Bold, Pink Dress

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Dress: French Connection | Shoes: Zara, Similar | Bag: Prada, Similar | Bracelets: David Yurman | Watch: Michele | Sunglasses: Prada | Lipstick: Neon Azalea

Photography by: Angie Garcia

Give me a loud print and bell sleeves and I’m headed to the register faster than my feet can even walk. It’s a comfortable look for me, that never gets old. I could wear this dress 47 times and I won’t second guess myself when I put it on for a 48th.

I actually purchased this dress while Paul and I were in NYC and I immediately knew it would be my new meeting dress. I’m very lucky and get to wear prints to work and it be 100% okay, but I do still have to dress up. Knowing this dress combined my two favorite elements meant I’d feel comfortable in any meeting, even though I’m a serious introvert.

It fits true to size, but if you are in between sizes go up one size! This brand can sometimes run a bit smaller than traditional sizing.

Lastly, I wanted to give a Whole 30 update. Finishing Whole 30, I was over it. I just wanted a class of Cabernet so stinkin’ bad while I watched an episode of Fixer Upper supporting my BFF, Joanna. #IWish

Whole 30 completely changes your metabolism. Women fluctuate. From hormones to stress and changing up workout routines, I felt like I was always within a 3 pound range. And not that that matters, I mean it’s a scale. Who cares?! But I always wondered why my body was so sensitive to eating a breadstick or even a cookie.

I’ve been off Whole 30 for a month, and I’ve weighed the same exact weight every day since the day I got off. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing, but I can’t help but think it means my body is balanced and has a routine down. We eat clean in our home and I have incorporated paleo treats, including some gluten-free bread when necessary [not paleo, but I love avocado toast!]. I found gluten was the hardest to reintroduce. In NYC I just felt full all the time and swollen [after eating bread!] and it was hard for me to eat the portions I normally do. But I do have chips and guac, wine or chocolate when we go out to eat. However, it hasn’t affected how I feel or my weight, because I think my body feels great from what I put into it 90% of the time.

I don’t like talking about weight or fluctuation, because I just think it doesn’t matter! I put more emphasis on the types of food we eat and my work outs. However, I did want to share this because at the end of Whole 30 I thought if I ate a doughnut I’d be so swollen and my body would freak out. Granted, if I have bread heavy things like bread baskets and pizza [#NewYork] I do feel that way. But if I just have one I feel completely fine and my body doesn’t fluctuate like it used to.

I just wanted to give that follow up for girls curious or in the same boat as me during Whole 30! You eat so clean for 30 days and it can be stressful not wanting to put all the damage back in your body with wine, cheese, sugar. Since Whole 30, I’m not a fan of dairy. I’ll pick at a cheese board, but I haven’t had queso. HELLO, WORLD I haven’t had queso in almost 75 days. This is unheard of. But I don’t want it, at all. I also can’t do coffee creamer or regular milk. Of course I can have butter in desserts, but if Paul accidentally gets me a vanilla latte from Starbucks I can’t do more than a sip without getting nauseous. Gluten-free bread has been amazing [Udi’s is my favorite! I get it at Target or any other grocery store]. Sugar was what I missed most, but I just stick to dark chocolate pieces every few days!

This shake seriously fights any craving I have:

1 Banana

1/2 Cup Coconut Milk


2TBS Cacao Powder [paleo friendly!]

Almond Butter [read label and make sure it’s just almonds and water

Did you ever try Whole 30?! What were you results after!


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  1. Ciara wrote:

    Super cute dress and sunnies! I’ve never tried Whole 30 but some of my friends love it! Thank you for this shake recipe – I can’t wait to try it!

    Published 05 Apr 16Reply
  2. Melanie wrote:

    I love your bag, its a great colour :-*

    Melanie /

    Published 05 Apr 16Reply
  3. This dress is so fabulous!! Also excited to try out this recipe. I’m about to be in super health mode for my wedding so this will be a wonderful addition to my healthy eating

    xo Laura Leigh

    Published 05 Apr 16Reply
  4. Alex wrote:

    Yay thank you for posting this!
    First of all, I currently have such a rediculous obsession with bell sleeves, so I love everything about this!!
    Second, I did whole 30(thanks to your inspiration!:)) and other than day 2 (which literally made me want to kill myself) it was great!! I’m actually in the process of starting a blog where I’ll talk more about it!
    But my digestive system workes so much better now!! however if I eat a lot of cake and bread (like I did on Easter) I feel super bloated the next day. The cool thing is if I eat whole 30 for one or two days I feel great again. I lost about 6lbs. However my fiancé lost 15 lbs(super annoying, he didn’t even need to). I think my weight has probably fluctuated since, so I’m super jealous that doesn’t happen to you!
    I still have cravings at night, so I’ll have to try that shake. Do you have it for breakfast or more like a snack?

    Ps I truly look forward to reading your blog every day! We have too much in common and I completely relate to your love for Jesus and your introvert personality!

    I’m a nurse and I’m working the night of your blogger event or else I would be there! Let me know in an email if we could ever meet up some other time! I’d love to take you to lunch!!


    Published 05 Apr 16Reply
  5. Jaclyn wrote:

    Thank you so much for the Whole 30 update! Please do another again in a few months. It’s been a month since I finished and I actually had the hardest time readjusting to being able to eat whatever I wanted (within reason). I had such guilt it was ridiculous! I just got home from my college reunion where I ate horribly-yikes- but I’m back on the bandwagon today. But my weight has not changed either and I was so happy about that. I will definitely do it again in the future when I need a jump start, but in the mean time I’m enjoying my clothes fitting better?

    Published 05 Apr 16Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Jaclyn!

      Isn’t the guilt crazy!? I still get it!! Last night Paul wanted to get ice cream and for 30 minutes I argued in my head about it! But then I was like, “Okay, Katey. Get it. Chill out.” haha! I think because we analyzed food so intensely! lol



      Published 05 Apr 16Reply
  6. Sami wrote:

    I just started Whole 30 on the 1st, so I’m on day 5 right now. I’m in the anger phase right now on the timeline and it hit me pretty hard earlier today (I angry texted my roommates about putting our knives in the right drawers lol!). The hardest part so far has just been finding the time to really prep meals. Maybe it’s the laziness in me, but I get so tired of cooking all the time! Finding compliant ingredients was a lot easier than I thought it would be, thank god for Whole Foods! I’m doing this with my roommate and we both noticed just how much sugar is in everything! Even in things you wouldn’t think there would be sugar in, it’s ridiculous. I can’t wait to hit the Tiger Blood phase since right now I’m definitely having lots of food cravings!!!


    Published 05 Apr 16Reply
    • Holly Wells wrote:

      To relieve the stress of cooking, you should try snap kitchen! It’s a mini Eatzi’s but a healthy version! Ask for their whole 30 approved list. It’s fantastic because each meal comes with the calorie count, which is such a plus for me! It also comes in small, medium, or large portions. I usually buy the medium for lunches and smaller portions for dinner. This allows me to not go to bed with a full tummy and be able to burn the calories instead of sleeping with them :). The meals come in a microwave and dishwasher safe container that’s reusable! Hope this helps! It helped me because I’m not a fan of meal prepping.

      -Holly Wells

      Published 05 Apr 16Reply
  7. Samantha wrote:

    You need to try canyon bakery bread! It’s incredible and you can get it at sprouts!

    Published 05 Apr 16Reply
  8. Brittany wrote:

    Katey- I loved reading your recap of the Whole 30. I have purchased the Whole 30 cookbook to help with recipes when I start. I have already made a few of them, I’m looking forward to it! It’s very encouraging to hear about your experience.

    Published 06 Apr 16Reply