Athleisure is My BFF


I made one major mistake during my pregnancy. When I went and purchased my maternity jeans I was about 22 weeks and the high-waisted pregnancy jeans were phenomenal. I mean I thought they were better than sliced bread. For those not pregnant, maternity jeans come in different varieties. There are some with this really high-waisted band. Think a legging that goes to your ribs. And then there is a low-band version which is just like normal jeans that stretch. Remember when Gap Kids made the shorts you could cinch with buttons on the inside?! That’s what they remind me of! haha. But the low-band version didn’t fit my bump well at that stage, so I splurged on all high-waisted pregnancy jeans. I mean I loved them nearly as much as I love my husband. So. Stinkin’. Comfortable. However, most of y’all know I got subluxating ribs and anything touching the skin was super painful. But I’m at the end of  my pregnancy and not about to drop another $200 on a pair of jeans! Ridiculous!

My other option rather than spending more money? I thought I’d get creative with how I wore the jeans. I started to roll the waist lower and that was just a hot mess. I would be walking around Target trying to buy groceries in peace and just be fidgeting with my waist band the entire time. Rookie mistake, y’all. Rookie mistake! By 37 weeks I just gave that embarrassing habit up and decided I’m wearing athleisure until this little girl comes out!

All of that to say, don’t make the silly mistake I did. If you buy two different pairs of maternity jeans I’d definitely buy one of each! Secondly, let’s just acknowledge athleisure is a blessing. Whether you’re bumpin’ it like I am, you’re running car pool or you’re handling all your errands over the weekend, athleisure can be your bff.

Now when you think of athlesiure you might think, “Okay, no problem! I just wear my workout clothes!” You can totally do that! But if you want to take it a step further, athleisure traditionally combines both aspects of your workout wear along with your lounge wear.Think a cozy sweater paired with leggings and your sneakers as I styled in this look. It’s really up to you how you style this trend. All I cared about was that I wasn’t wearing jeans! 😉

IMG_1786 IMG_1793 IMG_1795 IMG_1797 IMG_1798 IMG_1801 IMG_1804 IMG_1808 IMG_1811 IMG_1816 IMG_1819


Sweater: Nordstrom, Similar | Leggings: Similar | Sneakers: Nike, Similar | Bag: Chloe, Similar | Sunglasses: Ray Ban, Similar | Necklace: Baublebar [c/o] | Lipstick: Blankety | Bracelets: The Styled Collection [c/o], The Styled Collection [c/o], The Styled Collection [c/o]

Photography by: Angie Garcia

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  1. I love your sneakers! Yet another pair of Nike Thea’s added to my wishlist… ???? They’re so perfect for the athleisure trend, though! I love their versatility and that they will look chic and polished with whatever you choose to wear them with- even leggings. Stay comfy, Katey! ????

    XO, Emily
    Epicurean Emily

    Published 02 Feb 17Reply
  2. Hannah wrote:

    That’s really good to know! Plus you have every excuse to be comfy at this point!

    Published 02 Feb 17Reply
  3. I never wear jeans anyway – they’re so uncomfortable. Leggings all the way for sure!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 02 Feb 17Reply
  4. Irina wrote:

    That sweater looks so good on you! I could never pull it off. And also, I want you to come over and do my hair haha. Yours is always so cute and I cannot get mine to look right..

    Published 02 Feb 17Reply
  5. Athleisure is my BFF too! I’m the only girl in my office (#finance), so I can usually get away with putting a nice tunic or long sweater over some yoga pants and calling it a day! I hope you’re feeling better and not in too much pain!

    Published 02 Feb 17Reply
  6. Haha! I skipped all pregancy clothes with my first daughter because I felt it was a waste of money and we were not sure of how much a baby would cost, etc (scary $$$ thoughts)…

    When I got pregnant with #2 – I decided on two pairs of Jessica Simpson’s maternity jeans and they were my magical unicorns of pants.

    With #3 – I still have my unicorn pants but now I found maternity leggings that are amazing. In three short years my maternity wardrobe is so much better and I feel so happy I know I will be sad when it’s over because the jeans and leggings are the most comfortable items I have ever owned.

    You are so close to being done! Wishing you all the best!

    Published 02 Feb 17Reply
  7. Amanda wrote:

    Love a good athleisure look! Xo Amanda

    Published 02 Feb 17Reply
  8. Jennifer wrote:

    Seriously you are the cutest of them all !!

    Published 02 Feb 17Reply
  9. Melanie Kibodeaux wrote:

    You are adorable. Could you do a tutorial on how you did your hair in this post. Love it!

    Published 02 Feb 17Reply
  10. Love your hair like this! <3

    Published 03 Feb 17Reply
  11. Katie wrote:

    I’ve been loving athleisure lately- it’s just so comfy haha!


    Published 04 Feb 17Reply