Recent Amazon Purchases

Although my husband isn’t a tax accountant by trade, he does have his CPA and was an auditor for years. And while I handle my accounting for work, he likes to swoop in this time of year and make “edits.” His “edits” usually mean an overhaul of my entire spreadsheet system in which I CAN NOT speak to him for 8 hours because he is so far down that little rabbit hole. And then he starts to feel compelled to make spreadsheets for our entire life…

Do you want to know what kind of spreadsheet he made at the end of last year? He made a spreadsheet for all of our Amazon purchases under $10 in the year 2017. That was fun. Real fun. *As I’m proofing this post in bed he goes, “It’s true, tell them those purchases under $10 add up!” We get it, Paul. We know.*

If you ever have a free day where you just want your jaw to hit the floor, try that.

Today I thought I’d share my recent Amazon purchases and I’d love to hear yours. I definitely order a little too frequently, but there are moments I think, “That’s just not worth getting a toddler in and out of her carseat for.In my defense, Amazon Prime does give you things for a wonderful price.

Recent Amazon Purchases

Alarm Clock

Two of my girlfriends told me they have started to keep their phone in the kitchen while they sleep. I’m obsessed with that idea, but knew I’d need an alarm clock. I just ordered this one. Does anyone else try that? They told me they’ve gotten so much more reading done that way. My only worry is I do so much work once Maxi goes to sleep, I wonder if I’ll just end up working more. 

Table Topper

These are what we use on tables when we go out to eat! I post them on Insta Stories and get a lot of questions. Maxi just throws plates so this is the best option for us to put her food on. 

Laptop Stand

I shared this gem in my March Favorites post. I found it off Lauryn’s blog and I’m really liking it. However, you all are convincing me to get a desktop! I had quite a computer scare earlier this week because my poor laptop just can’t handle all the work on it. Basically, I lost most of my software since 2015 and I’m sure you can imagine the dramatic and tearful phone call Paul got. I’m basically the latest adaptor ever to change, so it will be me, my laptop stand and I until further notice. 

High Maintenance Detergent

Being a Texas girl, you can’t walk into one single boutique without spotting a Tyler Candle. High Maintenance has always been my favorite candle scent of their’s and my mom has used this detergent for quite a bit. There’s a boutique by us called Kay’s Hallmark and I get my candles and Maxi’s bows there. Because this is more expensive, my trick is to use a fragrance-free detergent and then add one small capful of the High Maintenance Detergent. It smells delish and makes laundry a bit more enjoyable. But honestly, does anyone hate loading the washing machine?! It’s the folding that does me in. 

Fabric Shaver

I use this little guy to shave off any pills I get on my sweaters. I like the size of this because I can travel with it or even keep one in my car. I always notice those pesky things when we are out and about. 

Dog Toys

Maxi is obsessed with Peaches’ toys and Peaches wants Maxi’s toys. They could swap and be so content. But because Maxi will hide Peaches’ stuffed toys for safe keeping, I’m always ordering more on amazon for Queen Peach. 


Paul and I are obsessed with fine-point pins. Pilot pens are my pen of choice and I just ordered a pack because I’m down to 2. I’m looking at you, Mr. Hellman. Did you steal them?!  

Desk Calendar

Currently, I have my google calendar open, my planner on my left, my to-do list on my right and my “thoughts” notepad on the far right. I need to streamline this method and so I ordered this desk calendar to try to do so. I think I’m going to use this for either rough draft editorial planning or as our family calendar. I’d love to use that to write out our meal planning there along with our weekend plans. Does anyone use a large desk calendar?

Not that we *need* to be adding to this Amazon spreadsheet we have going, but what have you recently purchased on Amazon?!

Images by: Angie Garcia


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  1. I love the random tidbits you purchased from Amazon – such a fun post that isn’t revolved around style or makeup! I hoard Pilot pens too… I can’t get enough stationary! 😉

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 04 Apr 18Reply
  2. Sam wrote:

    THE SPREADSHEETS. I can relate to that one too well haha! My husband works in finance and he is always looking at different scenarios and trying to share it with me. A lot of time I get “if you could try to cut spending down to x-amount, then we could put it towards this other thing” allll the time 🙈 so glad he hasn’t decided to look at all of the small amazon purchases though!

    Published 04 Apr 18Reply
  3. I am now fascinated to try making a spreadsheet for our under $10 purchases, or even under $20 – I am sure the results would shock me. As we get ready to have a baby this Fall, spending has definitely been something we’ve been wanting to get a handle on because up until now we’ve been pretty lax. It’s time to get whipped into shape!

    xo Mary-Katherine

    Published 04 Apr 18Reply
  4. Wendelyn Wheeler wrote:

    I would love to see the spreadsheet Paul made for you.
    I am OCD with my money and would like to try his version.

    Thank you,

    Published 04 Apr 18Reply
  5. I LIVE for Amazon! I totally get how the $10 purchases begin to add up hahaha. Really liking that alarm clock you purchased!

    Published 05 Apr 18Reply
  6. Elizabeth wrote:

    I love this post! I am forever buying things on amazon…it is way too tempting!! My latest purchases were a Le Creuset wine opener and some bath toys for my daughter and niece! 🙂

    Published 05 Apr 18Reply
  7. Sierra G wrote:

    I am an extreme planner and my husband is not; he pretty much refuses to write things down or put them in his phone! We’re newlyweds so to keep our schedules on the same page I bought this off of Amazon with the accompanying chalk pens and I LOVE IT. It’s easy to wipe off and write new events for the month. I put it on the wall in our breakfast nook/kitchen area behind my chair so he has to look at it while we’re eating haha! It’s very rewarding to catch him absorbing everything we have going on 🙂

    Definitely considering buying a physical alarm clock now… The one you found is so cute!

    Published 13 Apr 18Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      I LOVE that!! Thank you so much for sharing!! xo

      Published 15 Apr 18Reply
  8. Kasey wrote:

    can you link your laptop case?? its exactly what I want but can’t seem to find easily!

    Published 28 Aug 18Reply