How We Shop For Paul’s Clothing

One e-mail I receive quite often is, “Do you have any advice on outfit styling for a couples’ photoshoot?” Another e-mail is, “What’s your advice for styling your guy?”

Ladies, keep reading because I’m sharing the solution I’ve been purchasing for a year! 

We STRUGGLE buying Paul clothing. He and I are as opposite as can be when it comes to adding to our wardrobe- which I guess is a good thing! Could you imagine if we both were addicted to online shopping?! I shudder thinking about all the UPS boxes. However, the entire process can be frustrating when he needs clothing for work trips or meetings and we can’t find anything that works. He’s long and lean, so it feels like we can rarely find brands that work. I’ve said before on COF that he seriously has like 3 brands he rotates. When we go shopping for him the entire thing ends up being a wasted 6 hours on a Saturday and we both go home grumpy, hungry and tired from driving all over! Who can relate?!

Last Father’s Day I was racking my head thinking about what to buy him, I had gotten him a few small things but wanted to really do something he needed. I remembered my old boss at the PR firm was always talking about Trunk Club as their offices were across from ours’. Trunk Club is a personalized styling service for men and women based out of Chicago. They are a Nordstrom company and do everything from connect you with a stylist to create custom clothing. I frantically signed up, e-mailed the stylist his measurements and told her how picky he was. Within an hour she sent me the items to approve, I signed off and the trunk was headed to our home.

I was nervous if the items would work, but the nice thing about Trunk Club is that you get 5 days to try on the items in your Trunk, decide what pieces you want to keep and then return the Trunk. I knew we’d have to at least find a few things that would work and the plus was we didn’t waste a Saturday driving all over town. Paul ended up loving all of the items in his Trunk and surprisingly it all fit. When it came to his birthday in the summer, we decided to try the custom clothing route. We went to the Trunk Club store in Dallas and had two suits made with a few custom shirts. Once again, Paul loved the process and I was happy because there was no trial and error or wasted hours.

Over the past year, we’ve been faithful TC customers! Trunk Club asked if I’d want to try a Trunk for him, and as well as a Trunk for me, for spring and share my experience as I hadn’t done it myself. I love when collaborations happen this way as it’s such an organic fit, but I’ll be honest, I was a little skeptical. Being a fashion blogger I wouldn’t really say I feel like I want someone to shop for me. I’m very certain of what I like and don’t like and am willing to try. I also assume I’ve seen everything as I stare at clothing online all day, so I wasn’t sure if a trunk would benefit {or even surprise} me. I wanted to share this service we use for Paul but decided if I was going to share, I should try the trunk myself too in case a reader was interested for herself.

 I can definitely get in ruts with my go-to brands and don’t always look at neutrals. I like pink and anything girly. My stylist sent me a lot of beautiful neutral pieces like this dress and See by Chloe bag. I think actions always describe your honest feelings and I’ve worn this dress at least 5 or 6 times since I decided to keep and purchase it from my Trunk 3 weeks ago. The bag was the most exciting surprise. I would have never looked at this bag online as I hadn’t tried the line before and now I can’t really imagine how I didn’t have this in my closet. It’s a good price for designer and is such an easy bag if you’re carrying around your kids, too. You can be hard on it and it still looks great. Your stylist really studies you {thanks Instagram!} and finds out what you already like and pairs those pieces with things you may need. Overall? I am just as pleased with the service for me as I am for Paul. As a blogger, I wouldn’t have purchased these neutral staples if I hadn’t tried the service myself.

I had always planned on sharing our experience with Paul because I get a lot of e-mails from girls wanting to know how to style their guy and we can’t say enough good things! But I’m really glad I decided to try the service myself because if you’re a busy girl OR you’re planning family/engagement photos this is a fabulous option. Your stylist can create coordinating looks for you and your boyfriend, fiancé or spouse while keeping your measurements in mind and what will work best for your body type.

Have you tried Trunk Club?! How do you shop for your guy?! You can try Trunk Club here. I’m telling you, it is a LIFESAVER for your guy or engagement photos!

Photography by: Madison Katlin, In partnership with Trunk Club. All opinions are my own and I purchased the items in my Trunk that I kept and showcased.

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  1. Claire P. wrote:

    Hi Katey, do you mind sharing the info for your dress? I’d love to snag it online before it goes out of stock – it’s so cute!! Thank you!

    Published 10 May 18Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Claire! Of course, it is this. Thank you so much for reading!

      Published 11 May 18Reply
  2. Trunk sounds like a great service, especially for a couple’s shoot! But I’m lucky because my boyfriend dresses quite well daily, plus we never have any photoshoots, haha! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 11 May 18Reply
  3. The Trunk Club sounds like such a great idea!

    Published 11 May 18Reply
  4. lisa wrote:

    Where are Paul’s shoes from? Please share!

    Published 11 May 18Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Lisa! The brand is “Vince.” I hope that helps! xo, Katey

      Published 15 May 18Reply
  5. I’m so glad you love our service. I am a stylist at the Dallas clubhouse and I’m so blessed to say I LOVE my job! I have been following your blog for years and it’s neat to see a post that hits home.

    Published 22 May 18Reply