My Real-Life Mom Look

Cardigan: Leith | Tee: Halogen | Scarf: BurberryDupe | Jeans: AG | Boots: Marc Fischer | Bag: Gucci | Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Photography by: Angie Garcia

Do you ever feel like people don’t give you a straight answer?

For example, say you see a friend after 3 months and she looks insanely toned. Like you don’t know if she secretly ran a marathon or became best friends with Tracy Anderson, toned. You ask what workout she is doing and she says, “Oh I’ve just been chasing after my toddler!

Wait? Really? Your toddler gave you Carrie Underwood legs? If so, can I babysit?

Or maybe you love a friend’s pasta sauce and you ask what she puts in it. “Oh just the usual! Basil, crushed tomatoes, garlic.

No. I do not know the usual because I use that and my pasta sauce doesn’t taste that good!

I think you get my idea. It drives me nuts. Or maybe I’m just nosey and want all the secrets to be as talented as my gal pals. It’s probably that…

Sometimes I think we feel that way about bloggers! “But what do you wear in real life?” I’m a fashion blogger and even I think the same thing! I’ll be scrolling through blogs and think, “She looks so cute! I wonder what she just wears to go to the store!” So much of what we blog is occasion geared, from posting what to wear to a wedding or a work interview. Ultimately, we are answering questions we receive from readers centered around their curiosities of, “What do I wear to this or this?”

And it’s funny that even sparks my interest because I really do live in the outfits I blog. I may not wear a full-on pink blazer for mommy and me music class but I’ll throw it on over my white tee afterwards for a lunch date with my friends. I love to dress up and feel far more myself when I do, but I do love a relaxed look just as much as a sequin skirt.

So today I thought I’d share a super, simple “real-life” look you can pull off whenever! This is what I throw on if I haven’t gotten ready and we are going to run to the grocery store or something like that! However, it’s really versatile and can be dressed up so you can easily wear it to a football game. It’s a very livable look that I hope many of you can style in your day-to-day life!

I picked up the Leith Circle Cardigan during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and wore it throughout the summer as my “home” comfy clothes. Then once the temperatures dropped, I was able to wear it to and from errands. I pair it with my favorite v-neck tee by Halogen and flat booties so I can easily carry Maxi on my hip. Y’all, you have to try these Halogen tees. Each and every time I pop in Nordstrom I look for one in my size. They are so soft and don’t pill after washing like most casual tee options. However, note that they do run large so I size down. I purchased this Burberry scarf from Nordstrom last year but it sold out this season, however I have a much more affordable dupe here you can mix with this look. Lastly, I top it with a crossbody! Oh the handbag debate as a mother. Do you carry one big bag? Do you carry a backpack? Do you carry a crossbody with a diaper bag? I don’t really think there is one set answer because personally it varies a lot for me. It depends on what we are doing for the day, but more often than not I keep my items separate in a crossbody. This Gucci Marmont is indestructible. It’s like a cat. It has nine lives. It won’t damage! My child chews on it, throws it, bangs it against things she shouldn’t. It looks brand new. Bravo, Gucci. Bravo. You have made a baby-proof bag. Probably not your intent, but you did it. I can’t say the same for some of my other handbags I carried pre-baby and treated LIKE a baby and they still have scuffs.

What’s your “real-life” AKA running late and have 2 minutes to throw on clothes look?!

In collaboration with Nordstrom. All purchases and opinions are my own.

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  1. Wow, you’re in tip top condition every day of your life, even as a mother! I look like a slob off camera, haha!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 02 Nov 17Reply
  2. Amanda B wrote:

    This is one of my favorite posts you’ve ever done! It’s so daggon relatable and true!! Especially about the pasta sauce! Haha!
    I love the outfit and recommendation for the Gucci bag! I feel like I’ve chased my 3.5yr old around like crazy for a while and now I’m back to wearing normal clothes since I’m staying at home instead of going into an office now!
    Thanks for the tips mama! Hope your move is going smoothly! ????????

    Published 02 Nov 17Reply
  3. Lisa wrote:

    I bought these booties the last time you styled them on the blog! They are seriously so comfortable and the perfect black bootie!

    Published 02 Nov 17Reply
  4. Jennifer wrote:

    I think this is top 3 favorite looks I’ve seen on your blog. I plan on recreating this outfit ASAP.

    I have what might be a weird request, and as a blogger I’m sure you get plenty of them. Can you do a tutorial on how your tie a scarf? I really like how you did this one, and I can’t tell from the pictures exactly how its done. I like having a few different ways to wear/tie a scarf. I think it helps keep a look updated when you don’t wear it the exact same way each time.

    Published 02 Nov 17Reply
  5. Gemma wrote:

    Lovely, relaxed look!


    Published 02 Nov 17Reply
  6. Irina wrote:

    You look super cute. I love your hair like that.

    Published 02 Nov 17Reply
  7. Lacey wrote:

    Your hair is always so dang good!!!! Love those little black booties!


    The Glitter Gospel

    Published 02 Nov 17Reply
  8. Mariah wrote:

    Yes! I love this! It’s so true. We readers always want to know if what we see is what really happens. I think that’s why I love snapchat and instagram stories. Because we get to see the real life side of things and if they match up to what we see on the blog.

    Published 02 Nov 17Reply
  9. Ellie wrote:

    I second this! ^^

    Published 02 Nov 17Reply
  10. fancyrock wrote:

    Great post! I would love more of these!
    In my circle of friends (mostly moms, mostly with LOTS of kids!) I would look silly showing up to a playdate wearing a “full-on pink blazer”…but THIS look is very accessible. It is polished and put-together, and my wearing this outfit would not make my friends feel uncomfortable (even the ones who occasionally stay in yoga pants all day…ahem…).
    :o) Becky in Oregon

    Published 03 Nov 17Reply
  11. AMEN! I hate when people don’t give a straight answer and inadvertently make me feel like a dummy. Your outfit is perfect – Halogen tees are my jam, too! Can I ask how you did your hair? I love the waves, but I have no clue how to do a cute bun like that.

    Published 05 Nov 17Reply
  12. Love this outfit! This is definitely something I wear most of the time.

    Published 06 Nov 17Reply
  13. Taylor Kelley wrote:

    Such a cute outfit! Can you do a tutorial on this hair look? Super cute!!

    Published 08 Nov 17Reply