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Maxi’s Vest | Maxi’s Booties | Maxi’s Jeans | My Booties | My Jeans | My Vest {sold out}, Love This! | My Turtleneck | Maxi’s Sweater | | My Bangles | Minnie Mouse | photography by: Angie Garcia | In partnership with JCPenney. All purchases and opinions are my own!

Remember the “Done by December One” phrase from last week’s post? I’m really living and breathing it and now I don’t think I can stop. Our home is decorated, 98% of my gifts are purchased, and our outfits are ordered for holiday gatherings. Now normally, I’d want to shy away from adding more deadlines on top of inevitable deadlines that come with work and life. But something about this actually feels relaxing?! From the hosting to the holiday parties, all the “busy” in December can start to feel stressful. With all the things to do outside of a schedule {ordering outfits, gifts, hosting items}, it makes me feel like I lose my focus on just enjoying what the season is about. By January, I can’t help but think, “Ugh, another holiday season has come and gone and I miss it.” This little personal deadline to finish ordering items and decorating, makes me feel like I’ll be able to devote my focus in December to the things that truly make December so special! Am I rambling- or do you feel the same?

Today I partnered with JCPenney to streamline some of that process by taking a one-stop shopping destination challenge. JCPenney works as a one-stop shopping destination with lots of cute and affordable fashion {and home stuff!} for your family. I did head-to-toe looks for Maxi and me for our family gatherings this season. From the Hellman Christmas party we have to Christmas Eve dinner, I couldn’t say, “No” to mommy and me matching! What I love most about these looks is that they work for being at home! Most holiday family gatherings are at a family member’s house and you’re sitting in the family room playing games or exchanging gifts. I don’t want to be in workout clothes or an overly relaxed look, I mean I want to be festive. These sweater and vest combos are the perfect balance of casual and cute. I bought these because I know we can match to both those family parties and then separately, these are looks we both will wear constantly throughout the Texas winter. I won’t have those last-minute thoughts of, “Ah! We leave in 15 minutes for our party. What do we wear?” Altogether, both our looks were so affordable that this extra holiday prep step didn’t break any budget. And I got a lot of feedback that you all loved the mommy and me matching when I shard on Instagram- and y’all sold my vest out! Would you want to see more?

These baby booties are my favorite and they are really great quality and comfortable for her- for only $14 today! Maxi is a total toddler when it comes to shoes and quite opinionated/picky {she has cried in a department store or two because she didn’t like her “shoooooooes”} but she loves these. You know, she likes a whopping 3 pairs of shoes out of the 14 pairs I have bought her. Toddler problems. 😉

Speaking of toddler problems, I think we are hitting some 2-year sleep regression. We’ve been having 4 am wake ups and fighting naps and crawling out of cribs at Hotel Hellman lately. I asked y’all on Instagram if your kids went through this at this age, and I got such great feedback! Many of you switched to big-kid beds and then some said to lower the mattress to the boards and leave books in the crib and let them read and listen to music to settle instead of sleep. As always, this community came through to give me great ideas, but most importantly just let me know, “Yes, this is normal. Yes, it is exhausting. Yes, it will pass.” I might have climbed in her crib with her Friday because I was so tired and knew it was the only way she would nap. And you know, her crib is quite comfortable. ha! But anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for making me feel normal about this regression.

I hope you enjoyed this mommy and me matching look from JCPenney which proves you can have style and value for everyone in your sweet family at an affordable price. This challenge was one that was totally worth the time because it will save me in December and I got pieces that were great quality! Let me know if you’ll be trying this “Done by December One” motto!

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  1. Both you and Maxi look adorable! Love your outfits!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 25 Nov 18Reply