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Top: Nordstrom, Love This Yellow Tank for Summer | Shorts: Old, Designer Shorts on Sale | Espadrilles: Chanel, Similar Designer on Sale | Bag: Clare V., Similar Designer on Sale | Sunglasses: Nordstrom, Similar Designer on Sale

Photography by: Angie Garcia

Today I wanted to do something a little different and talk my shopping cart through with you! I knew the Nordstrom Designer Clearance Sale was coming, so I saved up all my gift cards from Christmas/my birthday [I told y’all I plan for these sales! lol!]. I’ll of course only buy one item, so I thought I’d hear y’all out on your favorite. In yesterday’s post on when to buy designer items, I said to go with your gut. But what do you do when your gut is drawn to 4 different items?! You call in reinforcements!

 Alexander Wang Rockie

This bag is a little edgier than I normally wear, but remember my designer list I keep on my phone? This bag has been on it for ages and I’ve watched every Youtube review I could get my hands on. The larger version of the bag can get heavy with the studs, but most reviewers say this size or the smaller has no issues as all. The biggest pro to this bag is that it fits everything while remaining a crossbody. I also love the baby blue hue for summer.

Oscar De La Renta Tassel Earrings

These statement earrings are a staple in fashion editor’s closets. I love the vibrancy in this ombré pair and think they’d be gorgeous with a messy ponytail in the summer. I wear so many top knots lately with Maxi and I like to justify them with sassy little earrings. 😉

Prada Gold Scrunch Loafers

I actually feel really guilty about wanting these because I have them in tan! I’ve had them since I was in college and they still look great. I found them in gold in this sale and am so tempted with them being 40% off! I love that I already know the quality lasts.

Jimmy Choo Dillan Block Heel Sandal

I’m ending on quite the impractical note. I’ve got a baby and yet here I am tempted by suede heels. However, I prefer to wear block heels while holding Maxi because they are so much sturdier. I’m also 5’3″ and the strap detailing on these elongates your legs. #INeedSomeOfThatPlease They also come in black leather which I see all over Pinterest and love as well.

Which one is your favorite from the Nordstrom Designer Clearance Sale?! Did you pick anything up?

In partnership with Nordstrom. All opinions and purchases are my own.

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  1. I love the colour of your yellow top! I’m not normally one for bright colours, but lately I’ve been really liking yellow!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 25 May 17Reply
  2. My vote is for the Jimmy Choo heels- so cute!!!! But I also love the Prada flats (I might buy these for myself hahah!). The earrings seem a bit impractical and there are so many dupes out there of this style. Good luck!!!


    Published 25 May 17Reply
  3. Stacey wrote:

    Good morning Katey,

    Love the Jimmy Choo heels #dying they are gorgeous and so nice for a sexy night out with the hubs. Yet, I know its probably not the answer you would want… but the gold Prada Loafer’s are super cute, comfy, and you can wear them with anything! Now that you have Maxi you can totally rock being a mommy on the go and look stylish and put together. Which who are we kidding you have that mastered! So I say go with gold! You will get your moneys worth and since you already know the quality you know it will last you.



    Published 25 May 17Reply
  4. I love that Alexander Wang bag and I feel like I saw one at T.J. Maxx recently??? Maybe it was slightly different, but I know it had the studs on the bottom and it was AW… ???? I really think you could pull it off, though! The baby blue color brings it back around to match your personal style!

    XO, Emily
    Epicurean Emily

    Published 25 May 17Reply
  5. Stephanie wrote:

    I’d say go for either the earrings or loafers! The earrings are a perfect accent you can wear a lot, and there’s no shame in buying a similar pair of shoes if you know you already love them (and quality is key!). They’ll both be great additions to your wardrobe!

    Published 25 May 17Reply
  6. First of all I LOVE the yellow top you’re wearing, so fun! And second I love everything in your shopping cart!! But my favorite would have to be those Oscar De La Renta earrings!!

    The Classic Brunette

    Published 25 May 17Reply
  7. LOVING those bright, happy earrings and the Jimmy Choos too! Can’t wait to see what you decide on!

    Published 25 May 17Reply
  8. Irina wrote:

    I have the Rocky and I’m obsessed but I am a purse obsessed gal and always have been.

    Published 25 May 17Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Me too!! haha! That’s why I think I want that!

      Published 26 May 17Reply
      • Irina wrote:

        Welllll… like you said in the last post, listen to your heart and don’t get too overwhelmed by others opinions 😉 sounds like you’re getting the Rocky!

        Published 26 May 17Reply
  9. Morgan wrote:

    You should definitely go with the loafers! So practical and the gold is a fun touch! They totally fit your 1 part girly + 1 part edgy rule 🙂

    How 2 Wear It [] http://how2wearit.com

    Published 25 May 17Reply
  10. Brooke McClure wrote:

    I’d definitely go for the prada flats or the bag !! Happy shopping 🙂 Can’t wait to see what you decided on!

    Published 25 May 17Reply
  11. Mary-Katherine wrote:

    I would go with the loafers or the bag! I think both of those are super practical and would get you a lot of use with where you are in life right now.

    Personally I think the heels are just too tall, even though they’re a block heel I feel like with a baby, especially as she starts moving and walking, they would just not get worn. But I am totally a flats girl through and through haha.

    And then the earrings are gorgeous, but I feel like you can find so many great statement earrings on Etsy and Baublebar and even online boutiques that offer the same feel for so much less.

    Just my two cents, in the end totally go with whatever your little heart desires!

    Published 25 May 17Reply
  12. Karli wrote:

    I LOVE those Chanel espadrilles!! All the heart eyes for this bright outfit.

    PS I vote for the Jimmy Choo block heels! And the Oscar earrings are a close second. 😉

    Karli // http://www.karlialexandra.com

    Published 25 May 17Reply
  13. Love all of your picks! <3


    Published 26 May 17Reply