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images by: Angie Garcia

It’s a rare Sunday post from me but I wanted to share these images from the Beehive event I helped host a few weeks ago! I seriously need to update my Dallas Do’s post where I share my favorite spots to eat, drink and play in Dallas and Fort Worth! But one spot that has stayed the same is Beehive a local boutique. They have a shop in Austin and Houston as well.

My girlfriend Emily have spent so many years shopping there that she actually is one of the managers now! haha. Talk about loving what you do. Beehive is a really unique boutique in Fort Worth that carries gifts, clothes and home decor items that you really don’t find anywhere else. The owner Claire works so hard to source items that you can’t just go find at Anthropologie, etc. So I always suggest this spot to girls that are coming to Dallas/Fort Worth for the weekend! It’s on Camp Bowie so run across the street to Kincaid’s after and get the best burger you’ve ever eaten [I’m serious] and then run down the street to Leah’s Bakery for the best cupcakes. Leah’s actually did our wedding cakes! I live right around the area so as you can imagine it’s quite the dangerous trifecta to not go to every single day. Cookies. Fries. Clothes. What more does a girl need, ya know?!

This event was on the first day they opened so not everything was up so if you go in now you might see some fun new wallpaper and additions, but I wanted to share these in case you were curious about the boutique I always chat about.

I’ll be sure to update a Dallas and Fort Worth post on my favorite spots for you all so you have something updated to refer to for your weekend trips. Thank you so much for reading and I hope you have a wonderful rest of your weekend!


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  1. My husband and I were just in town, we actually had to move up our trip by 2 days because of hurricane Matthew, and stayed 2 days in Dallas, our first time in Texas ever! So let me set the stage, we had to board up our house for the first time, shop for non perishables in case we came back to no power, clean the house (I have to come home to a clean house), secure our important paperwork and valuables, and rework our travel plans, all within 24 hours. When we landed in Dallas we were stressed! Our saving grace… Puling up your Dallas Do’s post and effortlessly finding a great place to wind down and have a delicious dinner! We went to Mi Cocina and it did not disappoint. We ended up staying at The Crescent Hotel and loved it! Thank you for doing that post. There is more to the story, but this is already too long, just trust me when I say you saved us that evening! Thank you!

    Published 17 Oct 16Reply
  2. Such a cute store! <3

    Published 17 Oct 16Reply
  3. Sarah O wrote:

    Such a cute little shop!
    I would love to see a Dallas / Fort Worth list! My girlfriends and I love to road trip and Texas is on our todo!


    Published 17 Oct 16Reply
  4. I cannot wait to visit this cute little boutique during my next Dallas trip! It looks like such a fun place.


    Published 19 Oct 16Reply