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Bedding: This Post | Dress: Free People | Sandals: Sam Edelman | Dog Bowl: Henri Bendel [c/o] | Collar: Henri Bendel [c/o] | Leash: Henri Bendel [c/o] | Toys: Henri Bendel [c/o] |

Photography by: Angie Garcia

Happy 4th of July!

Can I be honest? Sometimes I get “blogger guilt.”

Like mom guilt, but more silly. I feel guilty sometimes when I don’t have these perfectly contrived posts related to holidays. And the 4th of July is ALWAYS one of those holidays that it creeps up.

We grew up with family pretty far away, so holidays like the 4th of July were always celebrated in a sweet and simple way. My dad grilled something amazing. My mom always had a fresh batch of Old Navy flag tees [who needs one of those for every year?! #1990sproblem]. And we spent most of the day relaxing, watching movies and catching fireworks at night.

It wasn’t until the world of social media came around that I saw these extravagant table spreads, 15 cousins all together at the lake and America-themed desserts so perfect you thought Martha Stewart herself made them.

I started to think, “Wait? Do we do holidays wrong?”

And then I realized how crazy that thought was. I love the 4th of July just as much as the next person. I’m incredibly proud to be an American and every time I see a service man or woman I thank them. I know how privileged we are to even live in this country and it’s because of those brave individuals.

So, there isn’t a timely 4th of July post with a perfect lake background and an adorable flag swimsuit. I wish I had it together enough to post it, but honestly? It would be a lie for how I celebrate. And I don’t want to spread that guilt, because I have enough of it to go around twice.

I never grew up with huge parties on the 4th because our family didn’t live here. And why would my mom make 14 red, white and blue desserts if there were just 4 of us?! And today, we still keep it pretty small. We have lunch as a family, we watch fireworks with friends but I don’t want to fool you all into thinking that I thought of the perfect outfit weeks in advance, because, well, I didn’t.

The only reason I even say all of this is to let you know, don’t let social media make you feel guilty. If you celebrate holidays in a big way, bravo! If you celebrate at home cuddled up with family, cheers to you! The most important thing about a holiday is honoring what it stands for and being with loved ones while you do it.

So I had to be genuine and share how our day would actually go. We will spend most of the morning in bed with Peaches, take her on a walk, head to lunch with family and catch fireworks at night. And it’s just the way I like it! Maybe next year I’ll get it together and throw a party or bake lots of desserts! But until then I wanted to keep it real on COF and share that, “Hey, we don’t all have it together, especially this girl!” Thank goodness for a white tee and Ruby Woo lipstick, it is the perfect 4th outfit every time!

So cheers to the 4th. Cheers to not always planning perfect holidays. And cheers to recognizing that sometimes social media gives us silly guilt!

P.S. I had to share these pint-sized toys for Peaches! Being a smaller dog [she is 5 pounds] it’s difficult to find leashes, collars, toys and food bowls her size. She loves these that Henri Bendel sent her and so do we! That HB bone keeps her occupied for HOURS. I mean HOURS on end. I’ll share some of my favorite dog pieces she has below!


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  1. Madelyn Greene wrote:

    This is just what I needed this morning! My husband and my families are far away so 3 day weekend holidays are tough!


    Published 04 Jul 16Reply
  2. Hannah Devine wrote:

    This post was PERFECT and just what I needed to read. You are so right about social media making us feel bad about our holidays! All of my friends are celebrating at lakes and rivers and it makes me so sad because I don’t have any of that! Your post was spot on. Thank you!


    Published 04 Jul 16Reply
  3. Nicole wrote:

    Katey – just when I thought I couldn’t adore your posts any more than I already do! I love your transparency and realness. Thank you for the reminder that holidays don’t always have to look like a Pinterest board! Have a great 4th of July!


    Published 04 Jul 16Reply
  4. Katie wrote:

    You’re SO right. Your blog should be a reflection of who you really are, not of what everyone else does. I love how authentic you are, Katey. It’s what keeps us coming back!

    Katie // thosebakergirls.com

    Published 04 Jul 16Reply
  5. Katelyn wrote:

    I love how honest this post is. It’s easy to feel like you don’t plan enough, aren’t celebrating “the right way”, or don’t have the best of the best when you see such extravagant posts on social media. This was so refreshing to read! Not everything needs to be a big production! Love your honesty!

    Published 04 Jul 16Reply
  6. Brooke Suzanne wrote:

    I remember those Old Navy t-shirts. We’d getting matching ones every year! Thanks for bringing back good ole memories. Happy 4th ofJuly!

    Published 04 Jul 16Reply
  7. Ash wrote:

    Love that you shared this! It is completely relatable and so honest. Social media has a way of making people feel inferior and it’s wonderful that someone with such an awesome social media presence acknowledges that. I have a four pound Maltese named Lulu… Finding toys and collars for small dogs is a challenge.

    Happy Fourth!

    Published 04 Jul 16Reply
  8. Girl, you SO get me. I have been depressed this weekend looking at social media and seeing everyone out partying and with family. My holiday is easy peasy too. I like to stay in and watch fireworks and think of why I am thankful.
    Your post let me know that I am not alone and it is ok to not have a social media-worthy holiday. Of course!


    Published 04 Jul 16Reply
  9. Emelia wrote:

    I love this. I don’t have a huge family so the Fourth has always been a quiet but loving celebration. Thank you for always keeping it real, love your blog…and your heart.

    Published 04 Jul 16Reply
  10. Mel wrote:

    Your dog is way too cute!! What a sweetheart! Happy 4th!

    Mel | http://www.thegossipdarling.com

    Published 04 Jul 16Reply
  11. Morgan wrote:

    If you didn’t wear an Old Navy flag tee as a child, you must not be from the south haha .. I had one of those every year as well! Sounds like you and your family celebrate a lot like we do! Everyone busy schedules make it hard to be together all the time, so we treasure those quiet, and memorable holidays with the immediate family!

    How 2 Wear It [] http://how2wearit.com

    Published 05 Jul 16Reply
  12. Seriously Kritical wrote:


    Thank you for always posting genuine content. I am a writer for a school and you have such quality and thoughtful posts.Loved this post!

    Wish you all the best and God’s blessings to you and your husband and Peaches. LOL.!

    Published 05 Jul 16Reply
  13. Valarie wrote:

    Great post ! Kudos to you for making us feel just fine the way we do it!

    Published 06 Jul 16Reply
  14. Darlene wrote:

    I love that you keep it real! I’m not even a blogger, but sometimes I also feel that kind of holiday guilt! My family has never been into big party-like holidays, but I like our own intimate celebrations just as much. For me though, Christmas is the one I feel most guilty about. Everyone posts really fancy cocktail dresses, and that’s just not how I’ve ever celebrated Christmas! It’s fun to see the differences in how we all celebrate, though, and of course, I don’t mind seeing cute outfits no matter what the occasion!

    Published 06 Jul 16Reply