Maternity Photos

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Dress: Nordstrom [non-maternity, wearing size 4 for reference] | Shoes: Valentino, Dupe | Earrings: Similar | Lipstick: Brave, Pagoda Gloss, Love this gloss, too!  

Photography by: Carmen Evans

Pregnancy is such a miracle and an emotional time all at once. Knowing I have about 5 weeks left of pregnancy has me so emotional thinking how I won’t have a bump anymore and understanding just how much I will miss feeling her move and squirm all around! And then on the other hand, knowing there are 35 days left I’m getting so anxious! I can’t wait for her to be here and me actually be able to do little things like bend over and put my shoes on! bahah!

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed styling my bump from fashion week to the beach and these maternity photos were no exception. I love that I’ve been able to see the bump at different stages throughout the seasons. This dress is non-maternity and can I just say how thankful I was to be pregnant in 2016?! I haven’t had to purchase that much maternity [although shopping for it is really fun the first time and something I couldn’t wait to do] because designers finally get it. They get that our clothing should go with us through different stages! I say this to commend designers for really taking into account now that so many women have different bodies and your body changes throughout your life and of course, pregnancy! I really respect them for doing that because women aren’t just one size their entire life and that’s so silly to think clothing shouldn’t fit accordingly. A size S or a size M or a size L shouldn’t just mean “one size” or “one weight.” And I know that sadly, 20 or so years ago it did. So if you plan on getting pregnant sometime soon or you just found out you’re going to be a mom, don’t worry. You don’t have to go out and redo your entire wardrobe! In fact, I found some of my maternity clothing to really not even grow with me as well as just normal clothing in different sizes. There are so many cute ways to show off the bump without spending a fortune because so many dresses and tops are loose or stretch in the middle and brands have recognized if they want to design for women, they have to design for a woman’s life!

When it came to styling my maternity photos, I knew I wanted something winter-y to highlight the time of year but I also wanted something I could wear in the future. Spending money on an expensive maternity gown to have it sit in my closet collecting dust just felt wrong. I had ordered a few pink dresses online and because of the holidays and shipping delays they never came on time.  But it was completely fine because the more I thought about it the more I realized baby pink just felt very spring to me and I already had pregnancy photos from May. After my storybook baby shower, Paul and I decided to run to the mall. It was right before Christmas and our mall was packed and I was nervous everything would be gone. To be safe, I went to Nordstrom first. I saw this green dress by Adrianna Papell and she is one of my favorite designers when it comes to formal wear! I have this dress and wore it in a shoot with Paul last year as well as a wedding this fall. I was thrilled because I know I wear her dresses over and over and this shade felt perfect for the location.

When styling a formal winter look, I think jewel-tones like this emerald dress is perfect and the sequins make it feel even more festive. Brave has been my favorite lipstick shade as of lately and I threw a pink gloss over it as well for the photos. Then a statement pair of black pumps make the look fit the season and don’t detract from the jewel-tones!

All of that to say, “Thank you, UPS for the delay!” Pink dresses really wouldn’t have felt appropriate for the winter look I wanted and I love that I have photos to capture my pregnancy throughout the seasons from the beach to trees pictured here. I’ll pull a few more dresses from Nordstrom you can style to finish out the winter below! You don’t have to do all black and and don’t fear beading. The right amount adds a lot of texture to your look which I feel makes these photos look so romantic.

Thank you so much for reading and for following along with my pregnancy!


In partnership with Nordstrom. All purchases, selections and opinions were my own!

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  1. Awww you look great! I love the whole feel of the photos. So dreamlike!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 04 Jan 17Reply
  2. I’m so glad you’re taking time treasure the little things – like styling the bump! I have a 4-year-old girl and she is 100% wrapped around my finger, you’re going to absolutely love being a mom! Also, this photoshoot is gorgeous and I love the emerald dress you chose! I have the beaded mesh gown from Adrianna that I wore for Christmas pictures – you can’t go wrong with her!

    Published 04 Jan 17Reply
  3. Hannah wrote:

    I have been waiting for this! So beautiful. Green looks so good on you. I can’t believe you are only 5 weeks away. S soon!

    Published 04 Jan 17Reply
  4. Madison wrote:

    You look so perfect! These photos are dreamy!! I know your daughter will love to look back on these one day and truly appreciate all the work you put into making them so beautiful.

    I’ve loved following along on your journey! Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

    XO, Madison.

    Published 04 Jan 17Reply
  5. Lynnlee wrote:

    Beautiful photos and I love the dress! Do you think you could put together a post or insta post about your favorite resort wear? Looking into beach vacations for March and would love to see what you’d pick for warm weather now that it’s cold in TX.

    Published 04 Jan 17Reply
  6. jennifer wrote:

    these are gorg!!! you look great

    Published 04 Jan 17Reply
  7. These photos are so stunning! They may be my fave so far! That dress looks gorgeous on you!

    Published 04 Jan 17Reply
  8. Jordan wrote:

    Seriously can’t even begin to pick a favorite! Thanks for sharing! Can’t wait for the five weeks to be up. I’ll be praying for safe delivery and healthy baby girl and Momma! Can’t wait to hear her name.

    James 1:7

    Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.

    Published 04 Jan 17Reply
  9. Haley wrote:

    You look fabulous! You wear pregnancy so well. Can’t wait to see your momma style. 🙂

    Published 04 Jan 17Reply
  10. You look stunning!!! Wishing you a joy-filled final few weeks. Cheering and praying for y’all!

    Published 04 Jan 17Reply
  11. Emily wrote:

    These photos are stunning, Katey! I love the location that you picked and the fact that it’s not too Christmas-y, but still reminds me of winter. And that dress! I’m a sucker for jewel tones and the beading is so perfectly placed. I can’t believe you’re already 35 weeks! Time goes by so quickly! Enjoy your last few weeks!

    XO, Emily
    Epicurean Emily

    Published 04 Jan 17Reply
  12. Davida wrote:

    Absolutely stunning! I hope to look this good when I am pregnant!!!

    Published 05 Jan 17Reply
  13. Katie wrote:

    This dress is gorgeous and I love these pictures!


    Published 07 Jan 17Reply
  14. Chelsea wrote:

    I saw these on Instagram and I absolutely died. That emerald dress was made for you.

    Published 13 Jan 17Reply
  15. Ashley wrote:

    I love these!! Do you have any recommendations on what to wear for a fall (early September) maternity shoot?

    Published 01 Aug 17Reply
  16. Candice wrote:

    This is still one of my fav shoots of yours! I’m a DFW girl as well, what area was this?? I am looking into locations for my family’s shoot and this looks amazing!

    Published 30 Oct 17Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi girl! It was my photographer’s parents’ home! Xo

      Published 30 Oct 17Reply
  17. Heather wrote:

    Hi! Everything about these pictures is perfection! I’m in the process of finding a dress for my own maternity shoot next month. Did you have to size up to wear a non-maternity dress? Or did you find that only certain styles worked with a bump?

    Published 08 Nov 17Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Heather! Thank you so much! For these photos, I used my regular size because the waist had a ton of give! I found this brand and anything Free People had give and allowed me to keep my normal size and wear after pregnancy! xo

      Published 08 Nov 17Reply