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It’s no secret one of my favorite color combos is pink and white, which was pretty obvious from yesterday’s post. 😉

Maybe it is because my mom gave me a gender neutral nursery, and I never got to live out that pink baby dream. ha! She says yellow and green was all the rage. Do y’all see me wearing green now?! Nope! I mostly think it is because I love extremes. I love sweet, feminine detailing and then I love an all black, edgy ensemble complete with some Rockstud heels. Something about extremity equals confidence in my mind, and while I love to keep a 1 part edgy, 1 part girly dressing rule, I want those parts to stay true to their theme. I’m not all that comfortable in jeans and a v-neck, it’s a bit too middle of the road for my taste.

Shopbop’s sale is ending soon *cue Adele song* so I wanted to round up a few of my last minute feminine favorites! I stuck to a pink and white theme because even if you don’t identify as a girly girl, these pieces can really soften your wardrobe with warmer temperatures.

Be sure to enter code: BIGEVENT16 at checkout! Browse more of the sale here.

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  1. Hahaha, that’s too funny! I didn’t have that pastel pink room either, so now I am all about that color and want to wear it or use it as a decor color all the time! lol

    Published 03 Mar 16Reply
  2. Ann-Louise wrote:

    Love all these picks! Want them all! Love your style!

    Published 03 Mar 16Reply