Fall Wedding Dress with ModCloth

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Dress: ModCloth [c/o] [size S] | Shoes: ModCloth [TTS] [c/o] | Belt: Vintage | Clutch: Clare V., Dupe

Photography by: Angie Garcia

Um hi. Real life moment above. My belt was falling and I didn’t even know. So, just go ahead and ignore the fact the belt should be on the actual belt line! haha! At least I’m keeping it real? Or that’s what we can call it… 😉

Another honest moment, we have so many weddings this fall and I’ve been really nervous about shopping for them! Being a first-time mom, I’ve had no clue what my bump would do and how it would grow. But I haven’t wanted to necessarily change my personal style, nor do I think I need to. I’ve shared before that I love ModCloth for wedding looks [see this past post!] and so I started searching for a few fall weddings we have coming up.

I found this green dress and was completely smitten! I think one of my favorite parts about ModCloth is that their inventory isn’t married to just one body type. If you are naturally, really thin this dress is amazing. If you are pregnant like me and have no clue what size you’ll be next week, it works perfectly. If you’ve got curves, it accentuates them in the most beautiful way! It does run larger, I’m wearing a size S here and so if you are my size when I’m not pregnant go for the XS. If you are in between sizes, size down! Something about the hemline and the sleeves makes you feel really chic and yet not overdone. I paired it with the most romantic shade of blush heels as well! And this dress may be coming in handy for another wedding unintentionally, let me explain…

I’m throwing a bridal shower for one of my besties tomorrow and we have had a little nerve-wracking moment over my bridesmaids dress. I ordered my dress before I was pregnant and I told her we were trying, but I wasn’t pregnant so I just assumed it would take us a lot longer to get pregnant. I have endometriosis so it can take years to get pregnant and I just assumed that was the case for me. I ordered my normal size. Then we were really fortunate and one month later I was pregnant! Lindsey and I went to the bridal shop and they said I couldn’t order a new size [something about the dyes not matching? I’m not sure.] but they swore up and down they could alter the dress to work. They said this happens all the time with married bridesmaids so we shall see! haha. I was so nervous because I didn’t want Lindsey to be worried. So I kept telling her, “It will be totally fine! If anything, I don’t have to walk down the aisle. Seriously!” So if all else fails, maybe I’ll wear this and just be the bridesmaid on the sidelines in green. But Lindsey, if you are reading this, I PROMISE they will make the dress work. I’ll sew it myself if need be. 😉

So honest and nerve-wracking moments aside, another reason I’m so excited to share another fall wedding dress option with you is because I’ve partnered with ModCloth to give a reader a $150 gift card! If you head to my Instagram later today I’ll be sharing the giveaway and the winner will be announced early October! If you’re a bride and not a bridesmaid, check out their wedding shop to see options for you! This is so stunning for a fall/winter bridal shower!

Good luck to all who enter and I hope you have the best weekend! Any wedding-related plans like parties or showers?!


In partnership with ModCloth. All opinions are my own!

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  1. I feel you, girl! My last post my boyfriend {best blog boyfriend} took about 40 photos before I realized my handbag was facing the opposite direction ..oops! I didn’t even notice the belt until you pointed it out, still looks gorg!! You’re going to be the most beautiful pregnant bridesmaid <3 Happy Friday!
    xx Tess | Sequins are the New Black

    Published 30 Sep 16Reply
  2. Hannah wrote:

    I love how you took these photos in front of a church! Such a pretty color on you!

    Published 30 Sep 16Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      It’s actually a house, isn’t it so cute?! My photographer and I kept saying we want to live in it because it is pink! haha! Thank you girl!


      Published 30 Sep 16Reply
  3. Nina wrote:

    I love the green and pinky peach together, such a cute combination! Happy weekend doll!

    Xo, Nina
    Law of Fashion Blog

    Published 30 Sep 16Reply
  4. Leeann wrote:

    This dress looks great on you! What a pretty color!


    Published 30 Sep 16Reply
  5. Irina wrote:

    You look gorgeous! I kept lusting after the house in the background, as well. It’s adorable. I love the combination of the green and blush on you. And as always, your hair is adorable.

    Published 30 Sep 16Reply
  6. Margo wrote:

    Wonderful post girl! Just purchased 🙂 Have a great weekend!


    Published 30 Sep 16Reply
  7. Amanda wrote:

    Need those pink velvet heels in my life! You look amazing, Katey!

    Published 30 Sep 16Reply
  8. Amy wrote:

    Such a pretty dress! That green looks amazing on you!



    Published 30 Sep 16Reply
  9. Love the flowy-ness <3


    Published 01 Oct 16Reply
  10. Lyndsey wrote:

    Omg Kateyyyyyy!!! This dress!!! You look so so beautiful!!

    Published 01 Oct 16Reply
  11. Lindsay wrote:

    She’s right! If you order a new dress from the designer the colors wouldn’t match. I work at Bella Bridesmaids so we deal with this all the time! Trust me your dress can be fixed! I deal with this daily! Lol

    Published 02 Oct 16Reply
  12. Britt M. wrote:

    Your bridesmaid dress WILL work, and if for some crazy reason it doesn’t, there WILL be a way to fix it. I got married last month and one of my girls was so worried that she wouldn’t fit into her dress and kept feeling like she was stressing me out. My attitude is this, when you have bridesmaids that are married, this is bound to happen and is to be expected. Since she was one of my best friends all I cared about was that she was standing up next to me so I didn’t worry at all and didn’t want HER to worry. Yes, my wedding was important, but not as important as our friendship and her new little babe. SO, we rolled with the punches, found a dress that was made of mesh instead of chiffon (you couldn’t tell the difference!) and she looked stunning! I’m sure your gal pal feels the same way and no matter what it WILL work. 🙂

    Published 03 Oct 16Reply
  13. Annie wrote:

    LOVE THIS LOOK!! Where can a gal get a similar belt ?!

    Published 13 Oct 16Reply