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Dress: Zappos [c/o] | Boots: Stuart Weitzman, Similar [so much less pricey and they look the same!] | Bracelet: Zappos [c/o] | Bag: Zappos [c/o] | Necklace: Similar [get size 3XL on 18″ chain to match mine!] | Lipstick: Bella | Lipliner: Bittersweet

Photography by: Angie Garcia

I do 99.9% of my shopping online. And if I ever shop in person it’s typically because I was bored in between a meeting and thought running in a store would cure that boredom. $40 later I realized I should have just gone to Starbucks, spent $4.75 and sat like a normal, patient adult.

We all know the perks of shopping online: you can wear sweats, you don’t have to say, “Hi. Thank you! Yes, no, I’m just browsing. Oh, I’m good. Yes, I’ve seen that.” to a pushy associate and you don’t have to fight mall traffic on a Saturday.

But I get e-mails pretty frequently on how to find the best pieces online! Traditionally, retailers have way more product online than they do in store so searching through 47 pages of tops can be daunting. And who has the time?

My secret? Look to the curated style features on retailers’ websites. Zappos has a place called “The Style Room” where they have selections of contemporary, classic and designer fashion brands. So depending upon your personal style, you can just select a trend and your pieces are narrowed down. This is probably my favorite trick for finding a holiday party dress, and it’s how I pulled this look together!

I got to try shopping The Style Room with a gift card given to me by Zappos and pulled this look together. We have a few Christmas parties the next few weekends and I loved the darker hue of this green Free People dress. The Rebecca Minkoff crossbody was a little eclectic touch that I can easily pair with a casual weekend tee. I also got this Michael Kors cuff for the days I don’t want to pile on 14 bracelets. But to be honest, I just piled this one on all last week with my regular loot.

Another question I get a lot is return policies and customer service! If you have questions about the fit of pieces, Zappos’ has really great customer service that can help you and the best part? They have a 365 day return policy. Because you do NOT have time to go to the Post Office during the holidays. I repeat, don’t go. I went today and it took me an hour and fifteen minutes to mail a package the size of my pinky. Not okay.

Do you have any tricks for online shopping?! Because I promise you, unless a store starts handing me a Diet Coke and pair of sweat pants, I’m always loyal to the “add to cart” button.


Brought to you by Zappos. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Love this! I’m the exact same way — online shopping is the way to go! I wasn’t aware of Zappo’s “The Style Room” but I’ll have to give this a try.

    xx Kathryn

    Published 15 Dec 15Reply
  2. Love your boots!

    Kisses from

    Published 15 Dec 15Reply
  3. Virginia wrote:

    I absolutely love that dress! Such a pretty color on you & it is perfect for the holidays!

    Published 15 Dec 15Reply
  4. Courtney wrote:

    I’m with you Katey! As long as I know the return policy and am familiar with their sizing, I just shop online! And if I have to make a return, that’s what my 3rd floor mail room is for at work! 🙂

    Published 15 Dec 15Reply
  5. The color of your dress is so pretty! <3

    Published 15 Dec 15Reply
  6. Nicolette wrote:

    I absolutely love your posts! Such good tips!

    Published 15 Dec 15Reply