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I’ve made it to the middle of Whole 30! I have not yet died of cravings and I have not yet found a good coconut substitute for creamer. Go figure. Coffeemate Sugar Cookie Creamer can’t be beat by blended coconut oil. 😉

I’ll share a few pros and cons along with what I’ve been living off of!

Pros of Whole 30:

1. I cheated and got on the scale. Whole 30 says you can’t, but it was honestly the thing that kept me from grabbing a class of Cabernet one Saturday night with Paul. If that kept me from cheating, so be it! I’d lost weight and while I’m not doing Whole 30 for that purpose, it was a tangible sign that this is working.

2. Cooking at home hasn’t been bad at all. I don’t really crave pasta or anything like that anymore! So much so, that I’ve gone on a rant to Paul about how I think we will eat Paleo at home and not stress about it when we go out. I’ve pinned up a storm of Paleo desserts and am excited to continue what I’ve learned even after the 30 days.

3. I’m starting to not get enticed by normalcies at restaurants. I just order a house salad with no cheese and oil and vinegar on the side, but I do notice what others eat. I see things I’d typically reach for [chips, bread, cheese] and I get a little surprised at quantities! This isn’t to say I won’t have those things in the future [I WILL getting my rear end to Uncle Julio’s for some Queso] but I’m not really enticed by it as much as I used to be! I was eating with Paul and noticed how long we eat chips and salsa before our meal comes and I was actually shocked. This is a huge step for my mind because I love chips and salsa more than any Texan you’ll ever meet! But I think I have a different mindset about portions and when you need to eat vs. when you want to eat.

4. I got a lot of energy around days 10-13! I deep cleaned, I organized, I purged, I finished all of my taxes, I got ahead on my e-mails and I finished out contracts that typically take me forever. However, that energy did go away. Maybe I did plateau. Maybe I stayed up too late, but it did eventually subside. I haven’t really noticed an insane level of energy the last few days either, but I will say I got that crazy energy within the first 10 days so I guess my body adjusted.

5. The crankiness is completely gone! At this point I joke with my friends that you just accept that eating this way 24/7 stinks and get over it! haha! It’s a huge attitude thing and I’m over being consumed by what I will eat next. I made batches of soup and Whole 30 chili, freezed them and that really cut back on dish washing time! I was able to not have to cook for lunch most days and that freed up a lot of my time. 🙂

Cons of Whole 30:

1. Eating out is still a huge hassle. My mom was a little upset I couldn’t eat the Valentine’s Day cookies she got for me and my dad didn’t understand why I couldn’t have a Bloody Mary for brunch last weekend. I feel like such a diva asking friends if we can go to specific places because I know I can get a house salad there. It’s a bit much, but I know it will be over soon and once it is over I’m not going to stress about going out to eat. I’ll have a glass of Cab and I’ll eat what is available. My birthday dinner has also been a HUGE issue. My sister and dad are headed to Africa for a mission trip the week of my birthday so my family wanted to eat February 28th. I said that was fine but we couldn’t do cake or anything, so they were a little confused. Sure, I could have just quit by day 28 but at this point I’ve come so far! So now we are celebrating at the end of March. haha!

2. They say you’re an energizer bunny at this point, but days 14-17 I was exhausted. I took the longest nap on Valentine’s Day and the Monday after I was worthless for work. I was constantly yawning and felt sick without the “sick” symptoms, if that makes sense! I honestly think this is because I’m not having coffee and my “excitement” has worn off.

3. I felt like I ruined our first Valentine’s Day. Paul wanted to do a cheese board, I couldn’t. I couldn’t really eat much at brunch with our family. We couldn’t go on a date. We couldn’t share a bottle of wine. That might sound silly to some, but Dallas spends more money on eating out than any other place in America. haha! So it’s definitely the culture here and I felt bad asking him if we could just cook at home. It was still sweet and I loved being at home, but the queen of homebodies is ready to be out and about! Paul even begged me last Friday to quit so we could do something fun. If you’ve done Whole 30 I think you totally understand this phase. It isn’t that you don’t have willpower, it’s just not enticing to go to a wine bar and have water the entire time.

4. I will be honest and say this is more expensive to eat this way! Our grocery bill has definitely increased, but this isn’t necessarily a con to everyone. I feel more comfortable knowing I’m eating lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, however I do want to mention you may want to save more in your grocery budget if you choose to do Whole 30!

Tricks That Have Helped:

-La Croix with frozen grapes has been what I’ve drank when friends have been over for wine. It’s fizzy and not relaxing like wine, but it’s something to sip on other than water!

-Cashew Cookie Larabars are my saving grace when I have an extreme sweet tooth!

Here are the approved ones, but still be sure to read the labels!


-I make little jars of carrots, almonds and grapes. Those curb my cravings and I can easily throw a bag in my purse if I’m going to be out and about during a meal.

-I get lots of e-mails about recipes I make and I will be honest, that eventually you just stick to the Whole 30 grocery list [here] and you make up as you go. Chicken, approved chicken stock and veggies? You have soup for a week. Ground turkey, eggs and veggies? You’ve got a stir fry. The first week I exhausted myself looking up recipes and now I just throw what we have in a pot and honestly, Paul likes it better! haha.

Favorite Meals:

Breakfast: These egg muffins lasted me an entire week of not having to cook breakfast! I typically hate egg muffins, the smell/taste makes my stomach turn. But these have sundried tomatoes and honestly fight strong pizza cravings! I also have found that black coffee is completely fine! I thought I couldn’t do it, but we have a nespresso so the coffee is extremely stout. I’ve just been getting my black coffee at Starbucks and at this point it tastes like water. haha. Hard boiled eggs and approved chicken sausage has been an easy weekend breakfast, too! Trader Joe’s has most of the approved meats if you have one close by.

Lunch: I made this chicken tortilla soup a week in advance and froze enough for all my lunches! We got a grill recently, so Paul just grilled me a lot of chicken and I throw them on salads. The dressing I make is: olive oil, lemon juice, clove of garlic and Annie’s [approved brand] dijon mustard. Blend in food processor for a few seconds.

Dinner: This is what we made for Valentine’s Day and Paul loved it! I added in a lot of extra vegetables like Kale and Mushrooms and it still tasted great. For most dinners I have just sautéed eggs, kale, mushrooms, tomatoes [let them sauté in the garlic before you cook anything else it will make a great sauce], bell peppers with sea salt and pepper.

Have you tried Whole 30?! Thanks so much for stopping by!


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  1. Alex wrote:

    I am planning on starting whole 30 this weekend so this was SO helpful! Overall, are you glad you did it? Would you recommend it so far?

    Also, Are you planning on reuntudicing dairy and gluten and seeing how your body reacts? Let us know!:)

    Published 23 Feb 16Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      I’m definitely glad I did it! I think I wouldn’t really have any cons if I wasn’t married! Haha. Just because I feel guilty determining what Paul eats since I cook/being the reason we can’t go on fun dates. I think gluten is what makes me feel the most sick [just because my mom is intolerant], but I’m going to reintroduce that and dairy in separate meals to see what makes me feel that way! Xo

      Published 23 Feb 16Reply
      • Alex wrote:

        Lol i have somehow convinced my fiancé to do it with me, he doesn’t know what he’s in for!! ?

        Published 23 Feb 16Reply
  2. Liz wrote:

    Hi Katey! I loved this outfit when you posted to instagram 🙂 Do you recommend purchasing the shorts in my regular size, or sizing down? I don’t like to wear them too tight. Thanks!

    Published 23 Feb 16Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Size down! These shorts are oversized already! I don’t like right shorts either but they run so big! Xo

      Published 23 Feb 16Reply
      • Liz wrote:

        Thank you!! <3 <3 I'm also thinking of doing Whole 30 next month and your posts/snapchats have been so helpful! Have a great day!

        Published 23 Feb 16Reply
  3. Hannah wrote:

    Good for you for staying so strong through this period! You’re almost there! I haven’t decided if I am going to do it or not. I mostly follow Kimberly Snyder The Beauty Detox. She is a celebrity trainer and her whole philosophy is eating for beauty. You might enjoy it! But keep up the good work!
    Glam Life Living


    Published 23 Feb 16Reply
  4. Valorie wrote:

    I was so in awe of whole30 and totally convinced it wasn’t my thing… but something about your posting and honesty made me
    feel like it might be do-able! Thank you for sharing! Have you noticed any skin benefits, any mental clarity, or any improvement in your ability to fall asleep right away and wake up feeling really rested? Also…do you feel comfortable sharing how much you’ve lost? I feel like the average for all the women’s videos and blogs I’ve read is about 10 lbs but it sounded like you’d already lost more than 5 (only halfway through!) from your snapchat? Thank you again for sharing your journey! I start March 1st and I’m so excited/nervous!

    Published 23 Feb 16Reply
  5. Maria wrote:

    Your posts on the whole 30 inspired me to do the program, and also force my husband to join in! 😉

    I am one who gets really stressed about figuring out meal plans, and was very happy to find that the official Whole 30 book includeso TONS of recipes! I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to start the program, it takes all of the guess work out of whether or not a meal is approved when you follow to the T. The book is available on amazon for only $18.

    Published 23 Feb 16Reply
  6. You have some serious willpower! I totally get the frustrations when going out to eat, feeling like you’re being a diva, other people not understanding… that’s so tough! So impressed that you’re tackling this with such gumption and determination AND that you’re being honest to your readers throughout it. Go girl!


    Published 23 Feb 16Reply
  7. Janna wrote:

    Good for you for sticking with the program! I started Whole30 February 1st but I went into it knowing that I was going to have a glass of wine a couple nights per week. I’ve lost 6 pounds and cravings have pretty much disappeared! When I want something sweet I have a few cuties – those things are awesome! I’m finding tons of great recipes online. I eat a lot of chicken, fish, beef, veggies and fruits. My dinners are not boring. Very easy to adapt for my husband – I just give him pasta, rice or bread along with whatever I make. I feel great! It was easier than I thought.

    Published 23 Feb 16Reply
  8. Love reading your update! It’s so nice to throw some larabars in your purse and know you’re not stuck making a bad choice when you get hungry during the day! Great reminder and love the recap! xo


    Published 23 Feb 16Reply
  9. Ashlyn wrote:

    I did Whole 30 last August and loved how I felt afterwards. It definitely makes you more aware of how much junk is in a lot of the food we eat. I think what you are planning to do after Whole 30 is great – paleo at home and not worrying about it as much when you go out. It’s all about balance! I frequented http://stupideasypaleo.com/ for some yummy Whole 30 approved recipes if you want to change it up a bit!

    Published 23 Feb 16Reply
  10. Kathryn wrote:

    You’re tempting me to give Whole 30 a try!!

    xx Kathryn

    Published 23 Feb 16Reply
  11. Jaclyn wrote:

    Thank you for posting! I’m at Day 8 currently and I have used your first update as a guide . I finally got my energy back yesterday. And I hope it stays ?. I’m a nurse and my cons include having to eat such a big breakfast so early and also always packing my lunches at night . Thank you for the inspiration!,

    Published 23 Feb 16Reply
    • Alex wrote:

      Hey! I read your comment and I’m a nurse too! I don’t like the idea of having a big breakfast early either. I’m starting whole 30 this week and I’m planning on having just one hard boiled egg and some fruit for breakfast. That way I can bring it with me to work and eat it when I have some free time in the morning!:)

      Published 24 Feb 16Reply
  12. Julia wrote:

    How hAve your lupus symptoms been?

    I have Hashimotos (causes hypothyroidism along with other minor issues) and do find too much gluten, dairy or sugar cause myou symptoms to spike.

    That being said, and adding that I am a dance coach, would this be 100% worth it, or attempting to go straight for paleo a more realistic and tangible goal?

    Published 24 Feb 16Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      I haven’t had any symptoms which have been great! However, my symptoms don’t occur day to day since I’m in remission! They more so flare up every 2 months! So we shall see. I don’t think it’s 100% realistic being a dance coach. I would do paleo that way you can have a few more things and make things with almond flour, etc.! I was telling my friend earlier I think Whole 30 is great for about 2 weeks if you already eat clean and then after that it’s just not as noticeable!

      Published 24 Feb 16Reply
  13. Rachel O'Brien wrote:

    I thought the comment about your mom being upset you couldn’t eat the VD cookies was funny. Do you remember, years ago, when she did that crazy strict diet? She lost weight but lived on grilled fish and lettuce w/lemon juice squeezed on it. She was not eating cookies of any sort. We would walk together almost every night. Good times!

    Published 26 Feb 16Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Yes!!! Haha! I totally remember that! I’m like, “Mom, you brought salad to friend’s houses when they cooked dinner!!!” So funny!

      Published 26 Feb 16Reply
  14. Cynthia wrote:

    I try to eat clean as a general practice, but have let myself slip since the holidays. I feel so much better without dairy, gluten, and (my weakness) sugar. Since my doctor told me eating clean will lessen my fibromyalgia flares, it’s back on the wagon for me. Thanks for the inspiration to get back with it!


    Published 08 Mar 16Reply
  15. alyssa wrote:

    quick question about the larabars..ie: the cashew cookie is obviously DELISH! but it has 18g of sugar and your not supposed to have any g of sugar.. or did you just do no ADDED sugars?

    starting whole30 sunday!!

    Published 15 Jun 16Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Alyssa!

      It’s a natural sugar because it comes from the dates, and it’s nothing added so it’s just like eating a lot of strawberries! With the fruit on whole 30 you get your natural sugar for energy! It’s totally fine unless you don’t want that, I also love the lemon one! They just don’t want you having the added or unnatural sugar!



      Published 15 Jun 16Reply
  16. Shilpa wrote:

    All you links labeled “here”, “this” etc don’t work 🙁

    Published 13 Feb 18Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Shilpa! What links are you not able to see? I just checked and the links work on my end except for the dinner recipe. I guess that website deleted their web page! 🙁



      Published 13 Feb 18Reply