Getting Sassy With It + My Trick for Confidence

Top: Ann Taylor | Jeans: Anthropologie, Dupe | Shoes: Steve Madden, Similar | Watch: Kate Spade [c/o] | Sunglasses: Ray Ban | Bracelet: Baublebar [c/o], Vita Fede | Lipstick: Lovesick | Belt: Ann Taylor | Bag: Louis Vuitton, Similar | Choker: Etsy

Photography by: Angie Garcia

This outfit is a little loud all while being quite wearable. It’s jeans. A blouse. A belt. Heels. When you break it down it’s quite simple, but the details are what make it sassy and I love it! From pearl embellishments to a bold color and the right amount of leopard I’ll just go ahead and say this look helped me feel fierce.

So let’s talk about feeling fierce or sassy or confident or whatever you want to call it! We all have our own tips and tricks. Some girls swear by using the Young Living Valor oil on the bottom of their big toe! Others have mantras they like to repeat before a big meeting. Many have a good-luck lipstick or perfume!

There’s so many times I flat-out don’t feel confident. I know it probably looks like all style bloggers are borderline TOO confident. I mean should anyone ever have this many photos of themselves in clothing? LOL! But trust me I have my days, in fact I have numerous moments a day. Whether someone leaves a hurtful comment or I don’t feel like I’m balancing things well, I can get so down on myself I end up in tears texting Paul. But recently I’ve been using a trick I got from a reader and it works wonders! A reader commented something on a post once and it changed my perspective. She told me when she feels anxious or nervous about something she says, “No one is worrying about me as much as I am worrying about me.”

Maybe I’m second guessing something I said or I think something I did seemed ridiculous, but then that phrase reminds me that no one else is sitting on their couch analyzing me for 10 minutes. And if they are…well isn’t that a bit odd?!

 I think there is a huge responsibility in teaching our daughters their strength and how they should always feel confidence in the person they are. I hope that I can somehow teach that to Maxi through not only action but with encouragement as well. I think back to times in middle school where I think we all probably felt made fun of. In that moment I know it feels like *everyone* is worried about what you are doing/wearing. Fast forward to  now when I have a big work conference, I get nervous. Each year I’ll head to a blogging conference through the company I work with and the weeks leading up to it fill me with an anxious feeling. Am I wearing the right thing? Did my brand evolve enough last year to entice new readers, yet stay relevant and relatable to loyal readers? Do I have anything to bring to the table? But what a wonderful reminder from a reader to know that no one else is sitting on their couch at home saying, “Well I wonder if Katey McFarlan is going to show up in something girly or something edgy?” haha! Can you even imagine?!

So feel confident, wear a million trends at once, speak out against something that intimidates you and fully embrace what defines you. Our worries hold us back, not outside individuals’ assumptions.

What are your tricks to feeling confident?

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  1. Love your attitude to confidence. Clothing is my favourite way to up my game in that issue – dressing better always makes me more confident!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 09 Oct 17Reply
  2. Amber Y wrote:

    That’s the motto I try to remember as well! It takes some time, but I feel like I’m really starting to believe that no one is analyzing my every move 🙂

    Published 09 Oct 17Reply
  3. Mary wrote:

    First of all, you look amazing in these pics, and you are such an inspiration to so many. Secondly, my trick is wearing a blazer (I’m a teacher, so I love to rock a blaze on the days I’m being observed by my department chair or principal). For some reason, you just feel so much more confident! Even my kids are like, “you look like a principal!” and my colleagues always know I’m about to get observed. haha! 🙂

    Published 09 Oct 17Reply
  4. Caitlin wrote:

    Long time reader, first time commenter lol.

    Amen to all of that! I find myself in a slump a few times a week…I don’t like the way I feel in certain clothes and I’m tired of seeing photos of myself. We are always our hardest critic though. Keep rockin’ it girl!

    Published 09 Oct 17Reply
  5. Wow I absolutely love that phrase and will definitely be stealing it!

    xo Mary-Katherine

    Published 10 Oct 17Reply
  6. Erin wrote:

    I love this post. Over the past few years I’ve realized more and more that God made me and he made all of my flaws. He choose each of my flaws and he loves me just as I am. That is enough to go through each day with confidence. He loves my inner self (my unseen, messy self) not the part I show the world on social media. I am a child of God and I am loved.

    Published 10 Oct 17Reply