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Skirt: Banana Republic | Top: Banana Republic | Bag: Prada, Similar | Shoes: Valentino, Similar | Necklace: Similar [get size 3xl on 18″ chain] | Lipstick: Liner [shade: Bittersweet] | Sunglasses: Ray Ban | Bracelets: Julie Vos [c/o], Hermes | Watch: Michael Kors

Photography by: Angie Garcia

I’m all about a flirty skirt, because you can wear them year round! Throw on some pumps or throw on tights and booties, they never let you down.

I picked this one up in Maui right before we headed to the airport. It was raining and we had about an hour to kill, so naturally I somehow convinced Paul we needed to run into Banana Republic.

So let’s get honest!

Two warnings about this skirt:

It’s sold out everywhere.

At BR you should always go down a size. I’m a 0 in their skirts and with that I still need some tailoring. [And I’m NO normal 0.] I grabbed a 2 which is all they had left and they went through their database and there wasn’t even a size 0 in the state of Texas available. So if you think you need I’d go ahead and order online. Because how the heck does Texas not have a 0?! Texas has everything! I went ahead and photographed the 2 before I got it tailored but I kept pulling it up and it just felt a bit more bulky.

Get a smaller size than you think you need.

Going off my first point, BR runs larger. Just got down one size or if you’re tall and get your true size you can pull it down for length! However, their shirts always size spot on and I thought this piece was perfect for fall. It has a little leopard texturing which adds some dimension to your look as opposed to just a plain old black blouse.

Two things I love about this look:

It’s an appropriate length.

The great thing about their sizing is that you can pull it down if it is a bit larger, so you can wear this to church or even work if you have a relaxed environment! I know if you’re tall you may steer clear of skirts and always feel like you’re pulling it down! But I think BR does this with their sizing because you can comfortably set it on your hips and have a flirty skirt that doesn’t cross the line of being two inches too short!

The texture works year round.

I immediately grabbed this and bought it in my wrong size knowing I could tailor just because the texture is so amazing. It’s a thick cotton that could work summer or fall. I go to NYC a lot in the winter and it’s so hard because I love to wear these skirts with tights à la Blair Waldorf. But thing summer minis are always freezing and this would keep you warm in any cool environment. 🙂

It’s also on sale with all sizes stocked so you can be sure to get the fit you need!

I hope you’re having a wonderful Friday and your weekend is amazing!XOXOKatey-2

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  1. Preeti wrote:

    i would’ve never guessed this look is BR! It’s so fun!

    xoxo, Preeti

    Published 16 Oct 15Reply
  2. Love that skirt!!! I love the two textures mixed!

    xox, Hope ||

    Published 16 Oct 15Reply
  3. I love the print mixing in this outfit! I’m always a fan of fit & flare skirts 🙂

    xx Kathryn

    Published 16 Oct 15Reply
  4. Where do you get your tailoring done? And how do you pick a good one? I always struggle with buying clothes to tailor later because if you pick the wrong tailor and they ruin it I would be hard broken! maybe you can do a post about this? Thanks for the help!

    Published 16 Oct 15Reply
  5. melissa wrote:

    Love that skirt! Super cute and fun!

    Published 16 Oct 15Reply
  6. Kathleen wrote:

    Beautiful combination. The print of your skirt is stunning!

    Published 18 Oct 15Reply
  7. LOVE the way you styled this outfit! <3

    Published 19 Oct 15Reply