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She’s the Blair to your Serena, otherwise known as your bestie. She may be your sister, your roommate from college or your cousin! These were my favorite unique and splurge-worthy gifts for the girl that you call first when something happens!

1.Mojave Ghost: Byredo perfumes are the ultimate luxury gift and this one is on my wish list! Mojave Ghost is a scent that appeals to so many different noses across the board. One of my girlfriends only likes clean, floral scents. I like spicy, woodsy scents! We both love this. Thanks to violet and sandalwood undertones, your favorite girl will smell amazing to everyone she walks by!

2.Floppy Hat: I love floppy hats for the fall and winter, but I can never seem to get myself to splurge on one! I was shopping a few days ago and tried this hat on 3 different times, but I just didn’t see the reason to actually buy a hat. This is where a gift comes in! Most every girl wants a staple hat for her wardrobe, but just won’t treat herself to one. Spoil her with this one for $55!

3. Emoji Pillow: If the twin emoji is next to your best friend’s name in your phone, I think this gift doesn’t even need an explanation. 😉

4. Rose Gold Nikes: If your best friend loves her athletic wear, she will love these to dress up her look for running errands, Saturday brunch or going to the movies!

5. Diet Coke Tee: Can your bestie not break her soda habit? I’m so guilty of that! Even after I finished Whole 30, I said I realized the one indulgence I like in life is a good Coke! haha. Naturally, I had to order this top since I’m not drinking diet soda during pregnancy. But I can wear it! 😉

6. Bralette: I would take this bralette in every single color! It’s especially fitting for your bestie as this brand was founded by one friend making a gift for another!

7. Lip Mug: I’ve had this mug for a few years now and I still get e-mails weekly from readers asking about it- which makes it a really safe gift for $25 that you know your girlfriend will love! Throw in a gift card or her favorite lipstick and tie with with a bow and you are finished.

8. Philosophy Gift Set: This is my favorite brand of body washes and my mom always gets my sister and I these sets each Christmas. If your bestie is a beauty junkie or loves bath products she will love all the soaps and lip glosses to match!

9. Tory Burch Tote: For a Tory Burch tote, I love that this is under $200! It’s so reasonable for a designer bag and what I love even more is that it is an amazing Goyard dupe!

10. Prada Pillow: If your bestie really is the Blair to your Serena and loves Gossip Girl as much as you do, this pillow will only do! It’s perfect for a bachelorette pad or her girly nook in her married home.

11. Drop Earrings: These earrings are everywhere this season and this pair is the most affordable I have found. The other great thing about these earrings is they truly aren’t heavy! They make a statement without you wanting to take them off an hour into your day.


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  1. I Just bought those rose gold Nikes, I’m completely obsessed and want to buy them for all my metallic-loving friends! Such a cute roundup, you’re an amazing gift giver 🙂
    xx Tess | Sequins are the New Black

    Published 08 Nov 16Reply
  2. Ah! I bought the Air Max Theas in Bleached Lilac a few months ago and was so obsessed that I bought another pair in the same color [insert embarrassed emoji]. I keep one impeccably clean, and I’m more laid back with the other. I’ll wear them on the trail, to run errands in the rain, and even to ACL (that was a mistake). All this to say that I think I need to splurge on a rose gold pair (or two). And such a great idea to gift them! Thanks for sharing.


    Published 08 Nov 16Reply
  3. Astrid wrote:

    I love all the options! Thank you for sharing.

    Published 08 Nov 16Reply
  4. Hannah wrote:

    Love these picks. I am considering picking up the Prada pillow for myself!


    Published 08 Nov 16Reply
  5. Kim wrote:

    These are such good picks!! Please let us know if you find any other cute Goyard dupes that are super cheap 😀

    Published 08 Nov 16Reply
  6. Omg that emoji pillow is the cutest!! <3

    Published 08 Nov 16Reply
  7. Carly Young wrote:

    These are some of my absolute favorite posts! Thanks so much, Katey!

    Published 08 Nov 16Reply
  8. Mary wrote:


    That emoji pillow is the cutest thing eva!!! I love the price point, too!

    So darn cute.


    Published 08 Nov 16Reply
  9. Those nikes! Loooove.

    Published 08 Nov 16Reply
  10. Amy wrote:

    Such great picks for a good girlfriend! Those drop earrings are my fave!


    Published 08 Nov 16Reply
  11. Brittany wrote:

    Just got the twinning pillow for my sister! It’s now marked down to $20!

    Published 09 Nov 16Reply
  12. Love the lip mug!

    Published 11 Nov 16Reply