to take our first few years of marriage and complete goals together as opposed to just getting sucked into work black holes [which we both easily can].

One of my blog friend’s Mackenzie has this amazing concept of 101 in 1001. It’s a list of 101 things you complete in 1001 days. She is on her second list and I’ve always admired it! In college I remember skipping a class once to try and make my own list, but my goals back then were so different.


1. Make A on Spanish Final

2. Don’t die taking Spanish Final

3. Sleep after Spanish Final

I clearly let things consume me! 😉

Now that my priorities are so much different, I finally finished my list! I decided to share mine so you all could start one too, or let me know if you have completed any of mine!

Start Date: May 15th, 2015

Finish: February 9th, 2018


1. Marry Paul

2. Get a dog

3. Run a fun 5k

4. Find a new church for us in Fort Worth & join

5. Work out every day for 1 month

6. Try a spin class

7. Learn to cook 5 meals Paul likes

8. Find somewhere I can regularly volunteer

9. Plant a garden & don’t kill everything in it

10. Host a bible study for younger girls

11. Host a housewarming party at our new home

12. Drink only water for one month [R.I.P. Diet Coke]

13. Read 1 book a week for 1 month.

14. Go to bed at 10 p.m. every night for 2 weeks.

15. Do a bible study on the book of Revelations

16. Get my last name changed on all my documents


17. Create a strict work schedule & stick to it for 2 weeks.

18. Do more research on my blog demographic [i.e. Focus Groups]

19. Create videos for the blog

20. Learn how to work my new camera/lens

21. Have an office/closet “Cloffice”

22. Figure out the best editorial schedule & stick to it.

23. Take an Adobe class

24. Learn to edit videos

25. Computer off every day at 5 for two weeks

26. Go through the painful task of unsubscribing from junk mail

27. Feature 3 “How To” posts

28.Surprise a reader with a gift

29. Start a religious blog series

30. Don’t touch work during honeymoon

Family & Friends

31. Take a girls trip with my mom & sister

32. Run a 5k with my dad & sister

33. Attend a Tech Football game

34. Go to Tech & actually see where my future spouse went to college! haha.

35. Host a holiday at our home

36. Put together all of my Nana’s recipes

37. Go on my sister’s college tours

38. Take a girls’ trip

39. Try out a book club with girlfriends

40. Send flowers to someone just because

41. Take a calligraphy class with girlfriends

42. Host a themed brunch for friends

43. Make sure all wedding thank you notes are sent before Christmas

Dallas/Fort Worth

44. Go to all the Top 25 restaurants in Fort Worth [yes, please!]

45. Have a picnic [we had one for our engagement picture but never got to eat! haha]

46. Be cliché and eat at FiveSixty

47. Have a staycation

48. Have our new home photographed and published

49. Feed the giraffes at the Dallas Zoo

50. Visit the 6th floor museum

51. Go to the Blow Dry Bar [How have I not done this…]

52. Try the Beauty Bar

53. Dallas Flea Market

54. Go to 3 Diners, Drive Ins & Dives restaurants

55. Go Geocaching

56. Host a party at our home


57. Go to Europe

58. Take a vineyard trip

59.  Go to California

60. Take Paul to New York

61. Watch the sunrise & set in Maui

62. See Sleeping Beauty’s Castle [no judgement]

63. Go to Salt Lake City

64. Weekend getaway to New Orleans


65. Watch all the Harry Potter Movies

66. Try Microdermabrassion

67. Go one week with no heat on my hair [Scarrrrrry]

68. Eat an entire week off of Pinterest Meals

 69. Subscribe to my 3 favorite magazines

70. See 3 classic movies

71. Get back into tennis

72. Make Breakfast in Bed

73. Decorate our home for Christmas

74. Play Golf

75. Start SATC from beginning to end

76. Have a picnic.

77. Go wine tasting

78. Learn a litttttle bit of French

79. Organize my Pinterest recipes

80. Have window treatments I love made

81. Finish decorating our home

82. Send 5 “just because” letters

83. Renovate our kitchen

84. Hang Blue Plates in Kitchen

85. Finish this list [Completed May 15th, 2016]

86. Finish this list


87. Save $10 for every goal accomplished

88. Find the perfect every day bag

89. Invest in Sophia Webster shoes

90. Treat myself to Valentinos

91. Invest in a Slim Aarons print


92.  Get our Christmas Card List in order [#southernproblems]

93. Homemade Christmas Gifts this year

94. Do a 100 days of happy journal

95. Do 5 DIY Projects

96. Make homemade bread

97. Hide our TV cords

98. Make a scrapbook of our engagement/wedding [so cheesy!]

99. Have a font of my handwriting made

100. Grow my own tomatoes to make my own salsa

101. Learn to fold fitted sheets

Have you tried any of these?! Have a wonderful weekend, thank you so much for stopping by!

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  1. I love your list, and it has inspired me to make my own this weekend. I attended my first Tech football game in Lubbock last September, and had a BLAST! My boyfriend went to Tech, and loved showing me all of the places he enjoyed during his time there. A few places I would suggest are, Josie’s for breakfast tacos, Chimy’s for margaritas, nachos, and maybe a Dr. Pepper shootout, and Cap Rock for dinner. Also, I had the BEST hair days the weekend I was there since there was not a drop of humidity. Have a wonderful Friday!

    Published 15 May 15Reply
  2. This is honestly amazing! There is always so much ‘to-dos’ in the back of your mind or when you run across something and say “oh, I wanna do that!” but then never actually remember. I think I am going to crack down and create a list of my own 🙂 Great post, keep up the amazing work because I love following you!


    Published 15 May 15Reply
  3. Bianca wrote:

    Love this! You can check of inspire someone to make the list because I am making one this weekend!!Thank you 🙂 Out of all the things you have listed I have only done one thing which was visit the six floor museum.

    Published 15 May 15Reply
  4. Tasha wrote:

    I have had microdermabrasion done. It was pretty cool. I have ate at all the triple d restaurants in Dallas. I love this concept. I just have a bad habit of creating this list and not sticking to them. You will love New Orleans. Just go in March or April. Stay in the French Quarter. I learned French and Arabic in college. Way to go w your list.

    Published 15 May 15Reply
  5. Amanda wrote:

    Looks like you have a great 1001 days ahead! Minus not using heat for a week 😉

    XO Strawberry Chic

    Published 15 May 15Reply
  6. Eleni wrote:

    Katie, I love this idea! I always seem to make lists but then I never stick to them. I think the problem is that I always hide away my lists in notebooks and then of course you never have the list in front of you to be reminded of it. I think maybe the best way is to have it visible somewhere in your house like maybe pin it on your inspirational board? I will definitely be taking some items off your list and add them on my list. I also did #94 last year, but of course I gave up on it because I kept forgetting to add what made me happy on some days.lol.

    Eleni xo

    Published 15 May 15Reply
  7. Katie wrote:

    I love your list! My husband and I recently moved to ft worth too. I can’t wait to hear your reviews and see your outfit choices for these top 25 restaurants!!!

    Published 15 May 15Reply
  8. Lindsey wrote:

    I hope you can accomplish all of these! I just took my first calligraphy class a couple weeks ago and am obsessed. I need to learn a lot more though. I would love for you to do a religious blog seres! Got get ’em girl!! Xoxo

    Published 15 May 15Reply
  9. Brittney Beede wrote:

    If you are looking for a church in Fort Worth, you should come to the village church Fort Worth campus!! Matt chandler is the preacher and he is honestly amazing!!!! I feel like you would LOVE it there!!!

    Published 15 May 15Reply
    • Christine S. wrote:

      Same here! We just moved to Fort Worth and I love making my way through all the restaurants I read about and people recommend!

      Published 15 May 15Reply
  10. Jenny Nino Anewalt wrote:

    I have always loved Mackenzie’s lists & wanted to do one of my own! Now that you have I really feel the tug to write them down! Thank you for sharing these:) xo

    Published 15 May 15Reply
  11. Tessa wrote:

    OMG!!! I loved this! There were a few things on here that totally had me giggling. I am moving next week so I understand the wanting to try everything in your new town!! Hah. I’m so excited to have new restaurants and things to do because I have lived in my hometown for 22 years now! If you ever come to LA and need a tour guide, please let me know! I would love to give you some different things to do! So excited for you to get married. Following along on your blog and snapchat (ha) is getting ME excited for all the fun things to come. 🙂 best of luck, lady!!!
    xx, Tessa | www. abrunettewithbaggage.com

    Published 15 May 15Reply
  12. Kristen W. wrote:

    Learning how to fold a fitted sheet is SUCH a good one! I’ve been working on my second 101 in 1,001 for a while and I definitely need to add that to it. I currently just bundle them up and hope for the best. Getting a Christmas Card list in order wouldn’t be a bad idea either. You can never be too prepared, right?

    xxo, Kristen


    Published 15 May 15Reply
  13. Shelby wrote:

    Absolutely love this! You have inspired me to start making my own [mark that one off your list, girlfran!] I just graduated from Texas Tech and you have to go to Chimy’s! It is one of my favorite places in Lubbock. Also, I’m still a little girl at heart and have always wanted to do the Disney Princess 5K. Maybe that can fit your #3! 🙂

    Published 15 May 15Reply
  14. Cait wrote:

    The Valentino Rockstud Pumps are TOTALLY worth it. I have them in nude and wear them all of the time. They are also super comfortable (in terms of heels).

    Published 15 May 15Reply
  15. Megan wrote:

    Great idea! I think every young woman should do this. I love Triple D and think trying the restaurants you can access is a great plan. I had a series of microderm treatments done when I was 18 (26 now) to clear up some acne scars from my high school days. It is a bit painful…or maybe not so much painful as it is INTENSE but totally worth it because your left with practically virgin skin. No scars here! As for folding fitted sheets, I actually had to have my boyfriend teach me…and I am still trying to master it! Good luck with your list! Thank you for the inspiration.

    Published 15 May 15Reply
  16. Wylie Shepard wrote:

    I absolutely LOVE this Katey, you are such an inspiration! <3

    Published 15 May 15Reply
  17. Margo wrote:

    Your trip to New Orleans will be awesome!! DON’T LEAVE WITHOUT GETTING THE BEIGNETS!!

    Published 15 May 15Reply
  18. Rae wrote:

    I went to dinner at FiveSixty for my birthday! It was so fun!

    Published 15 May 15Reply
  19. God's Daughter wrote:

    Katey, I really loved this post. I hope you see this message. You are different from the rest of the other fashion bloggers because you provide substance. Also, I would love if you did a blog over religion or even a virtual religious platform. You have such a large platform that you haven’t even tapped into yet. God has greater for you. You are going to be great!!

    Published 15 May 15Reply
  20. Erin Gillean wrote:

    Love this! It has definitely inspired me to start my own list and have fun doing the items on it! When my husband and I got engaged I was living in Fort Worth and we started attending Christ Chapel off of Montgomery. We love this church and have been attending for the last 5 years! We have since moved to Aledo and now attend their West Campus. If you love a good worship band, their contemporary service is the best! I am not sure how they find all of these amazing singers and musicians!

    Published 15 May 15Reply
  21. Loved reading your list! Very ambitious and so exciting. I always think it’s great to think about and write down the goals we have for ourselves. I think I might make a list too! Thanks for sharing Katey 🙂

    xoxo Nicole


    Published 15 May 15Reply
  22. Love this post girl! If you’ve never tried unroll.me it’s a really quick way to clean up all of your junk emails. It worked wonders for me! And btw I’m 2 years into marriage and my Christmas card list still isn’t as neat and organized as I hope for. Carolina girl here!

    Published 16 May 15Reply
  23. Sami Mast wrote:

    Definitely going to make my own list on my blog! When you head out to California (and Sleeping Beauty’s Castle ;)) post because I would love to meet you! You’re such an inspiration both as a person and a blogger. Good luck with all your goals. Might steal a couple from you for my list!

    Sami || TheClassicBrunette.blogspot.com

    Published 16 May 15Reply
  24. I do this, too! I write monthly goals, and it truly helps me complete tasks that I don’t think I would have, had I not written them down. You would also LOVE Southern California! I’ve lived here my whole life and I could never leave. I seriously hope you are able to plan a trip out here to come see it! <3


    Published 16 May 15Reply
  25. Lindsay wrote:

    I love your goals and how specific you made them. Your travel goals sound so exciting!


    Published 17 May 15Reply
  26. Alyssa wrote:

    Definitely do not touch work on your honeymoon – I did, and I really regret it! It’s such a special time to just be the two of you together. Also, getting a dog is awesome. I highly recommend Southern Comforts Rescue which is just outside of Houston. That’s where we got our little guy!


    Published 18 May 15Reply
  27. This is such a unique and fun idea!! Love it!!

    The Teacup of Style

    Published 18 May 15Reply
  28. Jessica wrote:

    Katey – I love the idea behind this list! While some of these may seem so practical, most took a lot of time to come up with and will lead to great experiences and new adventures! Love that you stuck to your guns to complete writing your list and can’t wait to see how you do! AND PS – 1 week without heat on your hair is easy, I promise 🙂

    Published 23 May 15Reply