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Cardigan: Free People [wearing size S] | Tank: Splendid | Jeans: Nordstrom | Booties: Here, Same Brand | Bag: LV, Similar | Lipstick: Girl Next Door

Photography by: Angie Garcia

When I first saw this cardigan I’m pretty sure my face turned into the heart-eye emoji. While it’s bohemian, the pink details make it really girly and something you can also wear year-round! From a tank and shorts in the spring to wearing this over a longer dress now, this is an item that has permanent residency on my clothing rack. This was so fun to style and shoot because of the movement and the sleeves. Now onto the Friday Frills! 😉

1. Easy Weekend Project

If I want to do something on the weekend to make me feel a bit more refreshed, I always rearrange my coffee table! This post shares 5 tables you can copy! Our Central Market had a steal on peonies this past week so I threw some in a ginger jar and I love how it turned out. Do you have anything you love to rearrange seasonally?

2. A Personal Post

One of my dear friends, Kara Stout, wrote an extremely personal post for Glitter Guide last week and I am so proud of her! She was over at my house a few weeks back and we were talking about her sharing her struggle of infertility online. One thing I’ve really learned being pregnant is how taboo it still can be in 2016 to talk about fertility. People don’t want you to talk about anything you went through to get pregnant [Miscarriages, endometriosis, IVF, ployps, etc.]. Society can view it as far too personal, TMI or “attention seeking.”  She and I were talking about how I think all women want to talk more about their own personal story with fertility and how we thought God was giving her this amazing opportunity to do so with this article.

She sent it to me the day it went live and I’ve just never been more proud of a friend. First off, she had to be so raw to share all of this. I’ve shared on the blog before my mom suffered 5 miscarriages and she would get pretty far in her pregnancies. It’s something that has stuck with me my entire life and I have such great empathy for any woman that has gone through any sort of physical or emotional pain while trying to carry a child. I can’t imagine the feelings that went through Kara’s mind when she had to send this to the publisher for Glitter Guide. Secondly, she wrote the most graceful and beautiful post I’ve ever read! I was getting my hair done when I read it and I couldn’t stop crying. Kara has so many talents [she is a nutritionist and food photographer!] but let’s also add writer to the list, because this post was incredible. Lastly, I asked her if I could share this post with you all. I don’t know what a reader is going through or maybe what your friend is going through. But I hope this post on “Practices to Give you Hope Through Infertility” can serve as encouragement, or simply just a shoulder of understanding for you or someone you may know. Feel free to share it with anyone you may think it helps! See the article here.

As we mentioned about infertility, you can see here to learn more about it.

My favorite quote from her article:

“Starting conversations where we’re not ashamed of our struggles can lead to relating and connecting to another person’s pain- whether it be infertility or not.” 

Kara, I love you and am so honored to be your friend!

P.S. I also hope that no one finds offense I’m sharing this emotional article in a Friday Frills roundup. While these are normally light-hearted, and cheeky [as you can see I share a wish list and pink pajama roundup below!] I always aim for COF to provide an array of sources and ideas for you. Whether that be a recipe or an article on fertility, COF and COF girls are not one-sided characters. I think we can definitely celebrate, encourage and embrace all aspects of being a woman on this site and I hope my posts encourage that. I didn’t simply want to tweet this article and not express my admiration and respect for Kara as a friend and woman. She is such a blessing in my life and her story deserved far more than 140 characters! 

3. Wish List

In our community group last week we were chatting about love languages and how you traditionally give what you like to receive. While those love languages may change depending on your circumstance in life [i.e. moms traditionally like acts of service more while raising little ones, etc.], a lot of it stays true to who you are as a person. Two people in our group however, don’t do that. I’m one of them! I love to give gifts, it’s a trait I got from my mother. However, gifts are not my love language by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, I get anxiety! The entire time I’m worried a person doesn’t know how much I love it or will use it. #PeoplePleaserPartyof1

My love language is acts of service and quality time. If Paul loads the dishwasher while I am in the shower, I could cry when I get out. I seriously think it is the nicest gesture. How strange am I?! And if he gets us tickets to go see a movie? I feel like he just proposed all over again. I’m so cheesy! haha.

So naturally, since I’m a gift giver, our tree has no more room under it. Paul can’t even walk around it and had to say, “Stop buying me gifts!” Okay, husband. Fine. But ignore the next few packages from Nordstrom because they are for you and technically were purchased before you made that request. haha. So now that I have no more wrapping or shopping to do, I’ve had my eye on some online window shopping. Here are things that I have in my pretend shopping cart.

4. What to Watch over the Holidays

If you’re anything like my family, the holidays provide ample time to stay in pajamas and catch up on movies or DVR. I finished Madam Secretary and now I keep hearing everyone talk about The Crown. I think we will have to start this next week! Anyone watching? Or if you’re more of a movie gal, here is a list of 30 movies to watch with your family over the break.

5. Pink Pajamas

As January nears and we start to think about things we want to clear out, I always recommend going through your pajama drawer first. These things get so worn out! One way to make pajamas last longer is to always hang them dry! But in case you have a few you need to replace, here are a few of my pink favorites.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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  1. Lindsay Silvio wrote:

    I can’t even with this whole post! You are my younger, more-put-together-than-me soul sister lol! I always feel like I’m reading something I would say when I read your blog! And your cute husband–reminds me so much of mine! This is a special post. Made me laugh and cry! ???? Heart eye emojis on repeat for sure. And I was literally thinking “omg heart eyes” when I read that lol!!! Who wants to buy me that cardigan?! ????????

    Published 16 Dec 16Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Lindsey!

      Oh my gosh, you are the sweetest girl!!! Haha, I LOVE that we are kindred spirits! Thank you so much for reading, it means the world. Have a wonderful weekend!



      Published 16 Dec 16Reply
  2. I love your outfit, and you are stunningly pretty! I’ve been hearing sooo much about The Crown too but I’m too scared to start – really don’t want to get addicted!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 16 Dec 16Reply
  3. Kylie wrote:

    I have the same problem with over buying for my loved ones! They always get upset that I “do too much” and worried that I am disappointed in return, but I just LOVE giving to those that are closest to me.

    The Crown is amazing! You’ll love it! I watched it (having never been all that interested in the British Monarch), and now I want to read every book I can get my hands on to learn more about it and do my own fact check against how realistic the show was (nerd alert, I know).

    Published 16 Dec 16Reply
  4. Hannah wrote:

    I love the pink pajamas! I totally agree that they can start looking wore out super quick. Yay for Spring cleaning in January 😉

    Published 16 Dec 16Reply
  5. Courtney wrote:

    Your shoes are absolutely perfect!! Love this look! 🙂

    Published 16 Dec 16Reply
  6. Winter wrote:

    While I always love Friday Frills, I am so happy you shared your friend Kara’s post about infertility. My boyfriend’s best friend and wife currently struggle with the issue but they just became foster parents to a beautiful baby boy. What an amazing Christmas present for them! Thank you for sharing.

    Published 16 Dec 16Reply
  7. This sweater is so fun and unexpected to see you in!! I loved Kara’s Glitter Guide post, I love when bloggers get personal, it just makes them so much more relatable. I hope you have an amazing weekend <3
    xx Tess | Sequins are the New Black

    Published 16 Dec 16Reply
  8. Katy wrote:

    My new-ish husband (we married in June) and I were talking about love languages and I had him take the quiz! It’s been great to understand how we each like to love and receive love. ALSO The Crown. IS. Phenomenal. I hadn’t given much thought to Queen Elizabeth’s youth because you don’t think about what your grandparents did in their 20s. There was also so much drama surrounding her rise to the throne that we never learned about in school. To hold myself over until next season airs I’m finding books about the royal family in the late 1940s and early 50s! 15/10 would reccomend.

    Published 16 Dec 16Reply
  9. Britt M wrote:

    I always look forward to reading Friday Frills in the morning as it gets me pumped for the weekend:)

    I appreciate you sharing Kara’s story and I absolutely think it is an important one to share (GREAT read, and my heart is with you Kara!) I always get a little sad when I see you feeling the need to explain yourself in regards to new mommy-hood posts, and this one is no exception. I get sad when you have to tell us “don’t worry, this will be out of her crib when she arrives” or “I’m sorry if this has offended you…” etc. I think as women we all need to be supportive of each other and our journeys, what ever those may be. And while yes, I like to read all about the “frivolous” things in life on your blog, I do like to read about what is effecting your life at this moment too. I personally find it neat to see each stage of your life and what is nearest and dearest to you, it makes you HUMAN, and relatable.

    So I guess what my rambling is trying to say is, don’t ever feel the need to apologize or explain yourself to us readers. We are all fans because we like what you have to say, what you have to share and most of all…YOU!

    Published 16 Dec 16Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Britt!

      You are the sweetest! I seriously needed to see your comment! My readers are amazing and sometimes I do get worried about offending the occasional person that sends a not-so-kind e-mail. But you’re right! Those people don’t really enjoy my blog anyways, so they probably would still be offended. 🙁 You are so kind and I truly can’t thank you enough for taking the time to say that!

      I hope you have a wonderful e-mail!



      Published 16 Dec 16Reply
  10. Morgan wrote:

    The fact that you share personal, frivolous, deep, light-hearted, fun, emotional, etc etc chronicles of your life is what makes this blog so great .. and YOU so great! Everyone has both fun and serious aspects to them and I love that you share both! Also – how perfect that your little one will be arriving ((when I’m sure you will want to be in pjs all the time – I would!)) in Feb when pink pj’s will be “all the rage” :)!!

    Happy Friday!

    Published 16 Dec 16Reply
  11. Bunny wrote:

    I am the same way with love languages! I loove giving gifts and showering people with little tokens but I prefer quality time way over getting a gift.

    Published 16 Dec 16Reply
  12. Michelle D wrote:

    I always love your posts, but this one hit home today. Thank you so much for sharing your friends Infertility post as my husband and I have been going through this process for about 5 years and have just recently started the IVF journey. I am so thrilled for you and your husband, it is truly a blessing from GOD and his timing is ALWAYS perfect. You truly have a heart of gold Katey and I am so glad I came across your blog a year ago.

    Published 16 Dec 16Reply
  13. Love the flowing of this outfit and love your little baby bump! <3

    Published 16 Dec 16Reply
  14. Cynthia wrote:

    Love this post! I agree we should be open to talk about whatever we want nowadays. Taboo-Schmaboooo ya know? Always love reading your posts! If your hubby has any single brothers, send them out to San Diego. hehehehe! xx


    Published 18 Dec 16Reply
  15. Kathryn wrote:

    So obsessed with this colorful cardigan!

    xx Kathryn

    Published 20 Dec 16Reply