Drugstore Lipstick Dupes

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I love a good drugstore run. Anytime I have to pick up a prescription I’m always secretly excited to go wander the aisles looking at makeup under $20.

My favorite thing to pick up at a drugstore is obviously lipstick. 😉 I’m sure you could already guess from this Texas girl, but I love testing shades out on drugstore lipstick! If I want to get a deep plum or something I don’t typically wear a lot I like to head to CVS or Walgreens first to find a dupe! That way if I don’t love the color or don’t wear it a lot, I didn’t waste a lot of money. My other favorite kind of lipstick to get at the drugstore is nudes! I swear I have found my best nude lipsticks at the drugstore because they are really creamy and glossy as opposed to matte. Because sometimes MAC Myth just makes my lips look like a stale pancake that is cracking. #TMI

[Trick to not look dead wearing nude lipstick, use Chanel lipliner in Natural before you apply! I swear this is the best nude lipliner and gives your lips such dimension! I’ve also had mine for over a year and I don’t have to repurchase anytime soon so you get your money’s worth!]

I wanted to share a list of my favorite lipsticks and the drugstore dupes in case you want to try them out! Disclaimer, drugstore lipstick isn’t as lasting [you’ll go through a tube in a month! Whereas, my YSL lasts me 4 or 5 months.] and formulations can tend to show imperfections [dry lips] more easily than say department store brands. So I do like to invest in my daily shades at department stores, but if you are unsure of a shade or don’t want to spend the money CVS is where it is at, girlfriend!

And while you’re at it, go ahead and pick up the Wet N Wild bronzer. That stuff is SO fragile. Every time I get it, I break it within a week, but if you can treat it like the sweet newborn infant it is, it’s one of the best ones on the market!


And then a few extras! If you love my bright pinks here are some I love that are really com probably to Anastasia Bambi or my YSL Fuchsia Innocent:

Wet n Wild Dollhouse Pink

Wet n Wild Megalast Click on my Hyperpink

Maybellie Colorblast Pink Insanity

And if you love MAC Myth try Rimmel 113

I hope this helps make your next drugstore run a little more fun! Below are also my favorite department store shades in case you want to invest!


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  1. Kelcie wrote:

    Love this!!! You should do more of these 🙂

    Published 11 Jan 16Reply
  2. Chottie wrote:

    Oh my gosh, this is such a helpful post! I’m all about finding a good dupe, so this is perfect! Thanks for sharing:)


    Published 11 Jan 16Reply
  3. Clarissa wrote:

    Just pinned the heck out of this! LOVE posts like this. I always do a nude lip because I am a lip newbie (unless it’s a special occasion) so I love the drugstore brands for testing out how I feel about color!!

    Published 11 Jan 16Reply
  4. This is such a cute post – I absolutely love it!! Excited to try out a couple of these drugstore finds

    xo Laura Leigh

    Published 11 Jan 16Reply
  5. Irina wrote:

    I love the Wet N Wild bronzer! I am super pale and pile that stuff on like it’s going out of style. It lasts me such a long time and I always get compliments. Plus it’s like 3 bucks which is amazing.

    Published 11 Jan 16Reply
  6. Lexie wrote:

    Love this! I don’t have a good department store where I live, so I typically have to make due with dupes, especially if I’m in a pinch! This will be great to have to make the most of my local drug store products.

    Published 11 Jan 16Reply
  7. Kat wrote:

    Great post Katy I love all your post this one defiantly is one my favorite but I enjoy everything you post xoxo

    Published 11 Jan 16Reply
  8. Such an amazing post!! It’s always the worst thing to try to find a drugstore lipstick that you actually like! Love this! XO


    Published 11 Jan 16Reply
  9. Michelle wrote:

    Great post Katey! I’m the exact same, I never leave the drug store with just my medicine… somehow a nail polish or lip stick or bag of oreos makes it into my cart! 😉

    Published 12 Jan 16Reply
  10. Sami wrote:

    I LOVE makeup dupes, especially lipstick! It’s probably the one thing I use more than my everyday mascara, and really makes or breaks an outfit!


    Published 16 Jan 16Reply