Nesting In Full Swing

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Couch Pillows: Little Design Co. | Couch: Custom, Similar | Coffee Table: Custom, Similar, Similar | Bone Tray: Similar, Similar | Art: Jenn Thatcher Art [c/o] | JFK Print: Art.Com | Headboard: Wayfair [shade: Talc] | Bed Pillows: Little Design Co. [c/o] | Nightstand: Ballard Designs, Similar | Candle: Voluspa | Serving Table: Ballard Designs | Lamp: Zola | Hermes Tray: Etsy | Hand Vase: Arteriors | Orange Candle: Diptyque | Purple Frame: Kendra Scott | Gold Frame: Nordstrom | Living Room Rug: Lulu & Georgia [c/o] | High Chair: Boon Flair | Curtains: Minted [c/o]

Photography by: Madison Katlin

I thought I was a productive person. I am really scheduled and I like to get ahead of work, my inbox and anything tangible. Then nesting started to kick in and I realized that nesting Katey thinks non-pregnant Katey is the laziest human on the planet. Maybe it’s the pregnancy insomnia that causes me to get up extra early or maybe it’s the constant thought of, “Oh if I move that over there that’s more functional for when baby is here.” Whatever the driving factor, nesting does not mess around and today I thought we could humor how it’s caused me to rearrange a bit here and there!

My girlfriend Stia was telling me at a Christmas Party that during her nesting phase she thought she needed new wood floors in her home and crown molding. She said it would drive her crazy and she thought that it had to be done. She and her husband didn’t do that and she was laughing so much at herself. She was like, “Why on earth did I think we needed that to bring baby home?!”

I’m not sure, but let me tell you when a girl nesting gets something in her mind, it happens. And my nesting also happened during Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales so combine the power of sales and the power of a pregnant woman’s mindset and you get the idea.

It first started with me being convinced I needed some green in our living room. As if our baby is going to care about green in the living room, I mean it’s as if I completely neglected the fact babies start out color blind. But I had shades of green in my mind AND there was a sale, so neglect is what I did. I stared at the Little Design Co. site for hours with her Black Friday sale and decided these jade pillows had to be added to our couch. I’ve used her pillows as my throw pillows for years [back when I lived in Dallas!] and I get so many e-mails about our couch pillows. Yes, I do the karate chop maneuver to get them in that shape! 😉 But it also has to do with her specific inserts she uses as they keep their shape even when you lay on them!

I ended up moving this gold table into my office as a way to store jewelry, accessories and more paperwork. I’m always needing ways to make the space in my office more functional and there is this little hallway nook going into our bedroom that it fit perfectly in. I also picked up this serving table during a Cyber Monday sale which I thought tied in well with my love of Southern Eclectic style. Southern furniture or even French Country can still be styled in a glamorous way with gold accents and trendy accessories. I love combining the two because it softens the accents I love and makes the home feel cozy and livable! A little bit of rearranging and our living room/kitchen area feels 100% new.

Lastly, we updated our bed pillows! I’m all for white bedding [see my tips for keeping it white here] and love our duvet. The biggest reason I love a white duvet is because you can do things like this where you switch up throw pillows and it feels as if you have a completely new bedding set. Mix and match the pillows from your couch, guest bedroom or master and you won’t ever get the urge to go out and buy a new comforter, duvet AND quilt set. I went with a fun print and sky blue for our bedding from Little Design Co. Our master bedroom is pretty neutral so I decided to go outside the norm and I love it! The Chinoiserie theme with spa blue pillows and soft leopard bolster makes a statement without going overboard

Another question I get about my Little Design Co. pillows is how I know what sizes to get, etc.! Betsy, that owns the shop, has always helped me with sizing! I’ve e-mailed her and her team and I will send pictures and then she gives me different examples and I give her dimensions of my couch/bed. She is so talented at creating something custom because I’ll normally go in with one thing on the brain [leopard print 😉 ] and she gets me outside of my box while giving me options that I love more!

I hope you loved seeing all of my little nesting changes. As much as I poke fun at myself, home decor is something I love and when I find something on sale, I just have to run with it! Whether it’s sourcing Homegoods every time you are in that part of town running errands or finding a new throw pillow shade, little changes in your home always make it feel even more personalized. Today we are going to finish taking down Christmas. As sad as I am to see our tree go, we’ve got lots of baby gear to put in its place. Our home will never be the same and I love it! 😉

What are ways you refresh your home decor on a budget?!


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  1. Winter wrote:

    Love your new nesting updates! Especially those jade pillows. Since the pillows you order are pillow covers, where do you find the pillow inserts for them? Does the site you shop from sell pillows on the side or do you find them somewhere else?

    Hope you had a great Christmas! Can’t wait for Baby H!

    Published 27 Dec 16Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Winter!

      Thank you so much! And thank you for reading! I get the inserts from her! I always e-mail to order and add those to my order! 🙂



      Published 27 Dec 16Reply
  2. I’m a Homegoods girls for life!! Your home decor is always so on point! Even though I’m not pregnant I feel like the next few days I need to get my whole home in order with taking down Christmas decor and doing a deep clean. Thank you for sharing your home!
    xx Tess | Sequins are the New Black

    Published 27 Dec 16Reply
  3. Wow, I love the decor of your home. I can’t believe you still manage to decorate everything so perfect despite being pregnant!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 27 Dec 16Reply
  4. Madison wrote:

    Oh goodness this just put my “when the Christmas decorations come down the house feels so empty so I feel like I need to re do everything” phase of the year into high gear! LOL As always, thanks so much for sharing and thank you so much for the inspiration.

    XO, Madison

    Published 27 Dec 16Reply
  5. During my first pregnancy I made my husband and his dad repaint our nursery three times…

    With my second pregnacy I made my husband and my dad paint all of my kitchen cabinets and install a backsplash.

    I am very bossy while pregnant! I am expecting my third and now need a new house. I am obsessed with moving.

    Nesting is real!

    Published 27 Dec 16Reply
  6. Andrea wrote:

    What do you do with the pillows on the couch when people come over and the pillows on the bed when you sleep? I can never find anything I like to put them in and hate putting them on the floor.

    Published 27 Dec 16Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Andrea!

      In our bedroom we have two x-benches against a window and I put our bed pillows there! In the living room we just put the pillows on our rug. That’s probably not the best, but we don’t use shoes in our house so I guess that helps me think there are less germs! haha. Probably just me lying to myself! 😉

      Thanks so much for reading!


      Published 27 Dec 16Reply
  7. Love all of your sofa pillows!

    Published 28 Dec 16Reply
  8. Camille wrote:

    Too funny and so true about nesting. It takes over your mindset for a while. Everything you did looks great!


    Published 28 Dec 16Reply
  9. Kathryn wrote:

    I love these “nesting” changes! Always fabulous 🙂

    xx Kathryn

    Published 30 Dec 16Reply
  10. Katie wrote:

    Oh my gosh, Katey- I love your house, it’s way too pretty!


    Published 31 Dec 16Reply
  11. Jessica wrote:

    Katey – please tell us about the painting over your sofa. I’ve always admired it!

    Published 02 Jan 17Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Jessica!

      Thank you so much! Under the Shop The Post black link under the photos I list the artist and her site. I hope that helps!


      Published 02 Jan 17Reply
  12. brittany wrote:

    What is your wall color?

    Trying to paint our house and this color is perfect with what we’re going for!


    Published 23 Jan 17Reply
    • Katey wrote:


      Thanks so much for reading! The previous owners painted our house so I’m not sure! 🙁



      Published 23 Jan 17Reply