Chronicles of Motherhood: How I organize Maxi’s Bathroom Closet

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Two months into the new year and I think we’ve all heard about the Marie Kondo effect of organizing everything you own! I could watch organizing videos on Instagram ALL DAY LONG {with no shame, mind you}. And while I know “spring cleaning” is the traditional route, I think many of us prefer “new-year cleaning” just so we can go ahead and get it all finished! It’s freezing, most of us are home this time of year, so knock out a closet or two then you don’t have to mess with it once it is sunny and 75 outside.

With babies and toddlers, one sure way to make life a *tiny* bit easier is to stay fully stocked on the products you need. BUT, we all know that kids accumulate SO much stuff, so keeping things organized can be a bit of a challenge. Sometimes you just need to take a Saturday and overhaul your closets, cabinets or drawers where you keep your backup products. Today, I’m showing you how I organize Maxi’s bathroom closet. Even if your child doesn’t have a specific closet in their bathroom, the method of how I keep things organized will hopefully be applicable to you!

1. Clear Lazy Susan

I got a clear lazy susan off Amazon and I use it to store her extra toiletry products, travel products, nail clippers, thermometers, Nose Frida and q-tips. Before purchasing this, I had thrown all of her extra toiletry products in a toiletry bag and then I could never find anything! Her travel medicine or toothpaste would leak because it wasn’t upright and it was just a mess. If I had deep drawers in our bathrooms, I would use one of these to organize my skincare products- so even if you don’t have children, try this hack! And if you are short on space in a nursery, this concept would work in most dresser drawers, too. I’m very passionate about the clear lazy susan situation, so if you are to try any organizational item- definitely try one of these! From olive oils in your pantry to serums in your bathroom cabinet to toiletries for your tot- they work perfectly.

2. Basket Order

I love this set of baskets off Amazon, but whatever baskets you already own work for this- love these for a nursery! I keep her Little Movers {daily diapers} in a diaper caddy on her changing table, but then I store the backups in the bathroom. I have 5 smaller baskets and one large one on the floor of the closet. On the top shelf, I keep two baskets with one sorting her Little Swimmers, swim diapers. Living in Texas, we get to use the pool for a good 5 months out of the year, so I keep Little Swimmers in here and then always have a few in my swim tote on hand. Bring extra to the pool so mamas can share! 😉 The basket next to it holds toiletry bags or I use them as little swim bags, so I can put the Little Swimmers in with her swimsuit and take to the pool. Then, if we head to dinner after a day of swimming, I can put her suit and diaper in the toiletry/swim bag. On the next shelf, I store her lazy susan with products and a basket with wash clothes. These bamboo ones are my favorite for her bath. I’ll also store any unused bath toys like these bath crayons in the washcloth basket, too! Maxi loves those bath crayons and they make great birthday party gifts. On the next shelf, I store her portable wipes for our diaper bag and her Little Movers Diapers. On the bottom of the closet floor, I keep a large basket filled with her Huggies OverNites which I reviewed in this post. Maxi’s closet has shelving that goes up higher, so I keep the boxes we order online with the extra product on top.

3. Multiple Spots Prevent Running Out

When listed out, I have a lot of “spots” I store our extra toiletry and Huggies items. From her changing table to baskets and then boxes up top, there are backups to backups. What is the reason for this?! It helps prevent those 3 a.m. “Um, we don’t have a diaper…” moments! I place little post-it notes towards the bottom of my diaper stash in the baskets that say “Re-order Huggies.” I’ll re-order on my app when I see the post-it note and even if I forget to do that, I still have the extra boxes up top which come in handy.

Are there any ways you organize your little one’s products?! Soon, I’ll be sharing her clothing closet so stay tuned for that. Have a great weekend, girlfriends!

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  1. Oh my, Maxi’s closet is super organised! It looks so good with everything in their respective baskets.

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 22 Feb 19Reply
  2. Mrs Parson wrote:

    I love it, those baskets are super cute! x

    Jelz Inspired |

    Published 22 Feb 19Reply
  3. Kathryn T. wrote:

    I love blogs about Maxi , she is so cute! It’s so fun , when you share with us little videos with maxi squeeling. I still love the uni one, where you held a uni up to her ..and she looked at it, then looked at hers (the one she was holding) then looked back at you like…” mine is right here, don’t try and pull nothin on me “ lol.

    Published 23 Feb 19Reply