Reasons to be in Texas

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Dress: Eliza J [c/o] | Shoes: Valentino, DupeDupe | Lipstick: Lilac | Bag: Prada, Similar | Necklace: Similar

Photography by: Angie Garcia


Happy Monday! Sadly, we are headed back after a weekend that went by way too quickly!

When Paul and I first started dating he had to be in Chicago for work a bit so I’d come up there and we had so much fun. I’ve always had this desire to live in a really fast-paced environment. I’m a huge homebody, but I love to do everything quickly. My parents joke that they hate going with me to New York because I’m already 4 blocks ahead while they are still deciding the next place to head to. I’d tell Paul I always wanted to live in NYC for a year or two and we seriously thought about it. We thought it would be the perfect place when we got married. [We talked marriage really early, like second date early. Do as I say, not as I do?! 😉 ]

My parents knew we always wanted to do that, but when we got engaged and house hunted it just didn’t feel right. He had job offers in both areas, and I could easily work in both cities, but I’m just so close with my family. Unless I could pick my family up and move them next door it just wasn’t worth it at that time. Family over zip code was how we felt.

This isn’t to say we wouldn’t do it in the future, but for now we love living in Fort Worth. But being in this environment for a few days was so refreshing and inspires me in the best way.

Yet, there are a few reality checks I have when knowing why I love Texas:

GOOD Mexican food, friends, “y’all”, friendliness and being able to wear little dresses 9 out of the 12 months.

I pulled this dress for some weddings this summer and the pastel blues made me feel extra feminine. It fits true to size [I have on a 2 Petite for size reference, but I also have regular in her sizing and it isn’t much of a difference] and I think it’s the ultimate warm-weather dress when you want to feel girly.

So for now I’ll take a southern zip code and little sundresses and wait for blizzards and a city of speed walkers.


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  1. Chottie wrote:

    I absolutely love these colors on you! It’s the perfect outfit for the beginning of spring:) Loved following your NYC trip on snapchat!


    Published 21 Mar 16Reply
  2. Libby wrote:

    I love the blue and white together! And Texas weather sounds pretty amazing right now – we’re expecting a SNOW storm in Iowa this week!

    Stylin’ Iowan Blog

    Published 21 Mar 16Reply
  3. Kathryn wrote:

    Your dress is beautiful!

    xx Kathryn

    Published 21 Mar 16Reply
  4. Rachel wrote:

    MY husband and I just moved here from NC so I can relate so much to this post!! We debated for so long (after we ran away and got married in Central Park). While I do love it here, I know we will end up back in NC with family. Such a tough toss up, but I do love both sides!

    Published 21 Mar 16Reply
  5. This dress is gorgeous! Seriously one of my favorites ever – also love the handbag with this

    xo Laura Leigh

    Published 21 Mar 16Reply
  6. Veronica wrote:

    It looked like y’all had a great time together in NYC!! It so funny how Mexican food is so vital!! and a rare find!! On our trip to Hawaii I was like, I could totally move here, except I need my favorite TexMex place to also move with us 🙂 that was the first place we went to eat the night we got home! #priorities

    Love this dress!!! Thanks for sharing your adventures with us 🙂


    Published 21 Mar 16Reply
  7. I love living in a fast paced environment. I live in LA, and although it’s not AS fast paced as NY, I think it’s the perfect type of “fast-paced” for me. Plus, being able to wear dresses 9 out of the 12 months here like you get to in Texas! 🙂

    Published 21 Mar 16Reply
  8. Amanda wrote:

    Such a cute look for Spring.
    I would love to live in NYC, but for now I’ll settle for just a fun weekend trip like you did! 🙂

    Published 21 Mar 16Reply
  9. Love this dress and love being in Texas! 🙂

    Published 21 Mar 16Reply
  10. this dress is sooo fabulous on you!! So chic…perfect for weddings or bridal showers coming up!! Love that you love wher eyou live…and glad you had a ball in NYC!


    Published 21 Mar 16Reply
  11. This Eliza J dress is so darling, I just love it! I adore it so much on you, I featured you as inspiration in my post on Easter Sunday Best today! Also, speaking of Texas… just emailed you 🙂


    Published 21 Mar 16Reply
  12. We’re considering a major relocation of my husband’s business to Texas in the next year or so and it’s a little daunting but the thought of being able to wear dresses and warm weather clothes more sounds awesome! Especially after we got 18″ of snow last week…blah.

    Published 30 Mar 16Reply