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Sweater: Old, Similar | Jeans | Sandals | Maxi’s Jacket: Baby Gap {old}


Dress {wearing 0} | Sandals | Bag, Similar | Rug | Chair | Desk

Romper | Sunglasses | Sandals | Lip Gloss {shade 01} | Skincare {code “Katey” gets you 20% off}

Bag | Jacket: Old, Similar | Sneakers | Phone Case | Phone Socket | Dress | Rug

Top | Shorts | Bracelet | Earrings | Shoes | Sunglasses | Tote | Watch

 Swimsuit | Visor, Look for Less| Sandals | Shorts

Sweater | Bralette | Shorts | Bag, Similar | Disc Necklace | Crescent Necklace | Sandals

Bikini Top | Bikini Bottoms | One-Piece VersionSunglasses | Maxi’s Swimsuit | My Favorite Visor for Pool | Maxi’s Hat | Disc Necklace | Crescent Necklace

Top | Shorts | Shoes | Sunglasses | Similar Bag

Shoes: This Color {Old}, Same Brand

Top | Jeans | Earrings | Bag, Similar

Bralette | Top | Maxi’s Romper | Sunglasses | Scarf

Top | Heels | Bag | Jeans 

Shoes | Stool

How was everyone’s Father’s Day yesterday?! Maxi has been getting up *extra* early lately {like 5:30!! yikes!} so we snuck out of the house, grabbed Paul donuts and then got his favorite Starbucks drink. We came back home and let him sleep in a little and then gave him his breakfast and gifts. While he was opening his gifts, Maxi dug into his donut bag. Paul and I didn’t even notice because we were focusing on his cards. I turned my head and theMaxi had a donut hole in one hand and a blueberry donut in another. She had proudly taken a bite of both. ha! A girl after my own heart.

Today we should be finishing our master bedroom, as our drapes will be installed. I can’t wait to photograph the room and share it with you all. I think it’s our favorite room in the home because it feels so cozy to me. I’ll be sure to share some looks at it on insta stories first. 🙂

I linked up my most recent looks on Instagram in case you missed them or don’t use the LTK app to browse items. Hope you enjoy!

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  1. Maxi’s so naughty, haha, but who wouldn’t want donuts! Cute story, and I love the outfits in this post, Katey! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 18 Jun 18Reply
  2. Laura Leigh wrote:

    So many cute looks and great memories! Too funny about Maxi with the donuts.

    xo Laura Leigh

    Published 18 Jun 18Reply
  3. Allie wrote:

    I love that rose sweatshirt, it’s so pretty and such a perfect shade of pink! Thank you for sharing! Happy Monday! xAllie

    Published 18 Jun 18Reply
  4. Nicollette wrote:

    Maxi and her donuts – so sweet! Also swooning over those jewel slides!

    Published 18 Jun 18Reply
  5. Lauren Moore wrote:

    Love the jean shorts and eyelet top!!

    Published 18 Jun 18Reply
  6. Winter wrote:

    Photo #8 (pink sweater and shorts) is my favorite because I love seeing fun, casual looks to run around in. However, I really love it all and think you’re doing an amazing job with content! Reading your blog every day is my “me time”.

    Published 18 Jun 18Reply
  7. Skylar wrote:

    Love the pic with the gingham dress as well as with maxi and the pretty pink bow heels!!!! Love all of these looks!!!

    Published 18 Jun 18Reply
  8. Anna wrote:

    My favorite picture is the family pic of you, Maxi and Paul. You have such a precious family and omg Maxi’s face is just too adorable!

    Published 18 Jun 18Reply
  9. Paige Day wrote:

    Aw, that’s so cute! I love that age where their real personality starts to show!

    I LOVE that Joie blue and white romper, and I don’t know why but I’ve never thought to pair a romper with a bralette! Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

    Published 18 Jun 18Reply
  10. Gabbie wrote:

    I can’t just pick one photo, I love them all! My favorites would have to be: flatlay with Barbie swimswuit, full body shot with floral shorts, and the picture of your feet wearing the pink velvet heels!

    Published 18 Jun 18Reply
  11. Hilary Griggs wrote:

    I love the photo at the beach! When you originally posted it on IG I immediately thought “that pic needs to be blown up and framed!”

    Published 18 Jun 18Reply
  12. Vivian wrote:

    Love the white eyelet top and jean shorts! You’re speaking my LANGUAGE with that outfit! <3

    Published 18 Jun 18Reply
  13. Tiffany wrote:

    That Barbie suit 😍

    Published 18 Jun 18Reply
  14. Gabrielle Storey wrote:

    I love love the photo of you, Kirsten, and Maxi! I follow your sister on Instagram and she is just the sweetest thing, and you two have the cutest sister-sister relationship. You remind me so much of my sister and I, I think I’m just one year older than your sister though, and you and Olivia are the same age!! So sweet and Kirsten is so lucky to have Maxi, I cannot wait to be an auntie!


    Published 18 Jun 18Reply
  15. Jane wrote:

    Love the white shoes and the leopard print chair! Summer girly vibes and I’m feelin it!

    Published 18 Jun 18Reply
  16. Katelyn Eddleman wrote:

    I love seeing content on summer swimsuits! Loved your Barbie one, that would be my childhood dreams swimsuit as well!! If I would have had that and some giant pixie sticks, I would have been golden! Love your fashion content as well as your traveling too! Is it weird that I loved yalls trip to disney!!? It was just too cute to not follow!!

    Published 18 Jun 18Reply
  17. Ashley wrote:

    I like the full length photos of outfits… but the last one with the denim and blue and white top is my favvvvv 💕
    I love getting outfit ideas and ideas for different ways to wear them so I like those best!

    Published 18 Jun 18Reply
  18. Caitlin Eason wrote:

    LOVE life updates like this!! You also featured some super cute looks for summer!! 😍😍 All of your more “personal” photos interest me the most like the one with your fam, Maxi and your sister!! So fun and relatable! But my very fav is the first picture with your fam at the beach!! [Such a fun sweatshirt, rose plz] Maxi is getting so big, and obvi so michevious (but cute!) who wouldn’t want some donuts!!! 🤗😋 Can’t wait to see your finished master bedroom, your house is serious goals! 💕

    Caitlin E.


    Published 18 Jun 18Reply
  19. Danielle wrote:

    Love all your pics but my fav is the white top and jean shorts pic- entering for the Instagram contest 🤞🏻

    Published 18 Jun 18Reply
  20. Deanna wrote:

    I love the one outside with the white shorts!!

    Published 18 Jun 18Reply
  21. Alexandra Reitzner wrote:

    Such great summer style!!! Especially love the family photo in Cali and the mirror pic with the white Calvin Klein heels 😍

    Published 18 Jun 18Reply
  22. Melissa Breden wrote:

    Maxi and the donuts is so sweet. Can’t wait to see the master bedroom reveal. XXO

    Published 18 Jun 18Reply
  23. Brennan wrote:

    I love LOVE love the first photo! The cutest family!

    Published 18 Jun 18Reply
  24. Lauren wrote:

    Oh my goodness a girl after my own heart too! At the donut shop we go to they make little characters and they just so happen to make my sons favorite, Mickey Mouse! Or as he says “meeeee mouse” and you better know we don’t leave the donut shop with out mee mouse in hand 😉 LOL! My favorite picture is the one of you Paul and maxi. That is such a great photo of the 3 of you and your outfit looks so comfy! 💜

    Published 18 Jun 18Reply
  25. Lauren wrote:

    Love the shorts and pink top combo!

    Published 18 Jun 18Reply
  26. Erin Andrews wrote:

    Love that sweet face in her rainbow outfit. (You too, but come on she’s the star of the show) 💕💕

    I have to admit I love a nicely lit professional photo like the rest of us but there’s something about an in the moment selfie that I can’t pass up.

    Published 18 Jun 18Reply
  27. Carley Sterbentz wrote:

    LOVE the pic of you with white shirt and yellow print shorts. So sweet and love the patterns together. Yellow flowers and lemon prints are so popular this season. Also, thank you for offering a giveaway. It is so generous of you, and I appreciate giving back to your readers! 💛💛💛

    Published 18 Jun 18Reply
  28. Keri Bennett wrote:

    Love the floral romper💗 Gorgeous colors!

    Published 18 Jun 18Reply
  29. Amber Schroepfer wrote:

    I love that top!

    Published 18 Jun 18Reply
  30. Kaitlyn Chalmers wrote:

    Love the gingham dress! Great style and how you make each look your own.

    Published 18 Jun 18Reply
  31. Katelyn Klein wrote:

    You always dress so cute and a lot of your looks are unforgettable. I always love seeing posts with you and Maxi! But I do love your black and white gingham dress with your louie it’s so cute!!🤗💕

    Published 18 Jun 18Reply
  32. Madison Billings wrote:

    Love the pink sweatshirt w shorts! super cute!
    I love all of these photos!! you have the cutest fam💕

    Published 18 Jun 18Reply
  33. Fallon wrote:

    Definitely always a fan of a classic mirror selfie. So that’s my fave photo choice! The two mirror pics!
    I don’t know if it’s the inner 90’s kid in me or what, but even my girlfriends and I still share our outfits via mirror selfie 😂 so I feel like that’s personable! Like you’re one of my girlfriends, just showing me (and your million other followers) your outfit.

    Published 18 Jun 18Reply
  34. Chandler wrote:

    The donut story is so funny! Of these images my favorite is your bow shoes because they are just so cute!! But typically my favorite pictures are your mirror selfies because I get a look at the whole outfit. But honestly it’s hard to pick a favorite because all of your content is so so good! I’ve been following along with you for years now and I love all of your posts! 💕

    Published 18 Jun 18Reply
  35. Dani wrote:

    Love the picture of you maxi and your husband! The story behind your Father’s Day is so sweet too! I also saw your post on you IG about how hard working your husband is and you are so lucky to have such a wonderful man in your life. Treasure every minute you have with him and you’re daughter. Life can be so short!

    Published 18 Jun 18Reply
  36. Crystal Cole wrote:

    Love the photo of you and Maxi infront of the yellow brick wall! 💕

    Published 18 Jun 18Reply
  37. Cory wrote:

    Love love those jeweled slides! I would have to say I love the pictures of the family and you and Maxi! I love seeing some behind the scenes, fun, photos that truly capture who you are mixed in with the more posed blog photos!

    Published 18 Jun 18Reply
  38. Brooke wrote:

    Honestly, all of the “mirror selfies” just because I feel like they’re so realistic! It’s an outfit you actually run out the door in, which I love and relate to.
    Love all your content!
    XO –

    Published 18 Jun 18Reply
  39. Kelsey wrote:

    Gosh I love seeing all the pictures and stories of Maxi! I had my little girl the same week you had Maxi. I have just
    loved following your journey as a new Mom as I also navigate being a Mom! I love the pic of you and Maxi in the rainbow romper… so sweet! Thanks for sharing your life with us!

    Published 18 Jun 18Reply
  40. The first pic – real life + family is everything!

    Published 18 Jun 18Reply
  41. Julia wrote:

    I love the top photo with Paul and Maxi! I also am so obsessed with that sweatshirt, I bought it as well! Along with the wild fox wife one ( I also got that idea from you) ! 🙂 I love your blog and all of your content so much!!

    Published 18 Jun 18Reply
  42. Abigail wrote:

    Ahh all the pics are great, but I’d say the selfie with you and Maxi just stole my heart! Such a happy mama and a beautiful daughter. Not to mention she’s got a good eye for the sweeter things in life! 🍩

    Published 18 Jun 18Reply
  43. Cassie wrote:

    My FAV pics are always your car pics; when you’re on the go and you tell us about your makeup, hair and sunnies! I’ve gotten the BEST lipsticks from those pics! InstaLove!❤️

    Published 18 Jun 18Reply
  44. Endsley wrote:

    I love the day dress looks. Tied between the gingham dress and the lace with jacket.
    I love a good dress that can take you from errands, to lunch with friends and also to a meeting. You look beautiful! Also you posted a site that had the golden goose sneaker s on sale but I can’t get back to the insta story. Would you mind sharing again please?

    Published 18 Jun 18Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi girl! The site was Intermix! xo, Katey

      Published 20 Jun 18Reply
  45. Emily Furlong wrote:

    I think my favorite picture would have to be the three of you at the beach. Such a beautiful family! 😍 (I’m loving the pink lace dress with the denim jacket too though. Super cute! Your style is my fav!!)

    Published 18 Jun 18Reply
  46. Kera wrote:

    I love the white pumps!!

    Published 18 Jun 18Reply
  47. Jennie wrote:

    Favorite by far is the Barbie suit…Cuz well it’s Barbie!! 💛

    Published 18 Jun 18Reply
  48. Krystal Althoff wrote:

    I absolutely love your casual chic looks like the pink lace dress paired with the denim jacket and white sneakers! It looks effortless yet still put together! I also love content that involves your sweet little girl, as a momma to be, any mommy topics are wonderful too! I love following you!

    Published 18 Jun 18Reply
  49. Megan Mosier wrote:

    I seriously love all of your post but I especially love all of your mirror pics showing your full outfits!!! IG Blogger game is strong girl! 😎

    Published 18 Jun 18Reply
  50. Amelia Duncan wrote:

    My favorite picture is the white top with the yellow printed shorts because I love seeing how you mix pieces to create looks dressed up or down! Thank you for giving back to your readers, Katey, and for brightening every morning of mine with a little frivolity!

    Published 18 Jun 18Reply
  51. Lauren House wrote:

    I love when you showed your amazon list. That’s my go to shopping option so knowing I could get items you love on there made my life!

    Published 18 Jun 18Reply
  52. Nicole L. wrote:

    My favorite photo is the mirror pic with the pink sweater and jean shorts! Plus the Gucci bag is 😍. I love casual looks like this because I work from home and always need cute and casual daytime outfit ideas. I also love that you linked shoes to go with the outfit even though they weren’t in the pic.

    Published 18 Jun 18Reply
  53. Hannah Karlin wrote:

    Love your adorable family! Always love seeing all your outfits!


    Published 18 Jun 18Reply
  54. Haley wrote:

    The first pic of you holding Maxi, gah – my heart just burst! Cutest family EVER. Ever.

    Published 18 Jun 18Reply
  55. Lucy wrote:

    Love the photo of you and your sister and maxi at the pool! so sweet!

    Published 18 Jun 18Reply
  56. Christina wrote:

    I love any post you have with Maxi! My daughter turns three this weekend and we are expecting a boy in September so I really love outfit ideas for moms on the go. Thank you for sharing!

    Published 18 Jun 18Reply
  57. Leah Levy wrote:

    I absolutely love being able to catch up on all of the amazing content you put together for your readers; it’s always so exciting when I get an email letting me know a new blog post is up!
    If I had to pick, my favorite picture is the first one of y’all. I adore the fact that you incorporate your family in your blog; it truly makes for authentic content.

    Published 18 Jun 18Reply
  58. Merritt wrote:

    Love the chicwish outfit!

    Published 18 Jun 18Reply
  59. Merritt wrote:

    Love the chicwish outfit!

    Published 18 Jun 18Reply
  60. Claire P. wrote:

    Love this post! Do you happen to know the brand of Paul’s shoes in the very first picture? Would love to buy something similar as a gift for my boyfriend!

    Published 18 Jun 18Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Claire! This is the shoe, but I think they are sold out! 🙁 xo, Katey

      Published 21 Jun 18Reply
  61. Kasey wrote:

    I love seeing your mirror pics with your daily outfits. Plus I love seeing Maxi (and Peaches🐶)!

    Published 19 Jun 18Reply
  62. Loving all of these photos! Maxi’s cute little smile with her teeth is always the best thing! <3

    Published 19 Jun 18Reply
  63. Allie wrote:

    I’m so into the pink sweater with denim shorts and the jeans with the white pumps! Currently still trying to rock a half up top knot! One day it will happen! 💜 Love you blog and inspiration so much! Always such a happy in my morning inbox.

    Published 19 Jun 18Reply
  64. Allison wrote:

    Love the beach picture. I am a mom of young kids so I love when you post links to what your daughter is wearing or what she’s into.

    Published 19 Jun 18Reply
  65. Jamie Lumberson wrote:

    I absolutely love the outfit pictures in the mirror for close up details on certain pieces. Also of course anything with Maxi in it, she’s precious!!

    Published 19 Jun 18Reply
  66. Hadley wrote:

    I love the photo of you and your sister With Maxi! Such a great picture – I’m a new momma and also a proud aunt so this photo makes my heart happy!

    Published 19 Jun 18Reply
  67. Haleigh wrote:

    Hi Katey! I like the printed shorts outfit best!

    Published 19 Jun 18Reply
  68. Brittney wrote:

    Hello darling! I like photo 8 & 9. I loved 8 because it’s simple an a look anyone can afford/pull off. I especially like photo 9; I love seeing authentic photos and maxi is so cute.
    IG: pompandpalms

    Published 19 Jun 18Reply
  69. Madison wrote:

    Maxi is me with the donuts my fiancé gets for us on random Sundays #guilty 😂😂😂 my favorite photos are you in the pink sweater, made me want it immediately & the selfie of you and Maxi at the bottom! Shows who you really are and you both look so happy! It made me smile and get so excited to become a mama one of these days (hopefully SOOON lol)

    Cheers! Madison

    Published 19 Jun 18Reply
  70. Becca wrote:

    i love the mirror selfies (okay and anything with maxi 😘)! i love professional photos too but mirror selfies are a little more helpful in seeing how items fit i think!

    love your blog and all the hard work you put in to it!!

    Published 19 Jun 18Reply
  71. Lauren wrote:

    On your blog I LOVE the family photo and your white eyelet top photo!!

    Published 19 Jun 18Reply
  72. Allison DePrez wrote:

    I love the picture of the rose sweater and jean shorts! Such a simple look but SO cute. Also- can we talk about Maxi with the sunnies and hat on…I can’t handle it 😍 Love all of these looks!

    Published 19 Jun 18Reply
  73. Alli DePrez wrote:

    I LOVE the rose sweater with jean shorts pic! Such a simple outfit, but it is SO cute!! Also- can we talk about Maxi rocking the sunnies and hat… I can’t handle it 😍😍

    Published 19 Jun 18Reply
  74. Jenny J. wrote:

    I love seeing the pictures of your adorable family (and your jeans are 🙌🏻) it’s so cute when you give updates, and it’s fun to see your hubby show his face once in awhile! You three are the cutest! ❤️

    Published 19 Jun 18Reply
  75. Haley Weyenberg wrote:

    Honestly, I like all the photos but for different reasons. I like variety and not same old everyday. If I *had* to pick a favorite I’d say the family photo or the one with your floral shorts. Love your stuff!

    Published 19 Jun 18Reply
  76. Ashanti McBride wrote:

    I love the way you styled the gingham dress! It’s the perfect summer uniform for running around! I also can’t believe the stripes and eyelet top is available on amazon! Who knew they had such cute clothing options! Thanks for sharing! 😊

    Published 19 Jun 18Reply
  77. Lizzi benton wrote:

    Love that you are trying to see what we want more of! I love all the makeup and skin care posts that you do! I bought my first glam box because of your posts and it’s made my life SO much easier!! Thanks for all the hard work you do in providing content for us!! Xoxo

    Published 19 Jun 18Reply
  78. Katherine wrote:

    My fav photo of you is the floral dress and you have three different poses, so cute!!!

    Published 19 Jun 18Reply
  79. Lindsey wrote:

    Too funny! Donuts reign surpreme in my world too, Maxi! They’re as sweet as all these outfits, it’s hard to pick just one pic! I love all your mirror selfies though – makes everything more relatable! The pink sweater and cutoffs might be my favorite. I love a good sweater/shorts look!

    Published 19 Jun 18Reply
  80. Jaime Rossello wrote:

    I love the belted gingham dress. I love how you put that outfit together and the Louie is a major added bonus (dream
    bag) ❤️

    Published 19 Jun 18Reply
  81. Andi wrote:

    I like the photos with you & Maxi most!

    Published 19 Jun 18Reply
  82. Kaleigh wrote:

    I like the sweater, bralette and denim short picture. I love how casual and easy it is yet so cute!!

    Published 19 Jun 18Reply
  83. Allison wrote:

    I love your full length mirror outfit pictures! It really shows us what your day to day outfits are like and that’s so fun! Keep me coming!! Xoxo

    Published 19 Jun 18Reply
  84. My little ones (I have 3 that our 4, 2, and ten months) get up before 6 too!! Lots of coffee!!!!! I’m lovin the Barbie one piece!! How stinkin cute?!?


    Published 19 Jun 18Reply
  85. Felicia wrote:

    I love any pic of you and Maxi – especially the one with the scarf! She looks like sweetest angel! 💗


    Published 19 Jun 18Reply
  86. Erin McCalley wrote:

    I love the pic with the black gingham dress AND the black and white top with jeans ❤️

    Published 19 Jun 18Reply
  87. Rachael wrote:

    My favorite is photo #13, you and Maxi in front of the yellow brick wall. So precious!

    Published 19 Jun 18Reply
  88. Taylor wrote:

    Don’t know if it’s too late to have some input on the photos, but I would have to say my favorite is either the picture of you, maxi, and Paul on the pier and her sweet little smile! But i also really enjoy your floor-length mirror selfies! I think it helps me put things in perspective a little better.

    Published 19 Jun 18Reply
  89. Courtney wrote:

    I can’t get over how well you do a top knot!! With those white heels it is just an adorable look. I enjoy reading/commenting on your posts very often but especially when it involves skincare! You hooked me on Tula years ago, and now I have quite the little collection going. Hope your week is off to a great start!

    Published 19 Jun 18Reply