Fall Workout Wear

Jacket: Nike | Leggings: Nordstrom | Tank: Similar | Sunglasses: Ray Ban | Shoes: Adidas

Photography by: Angie Garcia

Generally, my looks on the blog are very styled. I set a time with my photographer and we shoot with all my favorite accessories. I decided I wanted to throw a very real-life look in here if you need something for running around! We had finished shooting the other day and I was changing to go workout and I asked Angie to shoot this- hence why I have on lipstick. But I’ve got on no earrings/lint all over my capris and a wrinkled top! Hello, real life!

If you are in the market for some fall workout wear, I thought I’d share what I picked up for a workout wear refresh 2 weeks ago! Most of my leggings and workout tops are all stretched out from pregnancy and so I gave them to my girlfriend to borrow while she finishes out her pregnancy. We joke we will have the sisterhood of the traveling maternity pants. I’ve been running a bit more [lol I’m running away from my BBG workouts- no pun intended!] and knew I’ll be living in leggings the next few weeks. We move soon and Paul really wants to have a TCU/Texas Tech watching party on November 18th. We got married during this game and it’s always so fun being in Fort Worth with the rivalry with all of our friends. While I didn’t go to TCU, I grew up in Fort Worth so growing up tailgating and going to the games was my weekend play! All of that to say I’ll have 2-3 weeks of crunch time unpacking to get ready for the party. I’m pre-apologizing if my posts are temporarily a little shorter when we move, but I hope you understand! I’m a little intimidated by unpacking while taking care of Maxi. If you have any tips for unpacking with a baby let me know! First order of business is definitely getting a pack ‘n play. My main sense of worry stems from wanting to keep her safe while things are scattered everywhere and she puts everything in her mouth. My mom was like, “You order a pack ‘n play now, missy. That’s her safe zone!” haha. I’ve also heard horror stories of how babies freak out when you move and can wake up 7-8 times a night all confused.

What am I getting at? I knew I’d only have energy to throw on workout clothes and brush my teeth so I figured my workout clothes should at least not be bump friendly! haha!

Here’s what I picked up the other weekend and a few things in my online cart.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Paul is in a wedding for his friend Ryan so we can’t wait to celebrate!

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  1. I love athleisure outfits. This is the perfect fall workout wear. The jacket is cute!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 13 Oct 17Reply
  2. Leesha wrote:

    Omg yes please!! I’m going to my first TCU game on the 4th and have no idea what to wear!! Its so hard to find cute purple tops, so i was thinking white with purple earrings?

    Published 13 Oct 17Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Leesha!

      Yes, that’s perfect! I always wear a white or black top to TCU games and then maybe a purple accessory!


      Published 14 Oct 17Reply
  3. elizabeth wrote:

    I love your sneakers! And you are so skinny holy moly! Hot mama

    Published 13 Oct 17Reply
  4. whitney wrote:

    A very cute workout/mom outfit! I definitely need to pick up some new workout stuff so this is good inspiration. I had a baby recently too and I feel like some new items will help me feel more motivated to hit the gym.

    Published 13 Oct 17Reply
  5. That Long Wrap Cardigan is everything! Just put it on my wishlist!

    And I love that – Sisterhood of the Traveling Maternity Pants. Girl’s gotta have some sisters to share maternity clothes with!


    Published 13 Oct 17Reply
  6. We moved about a month after sleep training when my son was 7 months old haha. He woke up around 4-5 times per night for the first week and continued to wake up 1-3 until a year old. ???? But I found packing to not be as difficult as We thought. We utilized the pack n play, fisher price sit me up, exersaucer and especially one of those door way bouncing swings SO much during the process. We got the majority unpacked but here we are 10 months later and some stuff is still in boxes! ???? And we’re moving again soon lol! Good luck Mama! The packing part wasn’t as crazy as I thought and he was definitely the same about everything going to the mouth!

    Published 14 Oct 17Reply
  7. Loving you in red! <3


    Published 16 Oct 17Reply
  8. Jocelyn wrote:

    We just moved with our 9 month old daughter and a “safe zone” like a pack n play is a MUST. We got her a larger playyard with a gate and put it over a foamy puzzle floor mat and she’s pretty content in there for a little while at least. It’s set up near our kitchen so I can see her and talk to her while I cook. We’re doing renovations on the new place so we’re still not really able to baby proof which is stressful, but at least we know she’s safe in her “pen” lol or her crib! She did have some sleep issues at first but they didn’t last. Maybe a week or two.

    Published 17 Oct 17Reply