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In any meeting I ever have with a PR firm or brand, they always ask, “So what types of readers read your blog?”

I describe you all as Chronicles of Frivolity girls [those images totally inspire me about you all]. You are smart, independent, go-getters who are confident and can rock whatever makes your little hearts happy! Over the past two years I’ve had the privilege of meeting so many of you and with each girl I meet, you reaffirm my statement more and more.

Whether you are a smoke show mom to littles or in college navigating your sorority life, I love that you all know who you are.  Each girl I meet, have an e-mail interaction with or creep on instagram [I’m so guilty!] owns her style and it is such an amazing quality to have! Whether you rock pink lips every single day or are too busy for mascara, your confidence is what makes your look coveted.

With that being said, I never like to assume. You are all confident women [and men come here too! Hi guys!!] and so I love to do quarterly and yearly research on what you want. I did a focus group about a month ago and got some amazing feedback to take and run with. However, I know Fort Worth isn’t accessible to all of you, so I wanted to create a survey!

Feel free to enter and let me know your thoughts. It is only 10 questions, takes you 2 seconds and can really help guide my editorial and future campaigns. September will come with many changes [I’m going to be a wife!] and I’m already working on content through October so I can truly soak up that month. After I get back from my Honeymoon there are so many projects I will have in the works for you all, but I have to make sure they are what you want! 🙂 So if you have a second I would be so grateful if you could lend your opinion to me!

Link to the survey is here: Link

Thank you so much for your time and friendship you continually bless me with!

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  1. Abby wrote:

    Love this idea as a way of getting to know more about your readership 🙂

    XoXo One Stiletto At A Time

    Published 29 Jul 15Reply
  2. Love this!
    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

    Published 29 Jul 15Reply
  3. Annaliese wrote:

    I love the idea of a survey! I am a newer reader to your blog, but I love love love it! (And following your on Snapchat! 🙂 )

    xoxo A

    Published 29 Jul 15Reply
  4. Jaime wrote:

    You have that type of reader because you exude those same qualities. I love how you write and always own your looks! You’re definitely an inspiration!

    XO, Jaime

    Published 29 Jul 15Reply
  5. Nikki wrote:

    It was so hard to chose just one for some of the questions. I really love all the aspects of your blog!

    Published 29 Jul 15Reply
  6. Ann wrote:

    Did the survey — thanks for making it short :)!

    Published 30 Jul 15Reply
  7. Talia wrote:

    I am sure I am not your typical reader as I am a 50 year old professional, mother of two adult daughters! I did, however, want you to know how very much I enjoy your blog! Well done!

    Published 04 Aug 15Reply
  8. Erica wrote:

    That is such a great idea!!

    xo | The Fashion Forecast

    Published 04 Aug 15Reply
  9. Hillary wrote:

    I just love this what a great message. Uplifting and genuine as usual! 😉


    Published 12 Aug 15Reply
  10. Eleni wrote:

    Katey you are always so sweet and it shows not only through your posts, but also from email interactions too. You are always so transparent which is very rare nowadays. Thanks for being awesome!

    Eleni xo

    Published 20 Aug 15Reply