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Hi y’all! I thought with my wedding planning it would be fun to share a bride’s fit checklist! My first thought was my go-to girl, Mattie, from Fit Is Chic! Mattie shares how to make fitness a fun, glamorous part of your day that you actually look forward to, as well as lots of lifestyle tidbits in between! She’s taking over from here, I hope you all enjoy!

Although I’ve never been engaged, planned a wedding, nor been a bride, I am a woman. And I can only imagine the complete and utter chaos occurring all up in Katey’s brain right about now.
There’s the dress, there’s the bridesmaids, there’s the décor, there’s the vendors, there’s the CAKE (heelloooo super important), there’s the packing, the coordinating, the stressing, the parties, the pictures, the over-preparing, and the anxiety. Ohhhhh the anxiety.
But let us not forget the number one thing every bride worries about: FEELING COMFORTABLE, IN A BIKINI, ON THE HONEYMOON.
Comfortable, not flawless. Comfortable, sister! Ain’t nobody flawless; not even the VS models. So don’t stress yourself sick over looking perfect. Take a deep breath and remind yourself your husband-to-be loves you; and I can promise he couldn’t give two hoots less about you looking “perfect” in a bikini. In his eyes, you ARE perfect. So there’s that.
In light of Katey and Paul’s wedding happening in a little less than three months (#butterflies #omg), I’ve put together a little checklist for all of you brides out there.

The Fit Bride’s Checklist:

1. Watch your salt intake.
A low-sodium lifestyle will do you so many favors; but reeeeallly watch it the two weeks leading up to the wedding. You don’t want to feel bloated on your wedding day. Starting now, don’t over-salt your food, and read your labels! Sodium content is super sneaky.

2. Drink. more. water.
Not only will water help with your skin, it will help with your unwanted tummy bloat. You should be drinking at least 4 16 oz. water bottles per day.

3. Get your sleep.
For God’s sake, don’t stay up ’til 3 a.m. working on a seating chart. It can wait! You NEED your beauty rest…literally. Lack of sleep leads to overeating and less energy; and less energy leads to slacking on your workouts. Not worth it, babe.

4. Don’t go on a “wedding” diet.
You are just setting yourself up for failure. If you want to lose a few pounds to feel better in your dress, consider it a lifestyle change. It’s not a diet, it’s a change. Diets don’t last. Lifestyle changes do.

5. Incorporate strength training into your workouts.
Cardio is always a good idea; but adding weights to your workouts, at least twice a week, will up the ante!

6. Squat and plank, squat and plank, squat and plank.
I make all of my clients master these two exercises. Squats (with or without weight) will, without a doubt, reshape your derrière. For the better. And planks will give you incredible core strength. Plus, they suck your midsection in like a corset. Double win.

7. Don’t burn yourself out.
Going extra hard in the gym is great, but your body needs recovery time. Take one day of complete and total rest.

8. Enjoy life.
This is the most special and sacred time of your life to date. Don’t waste it trying to be “perfect.” Do your best, and the rest will come.

9. Relax.
Don’t pull your hair out, sister. YOU GOT THIS!

Kisses and best wishes to all of you beautiful brides.

Stay fit, friends! Xo


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[IS HER BODY NOT INSANE?! I’ll drink whatever water she is drinking! haha -Katey]

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  1. Kathleen wrote:

    Love all of these practical tips! Thanks for sharing!

    Published 12 Jul 15Reply
  2. Love this list! Definitely have to keep this one in mind

    Published 13 Jul 15Reply